How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Like an Inground Pool?

Having a backyard swimming pool in the summertime can surely bring delight but it is very costly to build one. Typically, a classic, concrete-lined swimming pool measuring 14 x 28 feet costs $30k to $50k. This is a lot of money for a small pool. A much cheaper alternative is an above-ground pool. Above-ground pools are typically about $3,000 for a circular 18-foot model and $7k to $8k for larger, top-of-the-line models. Which is a lot cheaper and affordable for anyone.

Although you can install an above ground pool most quickly and cheaply in your backyard, they have some disadvantages as well. The most obvious disadvantage is that they look unattractive. Inground pools have a more sleek, finished appearance than above ground pools. And above ground pools lack those. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to make an above ground pool look like an inground pool. This will save your money and you will get an aesthetically pleasing above ground pool. 

How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Like an Inground Pool?

Here are a few methods of making an above ground pool look like an inground pool:

1. Build Above Ground Pool in Lowest Area

A prospective above-ground pool owner should inspect his or her lawn and backyard first before building one. If your lawn or backyard has an area which is comparatively lower than the whole place, then you should build the above ground pool in that area. As a result, the pool will sink into the ground partially. This will make it look like an inground pool.

2. Bury Your Above Ground Pool

Before building an above-ground pool, you can dig into your property to place your above-ground pool in it, this will give you the complete vibe of an inground pool even you are actually building an above-ground one. By doing so, you can then reduce the amount of above-ground exposure for your pool and also match its level with other elements in the landscape. However, it is suggested to bury your pool partially instead of completely.

In-grounding an above-ground pool partially is structurally safer than letting loose soil cause it to collapse in the later stages if you need to drain the pool.

3. Add Tile Frame

Adding black mosaic tile and eye-catching uplighting will update your concrete pool that is looking a little worse for wear. This will give your above-ground pool an elegant aesthetic look. And people can hardly tell that it is actually an above-ground pool.

4. Add Deck Frame

For deck framing, you need to build the deck level with the top of the pool coping. Decks instantly raise the quality of the appearance of any swimming pool above ground. Pool decks are extremely versatile, from traditional wood treatments to eco-friendly versions made from recycled material that requires little maintenance. If you have an above-ground pool, you would normally have to use the plastic coping that comes with it, but adding a deck frame will create your own wood coping. The deck will now look much more elegant and stylish.

The overall appearance has also improved. In addition, decking can partially or entirely surround your pool, to provide a relaxing area for barbecuing or taking a dip. Although your pool will be more expensive with decking, comparisons to an inground pool still show savings.

5. Build a Solid Wall Around

Your above-ground pool might be lovely, but if you do not like the appearance of the plain wall surrounding it, then you may want to consider installing a retaining wall around it. Classical designs can be achieved using paneling, stone, or faux stone; these can add an instant sense of depth and interest. Concrete retaining walls for a minimalist-meets-industrial vibe are the perfect choice for that modern feel.

You can surround your pool with a concrete wall for the more lavish, but it will increase the cost considerably. The addition of an enclosing structure for your pool may reduce the number of materials needed if you are planning a patio remodel. Patios that are higher than ground level would normally be able to do this.

6. A Well-Planned Landscape

A cozy above-ground pool can be enhanced by lush landscaping that’s easy to maintain and highly appealing to the eye. You can plant small trees with flowers to cover the above ground pool’s outlook. To boost plant life and create a tidy look, plant ornamental plants that need little care, such as shrubs and tall grasses, at the base of each flower bed.

7. Fence Your Above Ground Pool

Adding a little creativity to an above-ground pool can make it stylish. Building a small cinderblock deck with a shade structure made of ornamental grasses next to a bright blue pool can be an excellent way to make your above ground pool like an inground one or more beautiful than the inground pools. Also, it is important to use a swimming pool fence to keep animals, children, pets, and even uninvited guests from accessing your swimming pool. Fences around swimming pools are required in most states, but the laws can vary from state to state.

8. Add Levels to Your Above Ground Pool

After you have added a wall to your above ground pool, you can build a patio around it. You can effectively segment your patio area into distinct visual sections by adding structure. As a result, your patio will appear to be divided into several spaces. In spite of being relatively close to each other, the stairway, the top level and the bottom landing will all feel like separate areas by adding levels to your above ground pool.

Those who appreciate being able to keep their spaces organized will likely be drawn to this idea. In addition to serving as a seating option, steps can also be used as stairs. You can make the area aesthetically pleasing by adding lights and painting the areas. Also, you can completely customize your patio landscape using multi-level patios. Different areas of your home can be further segmented through the addition of surfaces, creating focal points through the placement of shapes, or even altering traffic flow.

9. Build a Shade Over

With thin plywood around your pool, you can build a vintage shade. It will change the view from the aboveground pool to the inground pool. It is also possible to build a temporary shade for your pool if your location is particularly sunny and you like sunbathing during the summer months. A simple umbrella or canopy can mimic the shape of an above ground pool while providing protection from sunburns.

10. Build a Waterfall

When an above-ground pool is built with a stone splash over the deck, you can build waterfalls at a corner or specific side of the pool. This will hide the basic structure of your above ground pool and will give a pleasing serene view. This can also enhance your pool parties.

11. Add Lights

You need to consider lighting if you want to have an above-ground swimming pool that looks amazing. Many above-ground pools have lighting systems, making them attractive without adding significant expense. Similarly, landscape lighting can make a significant difference in a front yard or a patio area. A wonderfully lighted nighttime swim is made more luxurious with landscape lighting on the ground and the wall, as demonstrated above. Also, this will help you prevent accidents in the dark.

12. Mix all the Techniques

You can make an above ground pool look like an inground pool or even better by applying all the ways given above at a time. Or if you can at least go for 2-3 in one. For example- you can build a wooden deck, build the waterfall and also add lights to your pool and backyard. This will create such an aesthetic outlook. The main outdoor decor element of your backyard will become your  above ground pool when you do so.

Additionally, when it comes to pool lighting and sleek wood panels, a lap pool can double as a water feature if you’re going for a simple, minimalist aesthetic. If you want to make your above ground pool look like a resort spa, adding a bubbling fountain will instantly make it look luxurious.

Final Words

When certain details are paid attention to, above-ground pools can look just as nice as inground pools with a deck. If you decide to create an above-ground pool that looks like an inground pool, you have a number of options, from a small wooden deck to a stone wall. You can easily apply any of the techniques to make your pool aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of your guests.

But there comes more responsibilities and safety concerns by doing so. Make sure to maintain the pools.  You can easily light up candles, lanterns, string light or other soft lighting is an inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy to an outdoor oasis on a warm evening. However, make sure you extinguish all flames before you go to sleep.

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