Pros and Cons of Buying a House with a Pool

Pros and cons of buying a house with a pool
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Suppose a question comes to you. What you want, owning a house with a pool or without it? At the very first impression, the problem seems to be a really absurd one to you. Your point is valid. Whenever someone looks to buy a house, a swimming pool would surely be on the top of his wish-list to give a tick-off. No matter if he/she is capable of that or not.

The general thought is supposed to be like that. But the reality isn’t that easier. Taking care of a private pool isn’t an easy job. There Are other factors you need to consider. Before taking such a huge decision, you need to check out all pros and cons of home-attached pool and their comparative analysis. So, let’s better to go for it.

Let’s analyze all positives of owning a pool first:

Pros of a house with a pool

Excellent source of entertainment

Swimming is fun. Owning a swimming pool and enjoying it with your best friends is even more fun. You would definitely love to throw a pool party on your birthday, during the Christmas season, on New Year’s Eve, or during Halloween Night, right? Don’t forget to enjoy the sunbath beside your pool during the early Summer.


  1. Good for physical and mental health
Good for physical and mental health
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Swimming is one of the most useful known exercises. It’s of great health benefit for elderly persons, people with injury, bone issues or arthritis, working men under enormous body stress, pregnant ladies, etc. You won’t miss this low-impact efficient exercise if you can have a house with pool. Enjoying your lazy afternoon with a book lying beside the pool, or the evening with a cold drink, low-sound music, shiny glossy pool water. Doesn’t it sound relaxing?


2. Cooling off your body

Nothing can be a more chilling experience than taking a relaxing dip into your pool water during the scorching hot day of Summer. You can avoid paying your money for going to any public pool if you can own a pool with your house.


3. Increasing aesthetic view of your house

aesthetic swimming pool
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Everyone wants to own a house with an amazing classic look. A well-designed pool at the back of your house or front side beside your lawn can present the best look to your house, providing an aesthetic appeal.


4. Adding up more home value

Having a pool with your house is a luxury. It adds the value of your dwelling to a great extent. Again, if you live in a highly year-round warm-climate region, owning a house with attached pool is a plus point for you. If you’re interested in selling your home in the near or far future, buyers will easily pay more bucks for it.


5. Ideal place for socializing

Time has changed. Earlier, people tend to meet outside. But currently, people love to hang out at a cozy, relaxing, close to residence place. What can be more comfortable for you to socialize with your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, college, or varsity mates than the poolside of your home? Playdates, corporate parties, hanging outs, celebrations, poolside BBQ parties, and a lot of other occasions always line up at your poolside.


Every good thing comes with some downsides. Having a home pool is nothing exceptional. Let’s learn the facts:

Cons of owning a house with a pool

  1. Higher maintenance

Owning a house with pool associates with some extra maintenance. It will add more to your time and cost. If you don’t treat the pool correctly, it’ll turn into a feast for algae and bacteria. You need to add pool chemicals regularly. Also, skimming the water to get rid of debris like bugs, insects, twigs, leaves will add more to your trouble. Sometimes shocking the entire pool also requires. Regularly cleaning all pool equipment and related accessories isn’t an easy task to do.

2. Chances of a hazard

A swimming pool at your home can be a dangerous place for your toddlers, kids, and pets. It’s not possible to always keep them in check, right? You need to add a fence around your home pool to avoid accidents like drowning. When the parents are away, an open swimming pool is a big safety risk for the small kids.

3. Higher insurance costs

The higher chances of pool accidents cause paying extra insurance money by the home pool owners for covering pool accidents and other hazards.

4. Taking up your yard space

Your personal home pool can take up much of your yard space. You might lose space for entertainment, playing with your kids or pets, miss taking evening tee/coffee, sausage party, etc. Do you want to compromise?

5. Making the house less marketable

Not all families want to buy a house with pool. Not everyone wishes to pay the considerable expense of buying and the upkeep of the pool. So, having a house with a pool might decrease its resale value in some cases.


Final Words

Despite coming with some shortcomings, owning a house with a pool can deliver you much comfort, convenience, and future profit. It’s something that you’d like to invest in. Still, you need to figure out which decision is for you after having a good consideration of all issues that have already been discussed. The decision is always yours to take. Happy pool time!

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