6 Awesome Pool Fence Ideas

Pool Fence IdeasHaving a pool at home is a blessing, and it is usual to jump into the pool during the hot summer day. However, accidents can occur at any time if you do not take proper protection. During planning the pool, you might invest a lot of money in the equipment and chemicals, but spending a little more bucks to build a pool safety fence could save you from any unwanted accidents.

The fence will not only protect you from having any accidents but also gives an aesthetic view of your pool. However, there are different types and styles of fences you can use around the pool. In this article, you will find five different types of pool fence ideas that you can use for yo protection and aesthetic purpose.

6 Awesome Pool Fence Ideas


1. Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is known for its flexible and easy design for construction. It also comes in high quality and durability. You can use a vinyl fence alongside your pool, which will add more color, texture, and design to the site. Besides, you can make it as a backdrop wall of your pool area. However, vinyl fences are durable; weather and climate don’t affect it so much that it can stay up to more than five years.


2. Mesh Fence

Mesh fence is technically made for a pool as it’s durable, safe, removable, versatile, and cost-effective. This type of fence is also very popular among the owner because of its rust-free and robust material. It also gives you an exact look, and there is no hustle to clean it every day. Mesh fence also prevents your kids and pets from climbing up.


3. Glass fence

If you are looking for protection with elegance, then you can go to the glass fence. It will not only give you an ultra-modern posh look but also broaden the pool area with maximum protection. The illusion of invisibility will provide a stylistic look of your pool area. Glass fence is easy to clean and long-lasting. However, it would be best if you used a glass fence for the indoor pool, and it is the best fence for around a pool.


4. Aluminum Fence

This classy and superior looking aluminum fence can do its job very effectively. Most of the pool owners are highly influenced by its look and versatility. This type of fence can blend easily with your home decor, which is why you don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover, it has a vast range of styles, designs, and textures. Additionally, its high versatility makes it more famous and popular among the house owners.


5. Bamboo fence

If you want to give a tropical Asian vibe inside your property, you can easily go for bamboo pool fences. This kind of fence is very lightweight, cost-friendly, and versatile. You can make the fence in any design and shape. Also, you don’t need to give any unique finish to it. However, the drawback of this fence is that it hides the view of your pool and makes the area smaller than before.


6. Wooden pool fence

If you want a simple, effective, and cost-friendly fence for your pool, then you can easily go for a wooden fence. The installation of this pool is effortless and very cheap. However, there are some disadvantages of wooden pool fences that you might have. This type of pool fence is not durable. You need to add different kinds of finishes to make it stable, long-lasting, and waterproof. Furthermore, you can use it as a backdrop for your pool area.


The minimum cost for fencing around the pool

The cost of the fence depends on the size and the material of the fence. Generally, it will take $2000- $10000 to purchase all the materials and installation. Chain and mesh will cost around $1000-$1500; on the other hand, vinyl, wood, and glass will cost around $2000-$12000.


Cheapest pool fence on the list

Suppose you feel like you will go for the cheapest and inexpensive pool fence, then choose chain links. Chain links will cost about $8 per foot. It is expensive, durable, and easy to install. However, people can easily climb up by these chain links.


Safest pool fence

Mesh pool fence is known as one of the safest pool fences as it is made for the pool. Its durability, removal ability, and flexibility make it safe and strong. Additionally, you may also add a pool safety net for extra protection.


Investing in the fence is a smart choice. It will prevent you from any accidents as well as gives a new look to your pool area.


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