Why Above Ground Pools are Better?

Why Above Ground Pools are BetterEveryone loves pool parties in the summer. And it’s quite refreshing to enjoy a good swim after a long tiring week. You do not always need to go to hotels or resorts or public pools for that. Now you can build above-ground pools in your own backyard and throw a pool party by yourself at very affordable costing. If you are still worried about the financing, you can also get a loan for pool financing.

After you made up your mind to build a swimming pool of your own, you have to make enough preparations and manage all expenses of the construction of the pool. You might still wonder which type of pool you should go for. Well, here are 5 reasons why we would suggest you go for above ground pools over inground pools:

  1. Easy Installation

Installing an above ground pool is a piece of cake. All you need is a clean space in your backyard big enough to install the pool frame. You can do it on your own, or you can also hire a constructor to build it for you. But inground pools have more work than that. It requires digging and lots of legal permissions. On the contemporary, above ground does not need such hassles.

  1. Costing

Costing is the first thing that matters while doing anything big, like building a swimming pool. And it is very affordable to build an above ground pool. This means you can fulfill your dream at your own credibility now. If you build your own pool with a DIY project, it will cost about $900-$3000, and if you go to a local builder, it will cost $30000 – $50000 only. This is way more affordable than inground pools.

  1. Safety issues

Above ground, pools are safer than inground pools as they are pools are not built in the ground but above a frame. So, there are fewer chances of falling down accidentally in the pool. Even the children cannot reach above ground pools. But still, there can be a pool fence to avoid accidents, and pool covers can be used to cover the pool when nobody needs it. This will also prevent the pool water from getting dirty easily.

  1. Maintenance

Maintaining an above ground pool is way easier and cheaper than maintaining an inground pool. You will have to keep a permanent worker, especially for cleaning and maintaining the inground pool. The total expense of maintenance is higher in inground pools. But you can maintain an above ground pool very easily by yourself. You would need weekly cleaning and keeping the chlorine level in balance, and winterized regularly.

Above ground, pools are often bought with pump machines and filters. The pump should be kept running every day to keep the pool well maintained.

  1. Portable

The interesting thing about the above ground pool is it is portable. You can replace it from one place to another. You can take it down whenever it gets unable to use. Also, you can re-sell above ground pool whenever you feel like it. These are some benefits which are absent in the features of inground pools.

  1. Features

It is true that inground pools have more features than above ground pools. But still, you can customize lighting, automatic cleaner, and salt chlorine system in your above-ground pool. This may not fulfill your wants, but it surely fulfills your needs.


As Our Research above ground pools are much better than inground swimming pools. So, are the points given above say so. Still, it is up to you if you would like to choose any other pools to build or not. You have the right to decide according to your needs and capability. And that might vary from us. But we would definitely say above ground pools are better.

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