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Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Review

If you are in search of an above ground pool on which 8-12 of you and your friends can have some fun time within? If so, we may have got the right option for you. It’s from the inventory of Summer Waves, and it’s a 15 feet by 48 inches pool.

With two size variations, it can hold 4400 gallons and 7700 gallons of water within it respectively. On top of that, the super touch PVC frame and the reinforced sidewall makes it a pool with a promise of durability.

In this Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Review, we will be breaking down the specs, the features and what features they will bring along for you. Let’s check out-

Product Specification

  • Brand and model: Summer Waves 15’ x 48” Above Ground Pool
  • Sidewall material: Heavy gauge PVC
  • Ladder height: 48 inches
  • Size variation(s): 2
  • Cartridge filter: Yes
  • Built-in Chlorinator: Yes
  • Surface Skimmer: Yes
  • Water capacity: 4400 gallons
  • Dimension: 15 feet x 48 inches
  • Product weight: 191 pounds

Features and Benefits

An all in one pack for any above ground pool lover

This above ground pool from Summer waves seems to be a perfect blend of quality and other features. It is sized as 48 inches by 16 feet, where 48 inches is the height of the pool sidewalls, and 16 feet is the diameter of this round pool.

The weight of the empty pool is about 191 pounds, and it can hold 4400 gallons of water within it. In terms of water capacity and size, about 4-6 people can easily host themselves for a pool party in the backyard. Although they say it officially that, it’s the right suit for up to 10 people.

Strong Sidewall and frame

Being two of the backbone parts of an above ground pool, the material of the sidewall and frame always catch attention. No different from this model as well.

But the good news is, the sidewall is made of durable PVC along with triple-layer EBC. On the other hand, the metal frame is made of steel and coated with a rust resistant protection. The frame tubes are oval shaped, which is another USP of this product.

Cleaning made easy with the skimmer basket

The filtration system that comes along with this model is called a skimmer plus filtration system. The underlying meaning is, it provides a full surface skimming feature for the user.

Along with that, you will get a removable skimmer basket. What the skimmer basket does is, it makes cleaning the pool very easy and doesn’t take a toll of a long time and effort.

Big and bigger- two option to choose from

The one that we have selected for this discussion is long and wide enough for up to 10 persons. But another version that this pump has is even bigger of value and fun.

This one is sized as 18 feet of diameter and 52 inches of pool height. This one comes with the same structural strength, where the water capacity is more. To be specific, the water capacity of the bigger one is 7700 gallons, which is massive. Up to 12 people can suit themselves within the pool without any hard effort.

1 inch chlorine tablets included for clean water

This is a feature that we couldn’t find in many pools in the market, and that’s the chlorine tablet that comes within the maintenance kit. Applying the chlorine tablet, you can get a clean and crystal water within which fun will be unlimited.

However, once the table that comes with the pack comes to an end of its lifespan, you have to get new ones that are 1 inch in size. Otherwise, it will overkill the function of a chlorine tablet in this pool.


  • 80% stronger pool frame compared to ordinary models.
  • Frame pools are made of heavy gauge PVC composite.
  • Frame pools are also reinforced with inner polyester mesh.
  • It comes with a skimmer plus filtration system.
  • It comes with a functioning surface skimmer to keep the pool dirt-free.
  • It contains an integral cartridge within the pack.
  • The skimmer basket is easy to clean.
  • Accommodates 1 inch chlorine tablet to keep the water clean.
  • It offers a sturdy layer and a safety barrier.
  • You’ll get a maintenance kit with the pool.


  • The assembly process is quite hectic for anyone new with such chores.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: How wide are the two models of this pool?

Answer: The two models of this Summer Waves Above Ground Pool are 15 feet and 18 feet in diameter, respectively.

Question: Is it safe for children to swim in?

Answer: We definitely recommend a parent or adult person to be there with the children in the pool. But there is a safety barrier within it for the the basic layer of protection.

Question: How deep is the pool?

Answer: The smaller one(the one that we’ve picked up) is 48 inches deep, where the bigger one is 52 inches deep.

Question: How much water can this pool hold?

Answer: The smaller pool can contain 4400 gallons of water and the bigger one can hold 7700 gallons of water in it.

Question: How to keep this pool free of leaves and dirt?

Answer: For taking care of leaves, debris and other sorts of pool dirt, there is a surface skimmer along with the pack. You can use that without any extra expense.

Question: Does this product come with a dust lid/cover?

Answer: We would love to say that it does, but unfortunately it does not.

Bottom Line

Thanks for sticking till the very end of this Summer Waves Above Ground Pool Review. Although this pool might take significant time of yours to get installed in the backyard, once done, it can be one of the best above ground pools that you have ever experienced.

In terms of price-quality ratio, we have found it as a right pick for buyers of any budget. The rest of your buying decision is completely up to you.

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