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When to Clean Pool Pump Impeller?- Here is Your Answer

When to Clean Pool Pump ImpellerYou are searching for when to clean a pool pump impeller. This means, you actually are facing some difficulties with turning on your pool pump, you may listen to unusual sounds or worse, Right?

The solution is not out of your reach, my friend! In this article, you are going to know why your pump impeller gets clogged, when and how to clean it.

So, stop worrying! Let’s get into it.

When do you need to clean the pool pump impeller?

For happy swimming, you need to keep your pool neat and clean. If you fail, you have to pay for it. So, clean it regularly.

Now, grow your idea about the right time to clean your pool pump impeller.

1. When the pump makes noises

If your pool pump impeller is clogged with large debris or whatever is oversized for the impeller, you may hear a loud, low or grinding noise.

It’s high time to clean your pump impeller. Otherwise, you will need to replace it after a few days.

2. When the pump basket isn’t filled with water

What actually does your pump impeller? It pulls the water through the pump and pushes it out. If it’s jammed with dirt and debris, the pump basket won’t fill with water. So, you need to clean the impeller right now.

A further ado is here.

Due to chemicals in your pool water, the pump basket will become brittle and cracked over a period of time. You have to look after this and replace the basket when it shows the signs of wear.

3. When the pump pressure is unusual

If there’s a clog in your impeller, the effect will also be on the pump pressure.

Generally, if you see the above ground swimming pool pump pressure almost half of what it normally reads, there’s a problem. You must take steps like cleaning the impeller.

You can be one step ahead by knowing why the pool pump is losing pressure.

4. When the water in the pump slowly moving

Sometimes, you will face difficulties like the water is moving slowly or swirling. This case is indicating you about the clogged impeller. You need to clean it up.

So, if you are going through at least one of these situations, it’s high time you needed cleaning the pool pump impeller.

3 easy steps of cleaning your pump impeller

Now, peek into these quick steps of cleaning your pool pump impeller.

Step-1: Turn the pump off

I’m actually telling you to turn the breaker off. Otherwise, your pump may turn on during doing the job, you won’t like it.

Step-2: Insert a screwdriver into the pump

All you need to do is to insert a long screwdriver into the pump despite you are unable to see the impeller physically. You have to move it back and forth or just turn it both clock and anti-clockwise.

Step-3: Wait until you feel debris being removed

If your impeller is jammed and clogged with a lot of debris, it will take time to move the screwdriver fast. Firstly, move it slowly and wait until it begins to move freely.

Keep working, remove the debris and take them out of your impeller.

Done! Be careful about the proper maintenance of your pool pump to set aside numerous common problems.


We are at the furthest point. We assume that you are crystal clear about the confusion you used to have.

Now you know when to clean a pool pump impeller. So, try to keep it clean and seal the chances of damaging your pump impeller. Because only regular maintenance can help you to prevent any mishappening.

Stay safe while using the electrical devices and chemical ingredients in your pool. That’s it, happy swimming!

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