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Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump Review

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump ReviewIntex had introduced a number of pool pumps throughout the recent few years. There are pumps for pools as small as 600 gallons, and there are bigger ones such as 15,200-gallon pool pumps.

The model that we are going to talk about today is the brand’s one of the most popular ones- the Intex 28633EG. It’s a clear cartridge pool pump made for medium to big pools.

The product has got a pumping technology that’s unique from other brands, and it is able to deliver a constant flow of clear, negative-ion rich water flow.

So, would it be a good value for money, or it’s just an over-the-top model like many? We’ve got these answers covered in this  Review.

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools


Product Specification

  • Brand and Model: Intex 633T.
  • Pump flow rate: 2500 gallons/hour.
  • System flow rate: 1900 gallons/hour.
  • Operating voltage: 110 to 120V.
  • Insulation type: Double insulation.
  • GFCI availability: Yes.
  • Pool type: Above ground only.
  • Pool capacity: 15,200 gallons max.
  • Cartridge type: Type B only.
  • Auto timer: yes.
  • Auto timer timespan: 2 to 12 hours.
  • Flush valve type: Sediment.
  • Cartridge is replaceable or not: Replaceable.

Features and Benefits

Powered By Intex’s Very Own Technology

It’s a rare scenario among pool pump brands to innovate their pumps with custom technology. But Intex seems to break the barrier over here.

In this Intex 28633EG, they have used the Hydro Aeration technology, which seems to transform the entire industry of the above ground pool pump regime.


Better Water Circular and Filtration

Using a pool pump is not only about fetching water in and out. To keep a role-playing in the water quality as well, the Intex 28633EG ensures a clean and more flowing water stream into your pool.

Throughout the Hydro aeration technology, the fine particles in the water tend to settle down into the bottom of the pool. It ensures both clean water and easy-to-clean scheme through the filtration system.


Better Water Quality

Won’t you love it when your pool pump does the bonus work of keeping your water quality good? Of course, you would. To put a smile on your face, the Intex 28633EG mixes air with water and induces oxidation of metal particles like iron and manganese.

So, what benefit does it give? Well, this leaves the water with an abundance of negative ions while pumped in. Therefore, it looks fresh and provides a sparkling aesthetics that everyone is bound to fall in love with.


Better Than Any Sibling Model

There is an array of above ground pool pumps that are close to each other and are from the inventory of Intex. But the Intex 28633EG seems to be a stand out one for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s the pump flow rate and system flow rate, which are 2500 gallons/hour and 1900 gallons/hour respectively. While other smaller models have got a pump flow rate of 1000 gallons/hour and 1500 gallons/hour. The respective system flow rate also stands below what our Intex 28633EG does.


A Right Suit for Pools up to 15,200 Gallons

As long as it’s about above ground pool pumps, there are not so many models that can cover pools above 12,000 gallons. At least, as long as the price-quality ratio is concerned, the list won’t be that long.

But the product that we’re talking about, is way above that bar. It can pump water from pools of 15,200 gallons of water capacity. That’s great news for you if you’ve ended up with a big pool and hardly be happy with any other pool pump.


Easy to Install, Maintain and Clean

The last but not the least good thing that we’ve got with this pump is it’s usability. Starting from installing to cleaning or replacing the cartridge, it’s handy for even someone who has not done it before.

To give you a cherry on the top, there is an auto timer that can cycle within 2 to 12 hours based on your usage of the pool. To clean it when needed, there is a sediment flasher along with a replaceable filter cartridge.



  • It can pump 2500 gallons of water in every hour.
  • Suits pools of up to 15,200 gallons of water capacity.
  • Powered by Intex’s very own Hydro aeration technology.
  • Enrich water with negative ions.
  • Delivers sparkling pool water that looks great.
  • Better air circulation through the water pumped.
  • Easy to clean the water delivery system.
  • Easy to set up and clean.
  • It comes with a replaceable cartridge of Type B.


  • Type B replacement cartridge only.
  • Can be a waste of money for small pools.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: What kind of flash valve does this model sport?

Answer: It has got a sediment type flush valve.


Question: Is the filter cartridge removable?

Answer: As it’s meant for long term use, you can clean or replace the filter cartridge.


Question: What kind of fitting it has got?

Answer: Using the hydro aeration technology, you can go with the inlet fitting that’s inside the model.


Question: What are the minimum and maximum pool size that can be covered by the Intex 28633EG?

Answer: The maximum pool size that it can cover is 15,200 gallons and the minimum size stands to be 4000 gallons.


Question: What is the type of replacement cartridge in this model?

Answer: Although there are both type A and B cartridges in other sibling models, this one comes up with only Type B replacement cartridges.


Bottom Line

Thanks for being with the Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump Review till the bottom. We have tried to break the features up and make it easy to decide whether this pool pump is a good fit for you or not.

In case you won’t mind adding some extra bucks in the budget for your above ground pool pump, this model from Intex can provide you with a great value for the money.

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