What to put on the dog ramp to keep from slipping?

dog in pool sideSwimming is still a chill activity to do on hot summer days to have a good time. What could be the more exciting than having your pet join you while swimming!! As you cannot jump in the swimming pool directly with your beloved dog, that’s why you have to arrange an above ground dog ramp for him. But, in most cases, pets tend to slip from the ramp.

Due to swimming, the swimming pool ramp remains covered with water. That is a big reason behind the slipping of your dog from the swimming pool ramp. Even after the rainfall, the dog ramp intends to have a slippery or damp surface.

Throughout the article, we are going to explain to you how to put on a dog ramp to keep from slipping.

Why Dogs Slips from the Swimming Pool Ramp

You care about your pet and arrange a smooth ramp for him to pass through the pool. But there is a high chance that your pet can fall or slip from the ramp. It can be because of the water in the swimming pool. On the other hand, a smooth texture can also cause a slippery nature. Again, the decreased paw grip is another reason behind the pet’s slipping down. Furthermore, sometimes pets intend to gain weight that can be another reason for losing the grip.

Things to Arrange for Preventing Dog Slipping from the Ramp

You always should remain cautious with your pet. There are certain things or techniques that you should arrange to prevent your pet from slipping from the ramp.

Use a Nonslip Tape or Paint

You can apply non-slip tape on the ramp. The quickest and easiest way to fix a ramp’s slipperiness is to attach the nonslip tape. It is also often known as grip tape to the ramp’s boards. There are also some non-slipping paints available in the market that you may use. Nonslip paints or gritty additives blend into stains, paints, or sealants. It will make the wood roughen enough on the ramp without losing its aesthetic personality.

Secure with a Puppy Tread

Puppy Treads intends to save puppies from slipping and falling. Soft vinyl is used to make these traction-enhancing strips. They are also transparent, and it allows the natural elegance of the ramp to come through. In addition, it is possible to secure the aluminum treads to the ramp boards. The aluminum threads are indeed pretty costly, but they will not rust out. Moreover, they will need much less servicing than grip tape, paint, polish, or sealant. You can use the puppy treads not only in the ramp but also anywhere in your house. Furthermore, they are ideal for use indoors because they can easily be stuck on tile, wood, laminate, ceramic, asphalt, and any other surface where your pets or family can need additional stability.

Go for a Grippe Texture

Of course, the smooth texture is not suitable for your dog at all. There is a high chance for your pet to slip from the smooth texture and hurt itself. We will highly suggest you invest in a ramp that includes a grippe texture.

Trim your pet’s toenails regularly

The overgrown toenails can have a negative effect on a dog’s capacity to move easily and securely. It can disrupt your pet’s running style and reduce grasp. When the paw surface area comes in contact with the concrete, it can be an uncomfortable experience for your dog. It can also trigger musculoskeletal problems and even become infectious. So, to deal with the unavoidable problem, you need to trim the nails regularly. You should make an effort to learn how to correctly cut your puppy’s nails to maintain their movement stress-free. Again, if you are not feeling comfortable doing the task, we will suggest you not do it. As your dog can also be nervous while watching you panic. It will be better if you get the dog to a veterinary clinic or pet groomer to get help.

Trim your pet’s excess paw fur regularly

Just like the toenails, some pets intend to have excessive hair growth. The paw hair can make their small feet slippery while using the ramp. So, the pet needs to clip or trim the excess paw hair to ensure stability regularly. Our suggestions will be the same as the toenails. Be careful while trimming the paw hairs. Before trimming, do well research the amount of hair that you should cut down. You can see tutorials available on the internet. And, even after that, if you are not sure, we will suggest you visit a veterinary clinic or pet groomer to get help.

Your dog is one of your greatest supporters. Take sufficient care of them. If you find any ramp slipping problem go through our article once again.

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