Sodium Bisulfate in Your Pool: The Definitive Guide

Sodium Bisulfate in Your PoolBeing a pool owner, it is important to know about the chemicals which are regularly needed for the swimming pool. The want of a clean and clear swimming pool is universal.

Popular chemicals like Sodium Bisulfate, Muriatic Acid helps the pool owner to maintain the pool.

If you find any chemical imbalance in your swimming pool, it is essential to measure two things; pH balance of the water and alkalinity.

What Is Sodium Bisulfate?

Sodium bisulfate is also popular as sodium hydrogen sulfate, bisulfate of soda, monosodium hydrogen sulfate, sodium hydrosulfite, sodium acid sulfate, dry acid, acid salt, and sulfuric acid sodium salt.

When Sulfuric acid comes in contact with another sodium base, for example, sodium chloride or sodium hydroxide, then the formation of Sodium bisulfate creates. Those who mostly work with chemicals know the fact that a neutralized solution comes when someone mixes acids and bases.

HNaO4S is the chemical formula of Sulfuric acid. It is popular at household works as a cleaning agent, for the pool as a pH adjuster, fungicide, herbicide, or anti-microbial agent. It looks like a white, grainy crystalline solid. The most convenient part of the acid is that it dissolves easily in water. Again another useful side is that you can store the acid and use it in time of need.


Sodium bisulfate vs. muriatic acid: Which one is better to balance the pool’s chemistry?

Both Sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid work great on clearing the cloudiness of the pool and maintaining the pool’s pH balance. But with Muriatic Acid, there is a high chance to burn the skin. So, if you are new to deal with such chemicals, it is better to go for a safer option.

The necessity of Sodium Bisulfate in the swimming pool

Prevention is always better than cure. To maintain the hygiene of the pool and keep it clear, clean, and bacteria-free, it is essential to use some product. For the solution, anyone will take the name of chlorine at first. But, if the pH level and the water alkalinity of the swimming pool are unbalanced, the chlorine will fail to do its job.

To maintain the pH level of the swimming pool and to prevent the upcoming cloudy waters from the pool, it is important to use Sodium bisulfate.

How to use sodium bisulfate to lower the pH level

Before putting anything on the pool, it is better to know the correct procedure. Our article is here to help you out with the process of using Sodium bisulfate.

Test the swimming pool water

The pH level of the pool is necessary to know before giving a hand on any work related to the pool. The ideal pH of the pool is between 7.2-7.6. The kits for testing are available in any nearby pool store. Follow the instructions given in the packet to test the water chemistry. If the chemistry is lower or upper than 7.6, this is time to do some work with the swimming pool.

Fix the amount of sodium bisulfate

After figuring out the pH level of the pool, the next work is to determine the sodium bisulfate amount for the pool. In most cases, ¾ is recommended. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions before putting anything.

Find out to dilute or not

Diluting the chemical depends on the product. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to decide what to do with the product. If you need to dilute the acid, take a five-gallon bucket of freshwater, and mix the acid with the water.

Put the Sodium Bisulfate

After preparing the chemical, now it is time to put it in the swimming pool’s water. If you own an inground pool, it will be close to the return jets. And if you own an outdoor pool, this will be along the pool wall. After putting the product altogether, it will be dissolved within 15 minutes.

Retest the water

Give the pool a 6-hour long break, and then retest the water’s pH level. If it is between 7.2-7.6, your pool is ready to swim.


The productivity of your swimming pool depends on the way you take proper care of it. If you maintain the pool and clean it regularly, there should not be much problem regarding pH level. Great fun time appears with some responsibilities also. And even after taking so much care, you face such a problem, just go through our article to solve it.

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