How to Refill Your Pool Water on The Cheap?

If you own a pool, your pool might need a refill anytime due to moving out or because the pool water purifier stopped working. Or ever the pool’s sidewall required a fix. You may need to refill if the water has reached its bottom, for the fat friend of yours was showing off his talents by jumping in the pool from a surface with a high jump and made a huge splash. Sometimes evaporation of the pool water in summer can empty your pool, and you need to refill it. Whatever the reason might be, filling up a pool costs you a lot. However, there are cheap ways to refill the pool water. Let’s find out.

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What Does it Mean to Refill Your Swimming Pool on the Cheap?

How to Refill Your Pool Water on The Cheap

If you are refilling your pool for the first time, there are a lot of things you must keep in mind. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending way more than you should have for refilling your pool. Refilling your pool water at a low price is possible if you are aware of a few things about refilling a swimming pool. This article is for the people who have zero ideas about the funding for refilling their swimming pool.

Refilling Your Pool Water

If you thought building a swimming pool and basic maintenance is enough for you to enjoy your pool for a long time, you are wrong. You will often find the need to refill your pool if your pool does not contain enough water to make it look full or if the water becomes dirty for any reason within 2-3 years after constructing one. Thus, it is necessary to know about refilling the pool at a low and reasonable price. There are a few ways to do it.

Pool Water Delivery Service

Like the food delivery system, you can get your pool water delivered now. Many companies provide pool water delivery services. This can be the best way to refill a swimming pool as this service is specialized to fill up your exact need.

Pool Water Delivery Cost

This method is easier and faster than any other method to refill your pool. However, it is a bit pricey and varies from state to state. For a volume of a 20′ x 40′, 5′ depth pool, you may need 30,000 gallons, which may cost approximately $1200. Although it is costly, it is the fastest way to refill a pool.

Outdoor Water Taps

While refilling your pool water, you might want to consider the fact of how you filled up your pool in the first place. However, it takes more than a thousand gallons of water to fill up an average sized swimming pool, and it will take forever to fill it up with a hose pipe connected to an outdoor water tap. But as silly as it seems, this can be a way to refill your pool.

The Cost may incur Filling with Hose Water

Refilling with outdoor water taps can double or maybe triple your regular water bill. Additionally, it might take 2-3 days. The water might run out while filling your pool anytime.

Water from Well

Many people have well as a source of water in their properties. They can use the water from wells to fill up their pools. But this is risky because if your well water runs out, it will create a bigger problem and will cost you more.


If you use a pump to fill up your well, then the cost will add to your electric bill. There will be no extra charges. But the electric bill might be a lot more than you usually pay.

Fire Service

Refilling your pool via fire service might seem a bit odd. In some places, fire service may offer to fill the pool; however, it is not usual. If you get the opportunity, you should grab it as it is much faster than outdoor taps and wells.

Fire Service Pool Refilling Service Cost

It depends on the location and the type of service they offer. However, fire service rarely offers pool refilling service. But, if they do, they would charge a reasonable price. You may contact the local fire department whether they offer the pool refilling service or not.

Final Thoughts

Even after proper maintenance, a pool must be refilled with water every 2-3 years. So, when you decide to fill up your pool, make sure you choose the best option that matches your expected costing and desired quality. Thus, you will be able to refill your pool water on the cheap.

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