How to Patch an Intex Pool?

How to Patch an Intex PoolThe reasons why I love Intex pools so much are because they are really easy to set up and also so simple to maintain. Due to the durable rubberized lightweight material of its constructing body, these pools are really simpler to set up and also takedown. But nothing is indestructible. After years of using and exposure to different pool chemicals, the vinyl liner of an Intex pool also can sustain tears or get holes in it. But again, patching an Intex pool is always an easier task than you might think if you know the basics of it. All you’d need is just 10 to 15 minutes of your time. This task also requires minimal supplies, as well. So, let’s just start.


When your Intex pool requires patching

The first thing you need to know is when to patch your Intex pool. It will save much of your repair time and other of your expensive pool costing. First, check for the obvious signs like any water leak or losing air from the inflatable ring. Suppose you’re covering up your pool to avoid evaporation of water. But still, continuous water loss like one or two inches per day goes on. Then it’s a very solid indication that there’s a leak on your Intex pool that needs to be patched.

Again, if the pool liner is aged 5 years or more than that, it needs some patching immediately. Another thing to consider is the size of the leak or tear. If the hole is like 2-inch, then it’s patching worthy. But, patching a pool tear that’s around 5-inch in size will cause you much stress, and again it mightn’t be fixed for very long. Getting a new Intex pool rather than patching it will be a better idea in that case.


How to patch your Intex pool: A step-by-step guide

Let’s come to the main point, how to patch an Intex pool. As I said earlier, patching an Intex pool isn’t any tough job, even if you’re doing this for the very first time. Just follow the basic steps. See the task done after at most 15 minutes. Let’s check the steps that we’re talking about.


Step 1: Gather all necessary tools

When you purchase an Intex pool, it also comes with the Intex patching kit along with it. My suggestion for you would be to use that kit to fix pool tears. Many pool owners go for a third-party company’s repairing kit. They might not suit your pool as their focus is on several pool designs. Use yours one that’d fit best for your task. Additionally, you’d need a pair of scissors only.


Step 2: Make a thorough pool inspection

The next you need to do is check the pool parts that require patching. Determine properly whether your pool patching kit is good to go for repairing them or you need some help from some pool professional.


Step 3: Preparation for patching

Cut your Intex patching kit circularly at first. Now there’s a thumb rule for you. Always cut the patch with an inch larger diameter than the Intex hole or tear that to be covered. It ensures protection for a bit longer period.


Step 4: Attaching the patch

  • Patching underwater: If you need to patch a filled Intex pool, you need to add some patching adhesive on the patch’s rear side. Now fold it in the middle and help the gum spread. Wait for 10 minutes to make it stable. Then immerse the folded patch and place it on the faulty part. Press it firmly to cover that part entirely. Don’t let any part loosely open.
  • Patching above the water: If there’s a hole above the waterline like on the inflatable ring, squeeze a small pea-sized gum/adhesive on the patch, wait for a few minutes and then put it on the holes with proper pressure.


What if patching doesn’t work?

If your Intex pool constantly gets holes and tears, then there might be some issues that you need to work out first. First, check if the pool is leveled properly. Find out if there’s any sharp object causing any problem. If necessary, drain your pool to resolve the issue. You may also consider changing your Intex patching kit if required.


Final words

Patching the Intex pool is a snap. You can save your emoted pool if you can patch it at the right moment. Only your timely decision can ensure the longevity of your favorite intex pool.


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