Pool Clarifier vs. Pool Flocculant: What is the Difference?

Pool Clarifier vs. Pool FlocculantClarifier or Flocculants!! Which one will be better?? This question comes to your mind whenever you think about your pool.

You can use both to clean the cloudiness of your pool.

Yet, to know which one will be better for your pool, you can have a look at our article.

What is a Clarifier?

Your filter is often unable to clean a cloudy pool. The junk sometimes comes back from the filter’s medium and goes straight back into the water. To solve this problem, you can use a pool clarifier. It will gather tiny particles and bacteria together in your pool so that your filter can clear them

How to Use a Pool Clarifier?

Clean algae- At first, you need to clean algae if it is situated in your pool.

Check PH balance- You have to balance the pH in your pool between 7.4 and 7.6.

Measure the volume- Check your pool’s volume with a pool calculator.

Add clarifier- According to your pool’s volume, you have to add the correct amount of clarifier.

Run your filter- Run and clean your pool’s filter until you find clear water.

Pool Clarifier Benefits

Pool clarifiers can be beneficial for you in various ways.

Lessen workload- It will lessen your workload. Add the pool clarifier into your pool and wait. It will do its job. You do not have to put in the extra effort.

Remove mild cloudiness- It will clear the mild cloudiness of your pool. Though you can swim in the mild cloudiness, yet it will irritate your eyes sometimes. So it is better to get the help of a clarifier.

Save unnecessary water wastage- It will assist your filter to work better. So, you do not need to remove any water from the pool. And you can save water by this.

Has different usage- Pool clarifiers have unique use. It will help your water a little boost to look shinier. Even when the pool is not cloudy, you can still add a clarifier so the look extra sparkly.

Pool Clarifier Drawbacks

Though having so many benefits, yet it has some drawbacks.

Ideal for sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters

It is beneficial to bypass the filter when you remove the clumped particles. DE filters contain multiport valves with a “Waste” setting.

Pool Flocculant Drawbacks

Just like a clarifier, having so many benefits, yet it has some drawbacks.

More work on your part

You have to remove all the clumps after gathering them from the pool with a manual pool vacuum.

Less pool water

You need to add more water to the pool. When you vacuum the clumps out, it will decrease the water level. So, you have to fill up the empty place.

Which one is better?

Both clarifier and Flocculant work well for cleaning the cloudy pool. The only difference is time. Suppose you have enough time to use a clarifier instead of flocculants. And if you have a pool party the next day, use flocculant, as it works quickly. However, It’s completely up to you. Depending on the situation, you may decide which one to choose.

Works slowly

It is not a magical product that will clean your pool within a few seconds. However, you have to give it two or three days, depending on the amount of cloudiness.

Clean the filter

You may need to clean the filter after the clarifier finishes its work as the tiny particles will be stuck in the filter.

What is Flocculent?

You can add Flocculant when the pool clarifier is not working. Flocculant is the better version of the pool clarifier. We also know it as pool floc. And this chemical removes larger clumps that you cannot remove by your pool filter.

How to Use Pool Flocculant?

The usage system of Pool Flocculant is similar to the clarifier.

Turn on the pool filter- At first, you have to turn your sand or DE filter’s multiport valve.

Check PH balance- Just like a clarifier, set balance the pH in your pool between 7.4 and 7.6.

Check pool chemistry- Check your pool’s chemistry; if it has any error, fix it.

Add the Flocculant- Now add the Flocculant in your pool, make sure about the correct amount. Do not use too much Flocculant on the pool. You can check the instructions on the packet before starting.

Run your pump- Now, for two hours, run your pool’s pump; it will circulate the Flocculant into the water.

Give the pool rest for 8 hours- Now give your pool a long 8 hours rest to set.

Vacuum your pool and test water level- Finally, vacuum your pool, and for surety, test the water level before swimming.

Pool Flocculant Benefits

Work quickly

You do not need to wait two or three days like a clarifier to remove all the cloudiness. Flocculant will do its job within some hours.

More effective

The pool flocculant process is more effective as it clumps those particles together. And the particles will be together until you remove them.

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