Why There’s Sand in Your Pool and How to Get it Out

Sand in Your PoolThe very reason people own a pool is to make them relaxed and enjoy their free time swimming or bathing peacefully. But you won’t be able to get that if every time you step, you find gritty dust or sand below your feet. Everyone wants to keep their pool water crystal clear and not to find sand while looking down into it. Still, there are pretty good chances that this nuisance will take place.


Now the question is, how can Sand Beneath the Pool happen? Where did they come from? Most importantly, how to get rid of them? So many questions, right? Let’s start getting the answers.

Sources of sand in your pool

You need to solve the mystery first, how did you get Sand in the Pool? If you can find out the source, you’ll be able to solve the problem very easily. Let’s take a look at all possibilities of sand coming into your pool.

The wind being the carrier

If you live in any place near the beach or any other sandy source, it’s very common to have Sand in your Pool. Even if your house is located far from such a place, it’s possible that wind plays a factor. It can pick up sand particles from long distances around your neighborhood and carry them to your pool. But in case if you have a lot of sand at the pool bottom, it probably might not be the wind.

Wrongly functioning sand filter

Sand filters work to remove sand, dust, and debris from the pulling surface and surrounding areas. But, if it gets a crack or does not function properly, there’s a chance that it will dump all the Sand into the Swimming Pool. If there is a lot of sand within a short period of time, then this might be the case.

Broken parts of sand filter

The standpipe that runs down the center of the tool might get broken due to the pressure at some point. This eventually causes Sand fallen in the Pool. Again, there are eight to ten laterals keeping an array at the bottom of the filter. They work as sieves. If anyone or two of them crack, sand will leak into your pool water.

Sand, but no sand

The thing beneath your pool that you’re considering sand, might not be sand at all. It might be yellow pod algae or mustard algae looking similar to sand. If you don’t have a pool filter, but there’s a thick, dense layer of “sand looking” material, then it’s possible you’re dealing with algae. Wind won’t blow up a lot of sand at a time. To check it further, you can use a brush to strike it a little. If it gets dispersed into the cloud, it’s the algae.

Getting rid of sand from your pool

The process of getting rid of sand from your pool isn’t a tough one. You can easily do this task by following a series of steps as below:

Step 1: Start with the vacuum machine

You will need your vacuum machine for cleaning the pool water off at first. Before starting to use the machine, make sure that its multiport valve is set to waste setting mode. If you accidentally start using the machine while keeping its valve on the filter setting, the filter will get damaged due to water filled with all dust and sand getting stuck inside it. After turning on the waste setting, a lot of water will lose from the pool, but it won’t pass through the filter. It also won’t get cycled back to the pool. The vacuum will suck a lot of water very quickly.

Step 2: Sweep all Sand to a single spot

After draining the water, take your pool brush and start sweeping the sand at the beneath of your pool. Gather them all at one spot. There might be sand stuck at the walls too. Sweep them as well. Take some extra care while dislodging sand and debris from the pool edges. Otherwise, they may get stuck. The more time you give on sweeping, the less vacuuming you’ll need.

Step 3: Vacuum up your pool

As all sand beneath your pool gets concentrated at one place, you need to vacuum it up as fast as you can. Set the multiport valve to Filter state and let the sand vacuum back into the filter. Don’t focus too much on the speed. Maintain proper safety to not trip, fall, and hurt yourself while doing the task.

Step 4: Finishing up

After scrubbing and removing all your pool sand, you need to refill the pool as it was before. If there were any algae blooming, you need to deep clean all parts of the pool. Clean all pool equipment, bathing suits, pool toys, every pool corner where algae can reach. As a more part of precaution, you can test the pool water with a liquid test kit and add necessary chemicals after cleaning sand. Finally, your pool will be ready again.


Final Thoughts

Having sand in your pool is mainly due to the breakage or malfunction behavior of your pool filter. If the filter dumps sand into the pool, it will be concentrated at the beneath of your pool. They won’t cause any much trouble at all. But, if the millions of sand grains get dispersed in pool water, there is something to worry about. But if you can follow all the steps, it’s easier than you might think. Just get rid of all pesky sand.


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