What Pool Chemicals Do I Need for Closing an Intex Pool?

What Pool Chemicals Do I Need for Closing an Intex Pool? After chilling a lot during the whole summer in your favorite Intex pool when the weather turns into a chilly one, you need to get rid of it. You can’t lay it outside during the heavy snowfall, right? Again, many different issues may arise that can lead you to close your Intex pool for an indefinite period. Before closing an Intex pool, you need to make some serious preparations, and also bring some factors into consideration. You also have to know the required Intex Pool Closing Chemicals before winterizing or closing it. Here, you’ll get a detailed idea.


Closing/Winterizing an Intex Pool

Intex pools are made with lightweight materials that actually makes them quite easier to set up. But, at the same time, this feature can suffer you during the winter due to its fragile nature. Excessive chilling conditions and icefall may rupture the pool lining temporarily or on a permanent basis. That’s some mess you would always want to avoid.

Closing or winterizing your Intex pool associates, removing its related equipment, drying out all pipes that are vulnerable to freezing temperatures, adding some extra Pool Closing chemicals to keep pool water free from algae, mold or bacteria outgrowth, etc.


When to Close Your Intex Pool

Usually, the Intex Pool manufacturers recommend draining or dissembling your pool when your area temperature gets dropped to 41-degree Fahrenheit or below that. To be more cautious, you may close or winterize your pool at some safer range like 50-degree. Don’t wait till you get any weather alert. Why mess with your fancy pool, right?


Essential Intex Pool Closing Chemicals

Closing the Intex pool isn’t a difficult task at all. All you need is proper prior preparations and arrangements to do the work. The necessary Pool Closing Chemicals that you need to include into your Pool Closing Kit are as follow:

Non-chlorine Pool Shock

The other Intex Pool Winterizing Chemicals may get broken down if you use the regular chlorine shock. So, avoid it and go for the Non-Chlorine one instead. This shock will break apart the chloramines and thus increase your pool chlorine level sharply to kill the all-damaging pathogens of the swimming pool like algae, bacteria, and other contaminants. Then, you can be able to close your pool for an extended period.

Winter Algaecide

After making your pool’s chlorine level lowered to below 4 ppm (parts per million), add your Pool Winter Algaecide. It’s a very effective way to target and stop the growth of any type of pool algae. This Intex Pool Closing Chemical is effective for up to 5 months. So, if you winterize your Intex Pool during the entire winter season, this chemical would be a very handy one for sure.

Metal and Stain Control

Your pool surfaces will get stains due to metallic oxidation of elements like Iron and Copper. This Pool Closing Chemical will help your pool by preventing those stains. Again, they stop calcium minerals and other salts from doing further pool water contamination. Pool Scale, Metal, and Stain Controlling Chemicals are powerful enough to prevent any mineral scale from growing in your Intex pool during the entire chilly season.

pH Increaser

Another really important Intex Pool Closing Essential is to make sure whether the pool’s pH level is at the perfect level so that all chemicals could effectively work. This range should be between 7.2~7.6. These chemicals allow pool water to rectify its acidic nature and slow down the quick dissipation of chlorine into it.

Calcium Increaser

Usually, the recommended Calcium level in any pool is somewhere between 200 to 400 ppm. You can increase this level by simply using a Calcium Increase to raise the hardness level of the pool’s water before closing your Intex Pool. It will thus prevent the pool equipment from breaking and also refrain the metallic stains from showing up. These are regular phenomena occurring in soft water.

Alkalinity Increaser

The optimal level of Alkalinity in the Intex Pool varies from 80 to 120 ppm usually. If your pool doesn’t have to belong to such a range, you would need to raise the level by adding an Alkalinity Increaser Chemical like HTH Alkalinity Up pods. They are basically designed to add directly to the skimmer or spread them throughout your above ground Intex Pool before closing or winterizing it.


Intex Pool Closing Accessories

You also need to be prepared with some Pool Closing Essentials, said accessories like pool water testing kit, winter pool cover, skimmer, vacuum, winterizing air pillow, etc., to make your Intex Pool Closing even easier.


Final Thoughts

Pool Closing Chemicals are an important part of your entire pool closing or winterizing process. If you can do this part properly, in the spring, you’ll get all things going easily with no hassles. Using Right Pool Closing Chemicals will also allow you to prevent unnecessary maintenance and repair costing.



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