50+ Awesome Pool Party Ideas for Every Occasions in This Summer

Welcome home, summer! Throwing a few pool parties throughout the summertime is synonymous with having lots of fun. That’s why the summer means a lot to us!

On such a summer day, you never want to miss the pleasure of swimming in the bluish, sparkling water, right? The enjoyment will be 100 times more if you have your kith and kins in your pool.

So, you are going to throw a party and look for the best ideas. That’s why we are here, we’ll give you 50 Awesome pool party ideas! Isn’t it a huge package of ideas?

Let’s just get into it!

50 Pool Party Ideas with Details

Idea 1: Fun with water balloons

Fun with water balloons

Image Source: https://thesweetestoccasion.com/

How It Works

It’s super easy to do and also to enjoy. All you need to do is to fill the empty balloons with water (instead of air) and keep them in the floating bucket on your pool water.

Apparently, it’s the most suitable for kids but you will love it too, getting back to your childhood days. So, you can especially note it down by ‘pool party ideas for kids!’

Idea 2: Decoration with handmade rainbow

Decoration with handmade rainbow

Image Source: https://www.partycity.com/

How It Works

Handmade rainbow! Sounds weird? Well maybe it does but see, that’s an amazing decor! It will give your pool a colourful, joyous look. How to do it? That’s really not complicated.

You have to collect a fair number of colourful latex balloons, balloon decorating strips, and some balloon weights. Now, inflate the balloons with helium and attach to the strips. Finally, use the balloon weights to secure them.

Idea 3: Island-inspired tablescaping

Island-inspired tablescaping

Image Source: https://www.partycity.com/

How It Works

Look, that’s a part of the decoration, isn’t it amazing? You’ll bring an island ambience to your poolside party through this tablescaping.

What’s needed? A tiki-tastic table, some floral-painted luau plates, cups and napkins. Keep coconut and tropical drinks here and don’t forget to bring the little umbrella (as the picture). It would be more beautiful if you try to layer your plates and wrap plastic utensils in matching napkins.

Idea 4: Balloon palm trees

Balloon palm trees                               

Image source:  https://www.partycity.com/

How It Works

It’s a great idea to turn your yard into a breezy tropical forest!

For this, inflate three orange-colored balloons with air (here you don’t need helium) and tie their ends together. Now, tie another trio of balloons then stack them on top and tie both layers together with a ribbon.

Continue doing this until you have a full trunk. Meanwhile, inflate smaller balloons as coconuts and tie them to your top layer. Now, for the palm fronds, inflate and bend some twisty green balloons and tie together.

Idea 5: Amazing Paperwork

Amazing Paperwork

Image source:  https://www.partycity.com/

How It Works

This is undoubtedly a cinch! In case, you are finding a fast decorating idea, here you go. You have to string up a lei garland and different sized, colourful dangle paper lanterns. To add a sparkling finishing, add lights and balloons topiaries.

Idea 6: Floating buffet

floating buffet

Image source: https://thebirthdaybest.com/

How It Works

Food for Swimming pool party ideas is a matter of concern. Here are some food ideas and serving guidelines you’ll find helpful.

For a pool party, it’s better to make a light and simple menu. Here is an image of a buffet which contains hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and cold snacks.

About a desert plan, serve a good assortment of seasonal fruits. Moreover, it’s easy to make delicious fruit skewers and serve ice-cream, jellies for more variety.

Idea 7: Mermaid cupcakes

Mermaid cupcakes ideas

Image source: https://lorisweetcream.tumblr.com/

How It Works

It’s the sweet part of your party snacks, isn’t it absolute perfection? The sparkling mermaid tails are gorgeous and tasty too.

These kinds of mermaid cupcakes are available in the bakery or you can make it at home. Just start off with basic vanilla cupcakes and crush any plain vanilla cookies for making sand.

But, making the tails is a bit hard. You have to continue reheating chocolate to have a thick layer. Then, decorate it as you wish.

So, you got one of the mermaid party ideas!

Idea 8: Trays with fresh fruits

trays with fresh fruits
Image source: https://happyfamilyblog.com/

How It Works

Serve the colourful, fresh, healthy fruits on beautiful trays. That would be enjoyable for adults and the moms will be happy if their children joyfully have some fruits.
You can make this tray by putting a small cake stand on top of a large one. It would be better if you let your guest make their own mixed fruit salad.

