8 Best Ways To Make Your Pool Safer

8 Best Ways To Make Your Pool SaferBefore diving into the blue pool water, you need to make the pool safer for you and others.

Pool safety is essential if you have any children and pets in your house.

These 8 ways of pool safety can be handy in terms of pool safety. Read this article and save your energy and time of thinking about it.

8 Ways To Make Your Pool Safer

Pool fence

Setting up a pool fence should be the first priority of making a pool safe. The fence is the most efficient and easy physical safety tool. You should install a safety fence around the perimeter of the pool. This fence will create a barrier around the pool and help you to protect your kid from exposed water. There are multiple types of pool fences you may find in the market. However, make sure these things are included when you are buying

  • Four side fence
  • Mesh or aluminum fence
  • Must be 4-5 feet tall
  • Key lockable
  • It has a self-closing and self-latching system

Pool alarms

Pool alarm is another safety tool that will alert you when someone is near the pool or the gate. There are four different pool alarms you may find in the marketplace. These are- Gate alarm, pressure-sensitive alarm, perimeter alarm, and wearable alarm.

Gate Alarm

These alarms are attached to the entrance of the pool area. It creates a magnetic field around the area of the gate. Once the magnetic field is broken, the alarm will start to make a sound. Therefore, you will get to know someone is around the poolside and can take necessary actions. Besides, these alarms can be used as home alarms too.

Pressure-sensitive alarm

This type of alarm can be used for your children and needs adult observation and supervision. Children can wear this alarm and a wristwatch, and it will make sounds when it gets more than enough water pressure. You can let your child wear this alarm in the private pool and at the beach or public pool.

Wearable alarm

It’s similar to the gate and pressure-sensitive alarm. If you or your child is wearing it and get into the pool, you will get to know it by its sound.

Perimeter Alarm

This kind of alarm is commonly known as an invisible fence. You will set a perimeter in the alarm, and if someone passes through the perimeter, the alarm will buzz.

Teach your kids about swimming

When you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it is necessary to teach your kids how to swim. Take them to the pool or hire a personal, professional trainer who will teach them how to swim and also give them lessons on safety and security.

Install slip resistance sealer

The concrete surface can be very slippery when it’s wet. Rain, pool water. The fog, even the water that you slip from your cocktail glass, can make the surface very slippery, which will become hazardous for you and your children. Use textured, colorful, and decorative tiles and concrete surfaces which will prevent and seal the water from flowing.

Use pool covers that you can walk on

When you are not using your pool for swimming or a party, try to cover it with hardcovers. It will make the pool area safe and also keep the pool nice and clean. On the other side, it will save you enough time from cleaning the pool over and over again. USe high-quality mesh cover as covers.

Inspect your pool regularly

You should inspect your pool once a year to check every piece of equipment is safe and friendly.

Keep rescue elements and first aids kit nearby

Keep the first aid and rescue elements nearby to prevent any severe issue primarily.

Store your chemical and equipment properly

Pool filters, heaters, chemicals, pipes, and other equipment should be stored in a safe place so that your children can’t reach out. Store the steps of the pool above the ground when you are not using it.


To have an enjoyable pool time during summer, pool safety is really essential. It is really important when you have kids and a pool in your house. Therefore, pool accidents can occur anytime if you are not concerned about them. Follow the eight ways of safety we have mentioned above to prevent all pool accidents. However, you may apply your own methods too.


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