How to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool?

How to Keep Ducks Out of Your PoolFirst, I would like to share one of my pool experiences. On very earlier days, when I first owned a pool in my house, one morning, just after waking up, we found a small flock of ducks hanging out in our pool. My kid got so amused that before I could get rid of those birds, she literally fed them, started calling them with names, treating the folk as her own pets, and finally crying for the moon to keep them for long. Yes, I know how beautiful a creature ducks can be.

They’re really adorable until they’re out in your pool swimming with the entire flock. It’s not a very tough task to get rid of ducks and keep ducks out of your pool if you know some basic techniques. These tips are really simple and easier to follow. Let’s know more about them.

Why should ducks be out of your pool?

The main reasons for which you need to avoid ducks in your pool are mainly related to health concerns, not only for you or your family members but also for the ducks as well.

Ducks are unhealthy for the pool users

Birds carry a lot of diseases along with them. Different viruses and bacteria are carried by birds like ducks, especially E. coli, bird flu, influenza-A, salmonella, etc. that can bring risk to you and your family members. The feces can be even more dangerous. You might be thinking that the chlorine of your pool would clean them off and save you from such diseases. But what if the chlorine isn’t at the perfect level? The risk is totally on you.

Unhealthy for the ducks too

Duck tends to swim peacefully and drink water. If it does the same while hanging out in your pool for a long time, thus drinking too much water, then they might come with kidney diseases. So, you need to take ducks out of your pool for their sake as well.

How to keep ducks away from the pool?

While looking for strategy, I always prefer something that is safe for both the duck and me. Here I’ve found some proven methods that will be effective for your purpose of getting rid of the ducks. Let’s know them.

  • Using pool cover: A very easy way to fend off the ducks from your pool is to cover it up. If it’s covered, then there’s no reason that duck will hang around it. Before removing the cover again, make sure that there are no feces or dust sitting on it.
  • Pet dogs: If you’ve any pet dogs, you’d have no worries about ducks roaming around your pool area. Dogs aren’t predators for ducks, but they can scare them away with their barking.
  • Using automatic pool cleaner: A creative and useful device to scare and drive ducks away from the pool is this automatic pool cleaner. Get double benefits with a single tool.
  • Pool toys: You can easily make ducks run off your pool with inflatable animal-shaped pool toys like crocodile or alligator.
  • Using your sprinkler: Apart from larking the lawn healthy, your sprinkler can do a double job by helping ducks pack up off the pool. Set the device at the pool so that it can blast ducks with water. Use a motion-sensing sprinkler to avoid keeping it on for 24 hours.
  • Planting tall trees: Ducks have a tendency to avoid tall trees. You can use this to your advantage and plant some tall trees like shrubs around your pool area to keep ducks away.
  • Utilizing duck repellent: Duck repellent works by breaking the surface tension of your pool water. Thus, ducks don’t love swimming in your pool anymore. You can also use this chemical on lawn grass and plants to fend off ducks.

Strategies that you need to avoid

Your target is to get ducks out of your pool, not to harm them, right? So, you need to avoid some duck repelling strategies, no matter how effectively they work.


PLEASE DON’T KILL DUCKS! They are just some innocent birds resting on your pool, maybe. You can easily repulse them to avoid lying or swimming in your pool. But, never think of killing them to resolve this issue.

Using fishing line or bird netting

String fish lining or bird netting across your pool to avoid ducks is a very bad, bad idea. They’re transparent and almost invisible on the pool water surface. Ducks won’t see them, sit on to them, and get tangled to death or severe injury. Don’t get this cruel just to ward off pool ducks.


Keeping your pool duck-proof isn’t a tough task at all. You really don’t need to get too bothered to lose your sleep. Ducks aren’t that many intelligent birds, and you can easily fend them off anytime, without much hassle. Just stick to some non-violent techniques that won’t harm the ducks or you in any way. Own a pool without the flock of ducks simply by following the basic techniques we just described. Happy Swimming!

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