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How to Repair Plaster in a Pool Whether It’s Empty or Full

You don’t just always swim in your swimming pool, and sometimes you walk, sometimes you stand, sometimes you might even dance while having a pool party. If you have a plaster problem in your pool, you would not be able to do the standing or walking smoothly in your pool. The smooth tiles or vinyl …

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Sodium Bisulfate in Your Pool: The Definitive Guide

Being a pool owner, it is important to know about the chemicals which are regularly needed for the swimming pool. The want of a clean and clear swimming pool is universal. Popular chemicals like Sodium Bisulfate, Muriatic Acid helps the pool owner to maintain the pool. If you find any chemical imbalance in your swimming …

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A Complete Guide To Muriatic Acid In Your Pool

Along with other chemistry, Muriatic acid also plays a vital role in the maintenance swimming pool. Muriatic acid is one of those chemicals produced in the human stomach also to digest food. It assists in breaking down the existing bacteria. Pool owners often need to use Muriatic acid in the pool to reduce the current …

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Breaking Chlorine Lock: The Definitive Guide

A swimming pool is a place to relax and chill in your leisure time. Chlorine lock is not something that you desire to have in your swimming pool. Thousands of swimming pool owners face the same problem. Do not turn it to be your worst nightmare. Our article will help you out to deal with …

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A Beginners Guide To Saltwater Pools

If you are thinking to renovate your old chlorinate pool into something new, try a saltwater pool. Saltwater pool is getting popular day by day as it is safe and easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is healthy and good for your skin. Here is a detailed guide about the saltwater pool you …

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8 Best Ways To Make Your Pool Safer

Before diving into the blue pool water, you need to make the pool safer for you and others. Pool safety is essential if you have any children and pets in your house. These 8 ways of pool safety can be handy in terms of pool safety. Read this article and save your energy and time …

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How to Acid Wash a Pool?

How to Acid Wash a Pool

When you see your pool looks dull, and scrubbing and vacuuming are not even getting it totally cleaned, you need to search for how to acid wash a pool. After reading this entire article from beginning to end, you will understand the effective ways to acid wash your pool. However, working with acid can be …

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How Much Sodium Bicarbonate to Raise Alkalinity in Pool?

When you have a pool, you need to maintain the quality of pool water. In addition to maintaining water quality, you need to know how much sodium bicarbonate to raise alkalinity in pool. For people who are concerned about raising alkalinity in the pool, this article will provide a brief explanation about how you can …

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