How to identify and remove pool stains?

How to identify and remove pool stainsWhat is the best moment on a summer weekend? I would say swimming in the house pool. The cold water will refresh both your body and mind, which is a perfect start for a day. But when you enter the pool, you may identify stains in the water.

Will that be a nice start for the day? Of course not.

Pool stains look nasty, and nobody wants to bathe in such water. Though it is observable, the removal process is not easy. As you can’t jump into your pool with stains, you have to do something to eliminate them.

There are several options to do that. Here is some shortlisted easiest way to identify and remove your pool stains.

What are the causes of pool stains?

Before applying pool stain remover, you should need to know the causes of the stains. There are two types of pool stains.

Organic stains

Organic stains are caused by organic debris like leaves, berries. If the organic debris stays on the pool floor for a long time, it causes a stain.

Metal stains

Metal accessories, such as copper pipes of the pool, often cause stains. Always keep the accessories checked to get a stain-free pool.

Reddish-Blue stains

If you have blueberry trees near your pool, the berries will fall in the pool water and cause reddish-blue pool stains.

Greenish-Brown stains

Leaves may cause greenish-brown stains. However, you may call it something like organic, which may cause stains in the bottom of the pool.


How to identify pool stains?

After knowing about the cause of stains, you need to identify the pool stains. It will help you to solve the problem.

Organic stain test

Apply a small amount of chlorine to the stains. If the stains are organic, they will be washed away easily.

Metal Stain Test

If you suspect metal stain, use a little amount of chlorine on the pool surface. If the stains are metal, they will remain the same because chlorine does not affect metal stains.

To identify a metal stain, apply ascorbic acid on the pool stain. If the stain is caused by metal, it will be removed or lightened.

Home test strips

You can use test strips once a week to test the pool water. Every month, send the sample to the local pool store for professional testing.

Liquid test kit

OTO chlorine test kits are used for identifying the total amount of chlorine. When mixing this liquid with your water sample, the water will seem yellow. The yellowish color will indicate the amount of chlorine in your pool water.

How to remove organic pool stains?

The bleaching technique helps remove organic pool stains. Chlorine is used for this removal process.

If chlorine cannot remove the stain, use the pool shock technique. The process is given below-

  • Balance the pool water: The ideal water alkalinity rate should be 125 ppm, and the ideal pH of the water should be 7.5
  • Using pool shock: If you have one small stain, apply a dose of shock and get rid of the problem. But multiple or large stains require a triple dose.
  • Brush the pool: Scrub the stains with a stiff pool brush.
  • Run the pump: A pump is required to circulate the shock throughout the pool for eight hours or overnight.
  • Brush again: After circulating the shock, brush the stains again.
  • Check the pool stains: If you see the pool stain again, start the removal process again.

How to remove metal pool stains?

For removing metal stains from your pool, you should maintain some techniques. Let’s check-

Water testing

Before applying stain remover, identify the type of metal that is responsible for the stain.

Some home test kits can help in the identification process. Instead of these kits, you may test your pool water and send it to the local pool store for testing.

Using metal pool stain remover

After knowing the type of the metal, find a metal pool stain remover that can work on the particular metal stain.

Try to follow the recommended instructions for getting the best results.


Therefore, you can do the identification and removal of pool stains just within minutes. Just apply the stain remover, and be tension free.

In this article, we enlighten you about how to identify and remove pool stains. I hope this article will help you to understand the pool stains more. So, always keep your pool clean and check the chemical levels of the water.


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