How to Remove Pool Liner Wrinkles?

How to Remove Pool Liner WrinklesPool liners are used for covering the concrete or tile surface of in-ground pools completely. It gives the pool a fashionable decorative look and saves the pool’s concrete or tile walls from getting dirty easily or getting scratches on the walls. Wrinkles in the pool liner wall can appear as little bumps in your vinyl pool liner wall.

If you own an in-ground pool, you might have already faced the problem of having vinyl liner wrinkles. Pool liner wrinkles are the misplacement or bumps found in the vinyl surface of your in-ground pool. Pool liner wrinkle does not only destroy the cool fashionable look of the pool but also increases the risk of accidents as you might trip by stepping on a wrinkled area of your pool floor.

Causes of Pool liner Wrinkles

Pool liners can last for 7-10 years, but it will not last this long if you do not fix the pool wrinkles in time. Even if you maintain regular check-ups on your pool, you can still get pool liner wrinkles. There are many reasons for getting pool liner wrinkles on the pool surface.

Here are some common reasons for getting pool liner wrinkles on your in-ground pool-

Heavy Rainfall

Continuous heavy rainfall is the most common reason for pool liner wrinkles after rain. Heavy rainfall overflows the swimming pool for the time being. When the pool water is returned to its regular quantity after rain, it leaves pool liner wrinkles in the pool walls and especially on the underwater surface.

Thin or Wrong-sized Pool liner

Pool liners are usually made with vinyl, and they are likely to get wrinkled easily. That is why, without being extra careful, you can get pool wrinkles when installing the pool liner. For that, you must make sure to get the correct sized and thick enough pool liner as your pool surface.

Wrong Water PH Balance

If the water PH level is lower than the pool’s regular standard level, then the pool liner can get wrinkles. A lower PH level makes the liner absorb more chemicals. This leads to stretches and wrinkles.

Pool Chemical Imbalance

Sometimes pool liner wrinkles are caused by chemicals too. A lot of chemicals are used in the pool to maintain it, like- chlorine. If the chemical is given more than the standard level, the extra chemical causes wrinkles in the pool liner.

How to remove Pool Liner Wrinkles?

There are a lot of things you can do to remove pool wrinkles. But every method will work better in warm water (above 90 degrees). So warm up your water, and then you can follow the steps below-

Keep your Pool Full

If the pool water does not fill up your pool completely, then the vinyl liner starts to stretch. This causes liner wrinkles. So, you must always keep your pool filled up so that your pool liner does not get wrinkled.

Pool Water Balance Standard

The standard pH level of water balance is between 7 and 7.6. Make sure it always remains that way.

Use a new toilet Plunger

For following this method, you must remove half of the pool water first. Then you have to climb down the pool barefoot with a new toilet plunger. Then you have to use it as a suction tool. But you should place the plunger beside the liner wrinkles, not directly on the wrinkles.

Empty your pool

If there are too many wrinkles on your pool liner, it will be impossible to repair the pool liner. In that case, you have to empty your pool and install a new pool liner.

Check for leaks

If there are any kind of water leaks or any dirt stuck in your pool’s drainage system, this may cause pool liners wrinkles too, as this will make the water pH level and chemicals imbalanced. So, it is important to check for leaks or dirt in drainage regularly, and if found, cleaning them immediately will save your pool from getting pool liner wrinkles.

Seek for expert help

If you can not do any of the following steps or you find none of the following steps working, you should seek help from pool experts.



Pool liner wrinkle is a common problem for in-ground pool owners. But it is not that hard or neither impossible to fix and prevent. If you are careful, you can prevent your pool from getting pool liner wrinkles. It is surely better to prevent it in the first place. And if you can prevent your pool liner from getting wrinkles, you can enjoy your pool for 7-10 years without any hassle.

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