How to keep frogs Out of Your Pool?

keep frogs Out of Your Pool I don’t know about you, but personally, the most disgusting pool related experience is having frogs in the pool. Frogs don’t differentiate between a local pond and your luxury pool. But once frogs hop into your pool water, they can’t get out at all. They try and try, eventually getting drowned to be dead. Once they’re dead, more troubles are coming for you.

You don’t want to see dead frogs floating in the water in, first place. Moreover, a bloated dead frog body is a potential source of microorganisms that might surround your entire pool. To avoid any such consequence, you’ve to learn first how to keep frogs out of your pool. Let’s learn some basic techniques that can keep your work simple.

Why do you need to avoid frogs from the pool?

Frogs can do you a favor, like eating all flying pool insects and keep your pool pest-free. Moreover, almost all frogs are poison-less. So, you might be thinking, what’s the necessity of getting rid of frogs from your pool?

Obviously, there are some reasons. Let’s know about them.

Frogs may start laying eggs

Frogs in your pool will lay their eggs in water. Your pool water can be a perfect spot for them to start their reproduction system. A single female frog is even capable of laying 50000 eggs at a single time! These newly formed eggs will form a jelly-like cloud and suspend in your pool. If you see a lot of tiny particles floating on the water, then they’re frog eggs.

Frogs may even die in the pool

Frogs getting into your pool won’t get themselves out of it so easily. They can’t jump out of the pool or follow the steps. The next morning, you might find the corpse of a frog floating around your pool or discover its dead body in the pool skimmer. It’s really a gross thing to experience.

How to keep frogs away from your pool?

Following some basic techniques is enough to fend off frogs from your pool.

Installation of pool fence

How to keep frogs Out of Your Pool? 1

If you can install a pool fence, it can certainly give your pool more safety. It can prevent almost all critters from getting their way into the pool water, including frogs. Avoid fences like chain links or iron bars as frogs can easily pass through these. It’s better to use solid vinyl or wooden fencing.

Using a pool cover

intex pool cover

The simplest method to protect your pool from any buggeris to use a pool cover. It can prevent frogs, as well. You will get a solid vinyl pool cover at any local pool supply shop. There are also mesh safety covers, as well. The metal anchors of the cover safely lock and keep it tight in place. Make sure there’s no gap through which the frog can pass through.

Turning off the light

Light naturally attracts insects, eventually attracting their predators, frogs. If you keep your pool light on all night long, in the morning, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it filled with insects or few frogs. So, try to turn it off at night.

Using escape ramp

Escape ramp or exit ramp, like frog log, is a very effective tiny animal repelling device that can also keep frogs out of your pool. Just hang one of these over your pool edge and see frogs scramble out.

Making your own frog repellent

You can make frog repellent as one of your DIY projects. Make a spray bottle filled with vinegar or citric acid and squirt all over the pool edges. These chemicals will make a burning sensation for the frogs and repel them. You can also add saltwater in the pool or spray bleaching solution around the pool to repulse frogs. Coffee will do the same trick. But, don’t use ammonia, as it’ll kill frogs and add more burdens for you.

Mowing regularly

In order to get rid of frogs in the pool, you’d need to mow the lawn regularly. Tallgrass, weeds patches, large rocks, stacked woods, etc., are the perfect hideout for the frogs and other amphibians. You need to clear them out.

Maintain proper pool circulation

Frogs lay their eggs in still water. If you can plant a pool fountain, the water will circulate, and frogs of your pool will runoff.

Keep the pool heated

Water absorbs oxygen from the water through their skin. Less oxygen is present in hot water. If you can arrange that, it will automatically make the frogs of your pool leave.


Frogs in your pool is a great burden against which you’d need to take steps and resolve immediately. Your pool is a significant part of your home’s beauty. You don’t want to hamper it due to some nuisance in your pool. Also, the health issues of your entire family depend on the cleanliness of your pool. Keep your pool clean, and it’s enough to repulse all frogs off your pool. Happy Swimming!

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