How to Use a Pool Pillow with Your Winter Cover

Swimline Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net Top CoverIn the season of winter, people hardly use their swimming pool as it becomes a frozen lake. This is actually harmful to your pool. That is why you need to cover your pool for the winter with a pool cover. Even heavy rain causes damage to your pool.

So, it requires covering in the time of rain too. But you cannot just directly cover your pool with a pool cover because the cover won’t stay like that for long without any support.

A pool pillow provides the necessary support a pool cover needs to stay on your pool for the winter.

Features and functions of a pool pillow

A pool pillow is also known as an ice compensator. A pool pillow is obviously not like your regular pillow. A pool air pillow is a vinyl inflatable floating support device that is mostly used to close an above ground pool in the winter. It is placed right in the center of a pool to provide the pool the balance it needs.

The pool water turns into an ice pool in the winter. Leaving the pool open through the whole winter and not controlling the process of water to ice and ice to water damages the pool. Covering the pool with a pool pillow and cover will decrease the chances of pool damage. Pool cover and pool pillow can save the pool from heavy rainfall and storm, too, as these can also cause severe damage to your pool. Pool pillow is used as a shield for the pool during winter, snow, storms, heavy rain, etc.

A pool pillow helps to create an empty space in between the pool water and cover. For that, when the pool is frozen and melt again, there is enough space to release the water pressure, and the pool and surface and the pool cover are unharmed.

How to use a Pool Pillow with Winter Cover?

For installing the pool pillow properly, you must remember to set the cover in a way so that it can drape over the air pillow but can still touch the water surface. Also, you must be careful about the fact that pool pillows should only be blown up to 80%. Leaving some void space will allow firmness when the device grips the ice extension in case of below temperatures.

The user procedure of pool pillow step by step is-

  • Fill up the pool pillow 80% capacity with an air pump
  • Tie a sturdy but shrill rope to your pool pillow using the attached grommets, which are given with the pool pillow
  • There is another option of Velcro for placing the pool pillow in the center. For that, you need to attach a piece of Velcro with the device and another part directly to the center of your pool cover center.
  • Now secure the pool pillow by tying the pillow strings with the edge of the pool surface. Make sure to keep the strings a bit loose.
  • If the pool pillow flips, you should not flip it back with something sharp but something edgeless because a sharp stick can create holes in the pool pillow, and you’ll need to reinstall everything.


Can you use pool pillows for in ground pools?

Yes. You can use pool pillows for in-ground pools as well as above-ground pools.

How long is it needed to keep the winter pool pillow?

It is recommended to keep your pool covered with a cover and a pool pillow before winter when it is 55 degrees and until the temperature rises to 70 degrees after winter.

Are the size of pool pillows different for different pool sizes?

Yes. Different pool sizes require different pool covers. For example- it is suggested by experts to use 4 x 8, Air Pillow, on pools 28′ and plus for small oval-shaped pools and 4 x 15 Air Pillow on Large 15 x 30 and larger oval-shaped above ground pools.


A pool pillow is a very important device for the pool-owners to maintain their pool. In spite of being a very simple and easy device, it is quite effective. If you can follow the procedure of using a pool pillow and cover properly, your swimming pool will stay protected throughout the winter, rain, and storm.

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