Idea 9: Bear brownies

Bear brownies
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

It’s a super yummy snack which all the guests will surely love! Moreover, it’s a cute home-made brownie that can easily be done by you.

You have to make brownies and cut them into rectangles. Add cookies like the image and add a teddy graham on the top of your brownie. It looks like a cute little car!

Idea 10: Watermelon Bucket

Watermelon Bucket
Image source: https://www.watermelon.org/

How It Works

A unique idea to let the children have some fruits! It’s so cute and kiddie to look at that your guests are going to love. You have to cut the watermelon and the other fresh fruits before placing them in the carving.

Be careful when you remove the trimmed rind and flesh. Remove as much flesh as you can. Later on, slice the fleshes and serve them in another tray.

Idea 11: Pink Punch Cocktail

Pink Punch Cocktail   Image source: https://www.southernliving.com/

How It Works

So, this is about drinks! This pretty, pink, sparkling punch is delicious. Moreover, it’s very simple and customizable.

What’s needed to make these glasses of heaven? Well, you have to go with tangy pink lemonade and tart cranberry juice combined with fizzy club soda. That’s all for this sweet-sour sparkle that just can’t be beat!

Idea 12: A fair amount of Soft Drinks

A fair amount of Soft Drinks
Image source: http://www.coftable.com/

How It Works

Why a fair amount of soft drinks? Listen, there are many things required to make a function very successful. Being prepared with soft drinks is one of the coolest party ideas.

You can bring inflatable tubs to keep the bottles in. Your guests will bring what they want, keep the tubs near their elbow.

Idea 13: Ice-cream Corner

Ice-cream CornerImage source: https://www.hwtm.com/

How It Works

Cool foods on a hot day are on-demand. So, you never miss the sweet part of ice-cream. You can serve it in many ways but keeping an ice-cream corner would be perfect.

So, you are going to have enough collection of ice-cream, soft pink cake stands and decorative glass jars. That would be a vintage ‘ice-cream bar’ filled with cupcake-and treats (no melting!)

Idea 14: Jars Filled With Happiness

Jars Filled With Happiness
Image source: https://cdn.shortpixel.ai/

How It Works

These jars are filled with happiness! Your guests will love to gossip with a full mouth of chocolates, adults and children alike.

So, that’s a sweet part of your pool party. For this, buy chocolate chips, sliced almonds, caramel sauce, rainbow sprinkles, strawberry sauce, cinnamon marshmallows. You also like them too, huh?

Idea 15: Swimming Summer Birthday Party

pool birthday party ideas
Image source: https://photos-cdn.catchmyparty.com/

How It Works

You are lucky if you have a summer vacation! In case, you may look for pool birthday party ideas. Through this, you’ll kill two birds in one stone (chuckle).

So, make an arrangement like the image. You all will enjoy this, the whole birthday celebration will be held in your poolside area on a hot, summer day. Sounds cool? Also, the impact is!

Idea 16: Fun with Frozen Pops

Fun with Frozen Pops
 Image source: https://www.anightowlblog.com/

How It Works

These frozen popsicles are specially for kiddos of your party. They’ll happily grab it and that’s perfect for tons of fun in the sun!

You will order some colourful popsicles and keep them in a bucket. These are super delicious to eat on a hot, summer day. Don’t forget to fill the half of the bucket with ice, that will keep the pops cold.

Idea 17: Pool Party Seating

Pool Party Seating
Image source: https://theawesomer.com/

How It Works

See how cool it is to seat in the middle of your pool and enjoy the seating with your friends. This furniture is best kept wet that will stay in the shallow end once filled with water.

So, isn’t this idea cool enough? No, it’s even possible to make pool pizza parties. You can enjoy the whole pizza seating in the middle of your pool!

Idea 18: Bohemian Tablescaping

Bohemian Tablescaping
Image source: https://www.paisleyandjade.com/

How It Works

This bohemian-styled tablescaping is eye-soothing and loveable. You will love laughing under the open sky while having your meal.

So, that’s a sweet decor with pink flowers on the tables. If you can manage these furniture and place them in order, it would be as lovely as the image. In addition, choose a suitable summer menu that the guest will enjoy.

