How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Pool?

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your PoolI don’t know about you, but nothing is more irritating to me than mosquitoes larking around me and biting ceaselessly. It’s even more disturbing when I am enjoying my bathing or swimming in my favorite pool. But unfortunately, due to the humid swamp condition, mosquitoes have some certain love to keep themselves around the pool area. They are not only a disgusting, filthy little bug, but also can bring some serious health hazards like Zika Virus, Dengue, or West Nile Virus for you and your family. So, it’s a basic requirement for all pool owners to get rid of mosquitoes from their pool area. Let’s know how to do it.


Preventing mosquitoes from your pool

Targeting their life cycle

Let’s start killing your pool mosquitoes process with some biological tactics first. Mosquitoes have four stages of their life-cycle. They spend three of them, including laying eggs, turning to larvae, then becoming pupae, all happened in water. In these stages, mosquitoes don’t bite. If you can get rid of them in any of these stages, you’re free from mosquitoes.

Using pool cover

Always cover your pool whenever it’s not in use. Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs on still water. Your pool water can give them the perfect spot. Stop that from happening. The pool cover will also help in preventing water evaporation and catching up with the heat.

Dump lingering water

Mosquitoes’ eggs are capable of surviving over months. Whenever they get water, they start hatching. So, you need to dump all standing water sources to avoid such things from happening. Check your yard always, especially after a shower. Turn over spots like old tires, buckets, and other damp places. Try to change the water of fountains or wading pools immediately.

Filling up vacant tree holes

If your property has many vacant trees with holes, you need to seal them off immediately with a foam insulator. Otherwise, those holes will turn to be the birthplace for mosquitoes, insects, and many other bugs.

Maintaining pool chemistry

The best way of keeping your swimming pool mosquito-free, healthy and sound is to maintain proper pool chemistry. If your water is clean and regularly gets turned over, mosquitoes won’t be able to increase their number. Keep up with all the pool-maintenance tools like skimmer, filter, pump, etc.

Repairing your septic tank

In case your septic tanks get any cracks, pool mosquitoes will easily get into them and start breeding. Repair the cracks as fast as you can using cement. Cover all ventilation pipes up to a point so that insects can’t fly through them. If the tank covers don’t fit perfectly, you need to replace the tank cover with a solid one that can fit properly. Don’t keep anything empty.

Cleaning your property

This step is very basic, maintaining clean condition and filth-free surroundings. Remove rotting wet logs, soggy old leaves, palm fronds, pine needles, damp grass, etc., which are all potential dwellings for mosquitoes, insects, and bugs. Mow regularly and get disposed of the items. Keep your eye on places that get most frequently.

Killing techniques of mosquitoes

You need to kill the existing mosquitoes that are already habitats on your property. Following some basic techniques will remove them in a much convenient manner. Let’s take a brief look at all possible mosquito killers below:

  1. Larvicides: You can kill the mosquitoes at their larvae or pupae stage using these larvicides. You can use them in different forms like liquid, pellets, tablets, granules, etc. Place them at septic tanks, pumps, gutters, wading or non-chlorine pools, on top of pool covers, etc.
  2. Adulticides: For killing fully-grown mosquitoes, you’d need adulticides. You’ll find them as coils, sprays, aerosols, or foggers. Spray at all dark and moist parts of your pool and yard where mosquitoes hang out.
  3. Mosquito Misting Systems: Mosquito misters are an automatically programmed system that sprays insecticide through a nozzle around your household or property. It’s a very good solution to kill mosquitoes and make your perimeter secured from them. Before using them, check your state regulation regarding pesticide usage.
  4. Natural Predator Animals: If you can nurture some natural predators of mosquitoes around your yard or some other domestic part, you may eradicate mosquitoes from your pool, once and for all. Choose some harmless of such creatures so that there’s no harm intended. Dragonflies and mosquitoes fish two such examples for you.
  5. Following other methods: You may come up with a solution following some other methods like using pool enclosures or bug nets, growing bug repellent plants, using yellow bug lights or fans, placing mosquito traps, using personal insect repellents, etc. Many of them are really effective.


Bottom Line

The swimming pool is all for providing you some relaxing time. Mosquitoes at your pool can certainly ruin that moment for you. You need to be very cautious so that these little creatures won’t be a health issue for you and your family. Follow our techniques and enjoy mosquitoes-free swimming!


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