Steps to Open an Above Ground Pool-A Proper Guideline

Steps to Open an Above Ground PoolWinter is gone and the swimming season is started. This is the time when pool owners begin opening their pools.

It’s one of the simple DIYs. All you need to have a friend, a few supplies and some safety precautionary outfits.

So, don’t worry about the steps to open an above-ground pool. We will show you what to do and don’t. Just stay with us to the last.

Let’s begin the journey together!

What will you need to open an above-ground pool?

Some very common things you are going to need. Almost all of them are already stored in your pool shed.

The items you will need are:

  1. A pool cover pump
  2. Skimmer net
  3. A winter cover cleaner
  4. Start-up chemical kit

You also need a friend to help. Because it is an at-least two-person job. Now, get ready for the following steps.

What are the steps you will go through?

You are going to do the main job right now. Go through the steps below, we tried to cover all the actionable steps.

Step-1: Clean the winter pool cover

The very first priority should be cleaning the winter pool cover. Use a skimmer net to remove all the debris, leaves from the surface of your pool cover.

A pool cover pump can make a short work of any excess water. In case you don’t have a pool cover pump, use a regular sump pump that is always near your elbow.

Follow this step very carefully, remove as much debris as you can. This initiative helps you to prevent falling into the water during removing the cover.

Step-2: Remove the winter cover

Now, with a friend, carefully remove the cover. Avoid dragging it and be careful to keep any debris from falling into the pool.

If you use an air pillow during winterizing your above-ground pool, remove it too along with the cover.

Step-3: Clean and store the winter cover

Spread the pool cover flat on a large, easily accessible area. It can be your lawn, driveway or deck. But make sure there are no sharp objects and other damaging items.

Now, wash the cover using water, cover cleaner, and a scrub brush. Scrub it gently to ensure the long life of your pool cover. Otherwise, you may have to replace it if there’s any damage.
Before storing the cover, let your cover dry thoroughly to avoid damage from moisture.

Use a durable, tightly sealed plastic tub or any large storage container for stashing your winter cover during the off-season. This will save your cover from being a nest of rats or something like that.

Step-4: Remove winter pool plugs

Once you are done with stashing your pool cover safely, you can start removing it. Be careful about checking all-around your pool and remove the plugs from all the openings.

If there is any ice compensator in your skimmer bucket, remove it too.

Now, reinstall all the skimmer baskets and the return jets to the return line. During the winter, if you used a skimmer cover, don’t forget to remove it too.

Step-5: Add water to the pool

It depends on how you closed your pool. If the water is not to the halfway mark of your skimmer’s opening, you need to add water to reach the proper level.

Step-6: Reinstall the deck equipment

You need to reinstall the deck gear to use your pool. It includes ladders, jumping platforms, handrails, diving boards or lifts.

Check very carefully each component, if there’s any rust or other damage, don’t wait to replace it.

Step-7: Set up the pool pump and filter
It’s time to remove all the winterizing plugs from the drains and gauges of your pool pump, filter, and other equipment. Replace each of the plugs with standard plugs.

But, before removing the winterizing plugs, you need to remove the pool antifreeze from the lines (if you used it during closing the pool).

Step-8: Start the pump and filter

Start the system and carefully check if there’s any leak or drip. Make sure the ground wires are perfectly connected to the pump.

If your system is running dry, you actually need to prime your pool pump. This will boost your pump to start pulling water.

Step-9: Clean your pool up

Before adding any start-up chemicals, you must clean your pool from up to the bottom.

You need to brush your pool including the corners that are hard-to-reach. During cleaning, vacuum your pool too because the floors need scrubbing after the long winter days.

If you are done with cleaning the pool, skim the surface of the water to remove any leaves, debris or bugs.

Step-10: Test and balance the water

Take one fine, clean plastic container and dive it approximately 18 inches below the waterline.

Now, take the water to the local authorized pool dealer for his water chemistry analysis. Before you visit your local authorized dealer, make sure you gather the measurement of your pool. It will help the dealer to determine the correct amount of product needed for your pool.

Be sure you will provide the dealer the length, width, and depth of your pool. This measurement will be used to calculate your pool’s volume which is the number of gallons your pool can hold.

You may already know the volume of your pool. If so, then no need to make any calculations. Now, take the water sample to the pool dealer.

They will instruct you on the proper amount and process for balancing your pool chemicals.

Once you’ve got the water balanced, you need to shock your pool.


You are done with opening your swimming pool.

If you properly follow all above the steps, you can seal the chances of happening anything bad during opening your pool.

The steps to open an above-ground pool are quite a time-taking process. But if you finish it once in a while, you will enjoy the pleasure of swimming properly.

So, without further thinking, go for it! Happy opening!

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