Idea19: Sunscreen Station

Sunscreen Station
Image source: https://www.medallionenergy.com/

How It Works

During the happy sunbathing moment, you or your guest may need sunscreen anytime. So, it’s better to have a corner where they’ll find it when needed.

That’s an ingenious way to entice a large group of guests to apply or reapply sunscreen, especially when they’ve got kids running around. So yeah, you can plan for doing this.

Idea 20: Plush Seating

Plush Seating
Image source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

How It Works

To make your party more colourful, you can grab this idea. Just set up some bright and patterned pillows and blankets on the deck.

It will give a poolside-picnic effect and an extra lounging space. Mainly, if you want a very relaxed and casual vibe, this decor is perfect. Serve some small appetizers and never miss the gorgeous flower arrangement.

Idea 21: Opening up the pool house

Opening up the pool house

Image source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

How It Works

Well, this plan is for avoiding messes. Opening up your pool house instead of inviting guests to trample through the main house is a better option.

But in case that’s not an option, you should put up signs and make towels available for your guests. It will help them to dry off before coming into the house.

Idea 22: Light Salad

Light Salad - food for pool party ideas
Image source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

How It Works

Never forget about serving any kind of salad. For those who love light foods, salad is the best option.

Keeping the rich in heart-healthy ingredients like avocados, spinach and beets are good for salad. After eating these, you won’t feel too bogged down to swim later.

Idea 23: Involving Pets

Involving Pets
Image source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

How It Works

You will love these DIY pool-float dog costumes. It will be more fun if you include pets.

You can make the costume at home. Collect pink fabrics and make individually the tail, wings and the flamingo float body. After you’re all done, let the pets put on the customs. Kids are going to love their pets!

Idea 24: Arts and Craft Station

Arts and Craft Station
Image source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

How It Works

It would be a kid-friendly idea. Have some arts and crafts ingredients in a corner, let the kids enjoy these.

For 3-4 years old kiddos, wandering around the swimming pool isn’t safe. So, you can deviate them from the risks by letting them enjoy the crafts. The mothers also can be tension-free.

Idea 25: Drink Station

Drink Station
Image source: https://www.bridalguide.com/

How It Works

It’s a ‘be your own bartender’ idea! Make the cocktails self-serve like the drink bar of the image. That’s good to look at. Moreover, your guests will be happy if they grab their drinks themselves.

So, select a corner for placing the bar and see how your guests are enjoying!

Idea 26: Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk
Image source: https://www.rachaelraymag.com/

How It Works

This idea will help you to the guests finding all the way they need to walk through. You just have to draw some arrows and messages on the driveway.

The messages can be like, “Dinner”, “Dessert this way”, “smoking area” and so on. The guests and you both will be free of disturbance.

Idea 27: Floating Flowers

Floating FlowersImage source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

Float some fresh flowers on your blue canvas. Flowers are synonymous with LOVE. It would be a great idea to show your love towards your friends and family.

Pick flowers like Gerbera, Daisies or Carnations and make sure they are stemless. Now let them float onto the water. You can toss some hula hoops in the water, the flowers will be within the round area.

Idea 28: Pool Rules

Pool Rules
Image source: https://i.etsystatic.com/

How It Works

That’s a cool idea to inform your guests about the rules of your party. You won’t want to speak with them but use a board to gently inform it.

Here you see some acceptable rules for a pool party. You can make changes, just what you want to inform, make a row like the picture. Your guests will be knowing their limits through this.

Idea29: Floating Fountain

Floating Fountain
   Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

If you can arrange this, the party will be amazing. Just look at the picture and think how much fun it’d be to swim with!

When the sun goes down, arrange the lighting through the fountain just like the image. All of your guests will surely love this!

Idea 30: Floating Cooler

Floating Cooler
Image source: https://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/

How It Works

The guests will stay hydrated without leaving your pool raft. For this, you have to collect a galvanized bucket slipped into an inner tube. Now, fill it with ice and put the bottles of drinks here.

You can fill the bottles with freshwater or infuse the water with lime, watermelon, mint or orange. Everyone will love this!

Idea 31: Cocktail Pops

Cocktail Pops
Image source: https://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/

How It Works

Turn your favourite summer drinks into ice pops! You may know that Sangria over ice is a classic summer refresher. So, you’re going to serve something different by turning the drinks into pops!

