A Complete Guide To Muriatic Acid In Your Pool

Muriatic Acid In Your PoolAlong with other chemistry, Muriatic acid also plays a vital role in the maintenance swimming pool. Muriatic acid is one of those chemicals produced in the human stomach also to digest food.

It assists in breaking down the existing bacteria. Pool owners often need to use Muriatic acid in the pool to reduce the current pH level of the water.

But while using Muriatic acid, they need to be a bit careful as it is highly corrosive.

What is Muriatic Acid?

A diluted formula of hydrochloric acid is popularly known as Muriatic acid. Moreover, Muriatic acid is easily available at most house improvement stores, and mostly. It helps to clean “efflorescence”, rust, and stain from various objects like bricks, concrete, rock, and so on. On the other hand, Muriatic acid is also popular in pool supply stores also for removing stains. Pool owners often use Muriatic acid to cut down high alkalinity from the swimming pool or make the pH lower in the pool water. It also helps to get away from the calcium deposits and clears the surface level of your swimming pool.


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The Reason to Add Muriatic Acid to the Pool


The pH balance plays an important role in preserving the water of your swimming pool. However, due to various reasons like rain, the unbalanced temperature of the sun, the way people swim in the pool, pH gets unbalanced. For example, the ideal pH level for any swimming pool is between 7.2-7.8. Whenever the water level removes from this pH level, this can be the reason for worry. Because the water becomes quite acidic, and your swimming pool can face a lot of problems due to that.

Again, when the pH level rises from 7.8, it is a high chance for your swimming pool to cover with too much alkaline. Though the water covered with alkaline is not as dangerous as acidic water, yet it is always better to avoid this kind of situation. For example, alkaline can make the water more cloudy, and the swimmers will get uncomfortable swimming in the cloudy water.

So, to quickly fix the pH level of the swimming pool, it is appropriate to use Muriatic acid. It will work as a pH balancer.

How to Add Muriatic Acid to the Swimming Pool?

A Complete Guide To Muriatic Acid In Your Pool 1

Whenever you notice imbalanced chemistry in the swimming pool, it is always better to take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Muriatic Acid can work as a solution. But there are some necessary steps that you should follow to add the acid to the pool work. The details have been mentioned below:

Test the Swimming Pool’s pH Level

Whenever you notice any abnormal feature in your swimming pool, it will be better to test the water level. The ideal pH level of any swimming pool is 7.2-7.8. Use a stripe to test the water, and the strips are available in any nearby pool accessories shop. For preparing the pool to test, do not forget to turn off the pool pump.

Wear Protective Gloves

As you are dealing with acid, it is very important to take the necessary precautions. For that, do not forget to wear your protective gear. If you do not give enough attention or make any kind of mistake, you can get hurt by the Muriatic Acid. So, it is better to be careful from the beginning.

A Complete Guide To Muriatic Acid In Your Pool 2

Mix the Solution

The most difficult part is to prepare the solution. First, choose a bucket that is safe to use Muriatic Acid. Do a little bit of research if needed. Remember, the solution needs a 5-gallon bucket of freshwater. Now add the acid in the freshwater. Be careful and stir with the help of a wooden stick.

Turn on the Swimming Pool

Before putting the solution in the water, turn on the swimming pool. Make sure that the water is running and circulated well in the pool water.

Add the Muriatic Acid

After taking enough precautions, you can add the solution to the water. Try to put the acid slowly in the water for your own safety. Otherwise, there is a high chance of burning the skin.

Test the Water again

You have to wait for a couple of hours, then check the water level again. If now the pH level is fine, the pool is ready to swim again after putting in the acid.


Muriatic Acid certainly saves time to clean the swimming pool. There is no need to scrub the algae or put extra effort. But it is also really important to take care of the safety before starting to use the acid. Be careful, do a little bit of research, and our article is also here to help you out.

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