Pool Jets and the Importance of Pool Circulation

 Importance of Pool Circulation

Swimming pool jets play an important role in your luxurious pool time as it controls your swimming pool’s water movement. However, swimming pools are not only essential for your favorite time passing it is also good to keep your body and mind fit.

Moreover, for that reason, keeping your pool water circulating is essential. Keep the water moving and moving. And let your swimming pool water crystal clear.

How do pool jets work?

Definitely, pool jets release water back into the swimming pool when the water passes through the filtration system. When you turn on the jet, it helps the water to come back into the swimming pool. Sure, they put the water back into the swimming pool.

But those pool return jets also help distribute chemicals through the water.

Why is Pool Circulation Important?

Without that pool circulation, the water would quickly grow algae, collect dirt, and not be anything you wanted to swim in. The circulation works like food for your pool. So understanding the pool circulation system is a must if you own a pool.

How Does Pool Circulation Work?

Pool circulation works in several ways, following are those.

Water Flows Out of the Pool

Like everything else, pool water also works systematically. Through the skimmer, the rectangular port with the flap door in the pool wall, your pool pump absorbs the water from the swimming pool.

Water Flows through the Pump and Filter

The water will pass through the pump and filter when the pump will suck it out of the swimming pool. Then, the filter of the swimming pool cleans all the debris, even the smallest contaminants from the pool. That’s why continuous water circulation is essential for your swimming pool.

Water Flows Back into the Pool

Several pools have multiple jets and skimmers. The little round holes in the swimming pool wall push the water through the pool jet when the water passes through the filter. A direct water flow is all you need to create a pool circulation. You can adjust the multi-directional pool jets. However, if your pool jet is not adjustable, you have to get a new jet fitting.

How to Improve Pool Circulation?

Undoubtedly, your pool circulation is essential to have healthy pool water. So, point your return jets in a direction that will circulate the water in your pool. Pool circulation helps to solve various problems of your pool as well.

Spot Dead Areas

Dead areas are those spots in your pool that have poor circulation. If you own a swimming pool, you have to deal with them. It can be behind the ladder, in and around pool steps, or in the cracks, corners, crevices, or underneath the skimmer. To prevent the spots, regular brushing is essential. Manually take care of them to prevent future difficulties.

Brush the Pool

Indeed, one of the major parts of pool circulation is brushing the pool. Regular brushing will help you to deal with a few dead spots, so practicing good circulation also includes brushing your pool. While brushing dead areas, as well as the rest of the pool, helps to break up debris or microorganisms like algae.

Clear Filter

Messy filter can clog your pool filter. So, the filter tank needs to be clean. After cleaning the pump, you need to restart the pump, and when you find the dirty water, just turn off the pump. Finally, turn off the pump and set the filter, and restart.

How often should pool water circulate?

Water circulation is completely up to you. Regular circulation will definitely help you overcome long time hassle. If you circulate the water once a day, it will undoubtedly keep all the water in the pool clean and clear. This process is also known as the turnover rate.

Pool circulation helps a lot to keep a clean pool, and you should maintain it to have less difficulty in the future. Run the pump daily and maintain proper jet settings.

Finally, keep an eye on your pool, maintain it regularly so that you can enjoy your leisure time in your pool with your family and friends.


Pool jets are a must-have tool for your pool, as the pool water needs to be circulated. Unlike a pond or river, your pool water doesn’t move or circulate independently, so the pool jets come in handy to save your pool from algae, dirt, or any flying elements. So, make sure you have installed a pool jet in your pool to get better water.

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