Pick up any cocktail you love and add fruit to the drink then freeze! Yeah, that’s what you need to do.

Idea 32: Tropical Backdrop

Tropical BackdropImage source: https://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/

How It Works

No matter where you’re hosting, hanging some paper leaves will give your party a tropical feel. Besides, have a drink arrangement like the image to enjoy more.

You can purchase some premade leaves to hang for the party decor or do it yourself. You’ll just need a die-cut machine and green patterned paper. That’s it!

Idea 33: Fun In Giant Bubble Ball

Fun In Giant Bubble Ball
Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/

How It Works

Fun in a giant bubble ball, sounds exciting? That’s what it is! Not only the kids of your party but also the adults will enjoy this very much.
Purchase some water balls like these and let your people enjoy this. It will be fun and you’ll just again feel your childhood days!

Idea 34: Themed Invite

Themed Invite
Image source: https://imagesvc.meredithcorp.io/

How It Works

Oops! We were about to miss the invitation part! So, pool party invitation ideas are here. Let’s talk about it.

It’ll be nice if you invite guests to your party using something they’ll need for the event. Using different invitation cards are pretty but we are talking about something exceptional.

Purchase some sunglasses and use a paint pen or alphabet stickers to add a fun message. Moreover, these glasses will be memorable!

Idea 35: Lightened Pool

Lightened Pool
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

Need a beautiful decoration idea after sunset? Here you go. Before having dinner together, you guys will love to gossip around the poolside area.

So, lighten up the whole area like in the picture and just look, how beautiful it is! Your guests will love this too.

Idea 36: Kid’s Special Corner

Kid’s Special Corner
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works
Looking for unicorn pool party ideas? Look at the picture! This would be a sweet part of your party to keep a corner where especially kids will be wandering.

That’s undoubtedly a bright and fun party idea. Kids will grab their things from the bar and run around happily.

Idea 37: Games and Fun

Games and Fun
Image source: https://party.lovetoknow.com/

How It Works

Games and fun is the unavoidable part of any kind of gathering. So, you should prepare with some ideas to cheer up your guests.

Undoubtedly, teenage pool party games add hours of entertainment and bring plenty of laughs to your party. So, let them play with balloons, noodle joust and many others.

Idea 38: Floating Arrangements for Kids

pool party ideas for kids
Image source: https://blog.partify.co/

How It Works

These floating arrangements will bring more fun for the kids at your party. You can purchase some or do it yourself. To do it yourself, you’ll need supplies like acrylic straw, heat gun, oven mitts, pen and paper.

Now, design the shapes as you wish and start making some like the picture.

Idea 39: Floating letters

Floating letters
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

That’s a nice decorating idea for your pool party. Choose the letters and write there down whatever you want. It would be better if you add some flowers around the letters.

In the picture, we are showing a birthday party and that’s why the letters indicate a wish. If you have a different case, change the letters as you wish.

Idea 42: Bachelorette Party

pool party bachelorette ideas
Image source: https://wherebridesgo.com/

How It Works

If you are going to throw a bachelorette party on a hot, summer day, using your poo for this is the best option. See, how the chilling out! Decorate your pool with floating balloons and the inflatable pool floats.

Make a plan for staying with your girls the whole day. Be sure the foods, games, and fun are available at your party. In addition, you all can make some times named ‘spa time’, your girls will love it!

Idea 41: Plan for Teens

pool party ideas for 13 year oldsImage source: https://www.ehow.com/

How It Works

Teens are always excited about any kind of gathering. If your daughter has just stepped into 11 then your concern is about pool party ideas for 11-year-olds.

You actually should plan something different from the preteen parties. Having your own pool means your party is easy to plan. Provide them with a lot of option games and fun with flip flops, water shooters, pool noodles or dive sticks.

Idea 42: Mermaid custom

mermaid pool party ideas
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

You can purchase some sweet little mermaid dresses for the sweet little girls at your party. This costume is beautiful for little girls like 7-8 years old. So, if you are looking for party ideas for 8 years old, here you go!

Little girls are very fond of the mermaid stuff. So, that’s how you can easily put a smile on their faces! Don’t forget to capture these beautiful mermaids with your camera!

