How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away From above Ground Pool?

How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away From above Ground PoolA sudden attack of bees or wasps is enough to destroy your cool swimming time. During a hot summer day, swimming is something heavenly for you.

But, a group of bees or wasps come to invade your swimming pool, and it turns into the perfect enemy for your pool.

However, these undesirable insects can turn into a big health hazard for your family as few of them can get allergenic. So, in order to maintain the safety of your family members, it is essential for you to push bees and wasps far from your swimming pool.

Why Are Bees and Wasps In Your Pool?

Being a living creature, insects also relax during a hot summer day, just like a human. Because of their body structure, they are often more attracted to the water. On the other hand, foraging bees and wasps assemble the water and bring it back to their nests.

It is a part of their working procedure. They come back to your swimming pool, as the bees transfer the water to the worker bees and wasps when they need it. For this reason, your pool will have to face these insects as visitors. They seem more active on the hot summer days because the collected water will help them to cool the hive. This is the reason behind the necessity of water for the bees and wasps. And, when they find your pool nearby, they come to collect water from there. So without any doubt, it can be said that water is one of the most important to bees and wasps.

How to Keep Bees Away from Your Pool Naturally?

You can keep your swimming pool bees free using various methods. We have shortlisted the top five for you.

Drain your pool

As I have mentioned earlier that Bees need water to continue their working schedule. If they do not find the water, they will ultimately shift their ways and find another source. So drain your swimming pool temporarily. After waiting about one to two weeks, refill your pool with water. They will stop coming into your pool.

Use a pool cover

If you do not want to drain your pool, then you can use a pool cover. Cover your pool to the edges. If any bees visit your pool, they will not be able to reach into the water because of the pool. The pricey cover will also protect your pool from outside dirt and let your pool be clean. Mosquitoes also will not get the chance to rest in the pool for using the cover.

Arrange another source of water

Even if you drain the pool or use a pool cover, bees will be back into your pool if they do not find another water source. As water is an essential element for them, it will be better if you arrange another water source for them. It will remove your headache permanently. Simple use an old bird bather, or fill a bucket with water, and keep it close to the bees. Notice that source of water there because if it dries up, the bees will once again.

Keep flowers away from the pool area

The scent of the flowers attracts the bees a lot. So, having a nearby garden seems dangerous, as the scent will cause bees in your pool. Make sure that you keep the flowers away from your garden.

Use an Algae Control Product

An algae control product will lower the surface tension of the water. So, the bees will find difficulties landing on the surface as they will sink and drown in the water.

How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Pool Naturally?

Wasps are often more dangerous than Bees. They create more health hazards. We have given some points to get rid of them.

Distract with Raw Meat

As Wasps love to eat raw meat, it can turn into an advantage for you. Just arrange some leftover raw meat from your house or anywhere nearby, and then attach it to something hard like a piece of wood. After arranging the wood, just nail that wood to a tree or bush. Make sure that they are maintaining distance from your pool. It will solve your hardship for some time.

Set Wasp Traps

You can even set up wasp traps to avoid the wasps in your pool. Sugar water or sweet syrup can work as a wasps trap. Place it somewhere far from your pool. The addiction to sweets will keep the wasps away from your pool.

Using Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel also attracts wasps. Collect a plastic bottle, fill it with some fuel, and do not forget to grease the bottle’s inner opening. Whenever the wasps find the bottle and try to get inside it, ultimately, they will drown, and they will not be able to crawl out.

How to Keep Bees/ Wasps away Using Chemical Solutions?

You can apply several tricks to drive away from the bees and wasps from your pool area and make your pool a safe place. Previously, we have mentioned natural or DIY solutions, but you can go for chemical options also. You can use pesticides and other contaminants to remove insects. The chemicals will make them weak, and it leads them to die. Parathyroid-based insecticides can also control insects such as ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and fleas, among others. But try to keep the chemical solution as the last option. As sometimes, chemicals are highly dangerous for the environment as well as your family.

When Should You Call a Professional Beekeeper?

After applying all the DIY methods, if the bees do not stop coming, then it is time to call the professional beekeeper. As this is their profession, they will know the best way to deal with Bees. Without harming the insects, they can remove the nest and relocate it to a suitable area.


The swimming pool is one of those places where you can have fun with your family, and it is not for the bees or wasps. Their bites are dangerous and can turn into an allergenic problem for your family. The best way to deal with them is to be careful from the beginning and make sure they are not able to find the location of your pool.

Even if after all of these they visit your pool, our article is here to help you out. Try the natural ways at first and if they do not help you to fight against the insects, then go for chemical options. Natural remedies will not hurt them that much. Remember, they are also a part of our ecosystem. So, try to deal with them without harming them.

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