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Why My Pool Pump Won’t Prime?- Here’s the Answer

Why My Pool Pump Won't PrimeAs you have recognized that your pool pump isn’t moving the water through it, it’s normal to be worried. There are a number of reasons to happen this, we will discuss it all.

This is a common question for a pool owner that, ‘why my pool pump won’t prime?’ Because all of them face almost the same kind of problems. So, we will find out the problems and overcome those.

Okay? Don’t panic! Leave it on us. We will show the path you need to walk.

How will you determine why your pump won’t prime?

Let you know how to step forward to determine that your pool isn’t priming and how to solve it.

1. If the water level is too low

When there is more than enough air in the system, your pool pump will lose prime. In this case, the water remains below the mid-level of the skimmer opening.

It means, there’s sucking air into the circulation system through the skimmer.

2. When the strainer basket is empty of water

If there is no water in the basket, open the strainer cover, fill it with water and also supply lines with water for 2-3 minutes. Now, reseal the strainer cover.

3. If the skimmer basket and the strainer basket are clogged

The clog is liable for not moving water into the pipelines. So, remove the skimmer basket and the strainer basket both. Now, clean out the debris with the help of a hose.

4. When the strainer basket cover leaks

When it happens, remove the cover first. Then remove the gasket that is positioned on the top of the basket. Check carefully that it’s cracked or has worn spots.

You should know, this gasket demands to be replaced periodically. After replacing the gasket, lubricate it lightly. Use a silicon-based lubricant rather than using vaseline. Now, close the cover tightly but avoid over-tightening.

5. If the suction and discharge valves are closed

This situation closes the path of flowing water. So, be sure that at least one discharge valve and one suction are open.

6. If there are leaks in glued fittings

Check that if there’s any leak in the glued fittings on the suction side of the pump. Because sometimes, the glue is not spread properly all around the pipe. Hence, you will find small airlines in the glue.

Actually, when you turn the pump off, the backpressure will squirt water out of this hole. If you see that the water isn’t squirting out, turn on the pump and drip some water around the pipe fitting joint. If the water still gets sucked in, there’s a hole. Repeat the process.

7. If the threaded fittings have leaks

There is threaded fitting on the suction pipe of the pump and if there’s a leak, do the water drip test here.

If you find any leak, take the fitting apart and wrap it with at least 4-5 layers of plumbing tape. Now, cut the other end of the pipe and re-glue it. It will help you to get the threaded pipe out.

8. If there are leaks at unions on the suction side

You have to check for leaks around the glued connection of the unions just like above. Now, take apart the union and check the O-ring is good and seated perfectly.

Now, use a silicone-based lubricant for lubricating the O-ring. Rewrap the threaded side of the union with at least 4-5 layers of plumbing tape. Lastly, hand tighten the union back together.

9. If the impeller is clogged

Sometimes, the impeller gets clogged with debris and it hampers the flow of water. The water also can’t get vacuumed properly which results in losing prime.

Clean out the debris from the impeller as soon as possible. If you know when to clean the impeller from the beginning, you’ll suffer less.

So, these were the most common causes of why your pool pump won’t prime. If you want to know about the process of priming your pool pump the door is open!


We are now at the cut-off point. Aren’t you having a clear idea about why your pool pump won’t prime?

We hope, it’s yes! We left no stone unturned to show you the potential causes and the solutions. Follow the instructions as we said. Your pool pump will surely prime!

Good luck!

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