Idea 43: Photo Booth

Photo Booth
Image source: https://www.etsy.com/

How It Works

Keep a well-decorated, beautiful photo booth around your poolside area. Let a cameraman stay here and capture your guests’ favorite poses.
Kids and adults both will enjoy this photo shooting stuff and you all can save the memories.

You can decorate the booth just as you want. You can bring some undersea photo booth props or bring something else like balloons or sparkling decorations.

Idea 44: A pool filled with balloons

A pool filled with balloons
Image source: https://studiodiy.com/

How It Works

That’s a crazy pool party idea! If you ask me to tell you about the easiest pool decoration, I will recommend this one. That’s the cheapest as well as the easiest pool decorating idea but you’ll have fun!

All you need to do is buy a lot of colourful balloons, inflate them and tie at last. Now, have fun with the tons of balloons like the picture.

Kids can play ‘hide and seek’ with one another in this decoration! (chuckle)

Idea 45: Dive-In Movie

Dive-In Movie
Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

Isn’t it a unique summer night idea? It should be. Imagine, your friends want to sleepover at your place and you just want to make the night memorable. This idea is enough to make your night memorable! Invite your friends to join your relaxing movie night, they’ll love it.

Make an arrangement of swimsuits and inflatables for all the guests, play the movie and have some drinks. Happy watching!

Idea 46: Glowing Pool party

Glowing Pool partyImage source: https://activedark.com/

How It Works

So, how about glowing the night? It will be fun, right? As you are planning for a big shindig for welcoming the summer, you should do it in the best way.

Here, in the picture, there is only a supply of a whole bunch of glow sticks. Isn’t the combination pretty easy? At night, when the sunlight is gone, your pool can still be lightening.

You can spice it up with some fun glow sticks pool games! Here’s how to do it, have your participants go free for all and try to collect specific colour glow sticks. It would be fun.

Idea 47: Candyland

Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

How It Works

“Mom, this is only a kids area!” “Then I’m a kid for this day, honey (chuckle)”. Something like this is going to happen if you keep a corner named Candyland at your party! Decorate this part with candy, cupcakes, popsicles and stickers. Just make sure you don’t eat it all before your guests arrive! In addition, don’t forget to brush your teeth at the end of the night.

Idea 48: Foam Party

Foam Party
Image source: http://www.breathlessresorts.com/

How It Works

Is this idea a mess? Well, it seems to be. But you will undoubtedly love having fun like this. See the picture, it looks like they are in a blue sky and having fun with the clouds! You are not going to miss this for sure.

For this, you will need foam and a water gun. It’s better to have LED flashing light sticks if you’re in the pool at night. So, that’s going to be a perfect pool party.  The kids and parents both will be enjoying this.

Idea 49: Watermelon Pops

Watermelon Pops
Image source: https://www.medallionenergy.com/

How It Works

So, the 50th idea is a cool, fresh one! Get ready to cool off with this juicy and sweet, cold tasty treat. Now, let’s know how you will make these.

Take chopped watermelon, honey, lime juice and popsicle sticks. Now, blend the ingredients and pour the mixture into the cups. After that, cover those cups with tin foil and place one popsicle stick in the middle of each one. Lastly, freeze the cups for 6-8 hours. Enjoy it!

Idea 50: Swimming Pool Games

Swimming Pool Games

    Image source: https://tipjunkie.com/

How It Works

While swimming and having fun you can arrange some pool games to keep cheering up the kids. That’s a good idea to keep them busy and joyous.

Play some pool games like Watermelon push relay, Belly flop contest, Popsicle freeze tag, Canon ball and so on.

Additional Tips

  • Be careful about using glass, mainly if kids are there.
  • Make a reasonable guest list, better if you work with the whole family members for it.
  • Never leave the childrens unattended by the pool.
  • Don’t forget to play music throughout the party.
  • Make sure the food and drinks you serve are fresh.


Still there? If you are, then thanks for keeping faith in us! So, we are done talking about the pool party stuff. You got 50 pool party ideas that are mind blowing, didn’t you?

Having a pool of your own is a blessing for summer. To add some spice in it, people throw parties in their pool. It’s our pleasure to help you out by giving some ideas.

You will throw a great party ahead, good luck!

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