How to Get Rid of Worms in Your Pool?

How to Get Rid of Worms in Your PoolWorms are a natural fertilizer. They help to nourish the soil and grow plants. Besides these benefits, worms sometimes get out of the soil and in the wrong direction to a nearby water body, especially a pool.

You can’t get yourself to swim with the worms. But they are so tiny and slippery that you can’t catch them with your hand.

So, what to do? Eliminating worms from the pool is difficult but not impossible. You need to have patience and follow some simple steps. They may not vanish entirely but definitely will reduce the number of worms.

Here are the solutions to get rid of worms in your pool. Let’s check-

What causes worms in swimming pools?

Gordian worms lay eggs on swimming pools, ponds, or so on. They move freely in the pool water.

After a few weeks, the nematodes come out from the egg. Then the nematodes go near water in search of hosts. They choose crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches as a host and live inside their bodies until maturity.

Thus worms spread their growth in the swimming pool and make people uncomfortable.

How to keep worms out of the swimming pool?

1. Cover Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Worms in Your Pool? 1

Putting a cover on a pool seems like a mess for all. But it is necessary if you have a worm infestation in your swimming pool. Keeping cover on the entire pool can protect the water from the little creatures.

Always use this technique in cool weather or if you are assuming heavy rains because all types of worms such as Gordian worms, White worms, or Earthworms come out in heavy rains and cool weather.

Choose the pool cover that is convenient for easy coverage. Easy to cover on and off saves your time and makes you comfortable in the pool.

2. Inspect the Pool after a Storm

After heavy rains or a storm, the worms will come out and jump into the pool. So, you need to inspect your pool after a storm or heavy rain stops. You can catch the worms coming from the ground and let them go to the grass again.

If you inspect your pool deck regularly, it will help you to stop the infestation of worms in the pool.

3. Relocate your Landscape

Pools around the green landscape are refreshing. But, this beautiful scenario becomes worse when the pool has worm infestation in the water or filter.

For stopping worms, you may change your landscape design. Relocate your landscape 20 feet or more from your swimming pool. This great distance makes a difficult pathway for worms. They get fried while coming to the route because of sunlight.

Thus, relocating a landscape can be an ideal technique for reducing the worm’s growth.

4. Raise the Pool Deck

Rectangle Above-Ground Pool with Deck

Every pool comes with a landscape area. Landscapes have plants and soils. Where is soil, there are worms. You should change the pool deck design to stopping them.

A higher pool deck is difficult to travel for worms. So, always keep your pool deck high than the ground.

This raising pool deck technique may reduce the number of worms in your favorite pool water.

5. Place Some Crushed Limestone

Crushed Limestone

Every swimming pool has concrete around the deck. So, you can place some crushed limestone on the pool’s concrete deck where the limestone can reach the soil. It will increase the PH levels of soil and keep away the worms from pool surroundings.

Heavy rain can destroy the crushed limestone and remove the coating on the ground. Thus, worms get the path again and start reaching towards the pool. So, be careful when it’s raining and regularly check your pool water.


If the other worm removal technique fails, you can try Insecticides as the last option.

Spray the insecticides on the areas near the pool as landscaped and grassy areas. This insecticide will kill all insects along the worms living in those areas.


Although worms are harmless, everybody wants to keep them away from the swimming pool. However, complete removal of worms is not possible; by applying simple techniques, you can get rid of worms in your swimming pools.

In this article, we enlighten you on how to get rid of worms in your pool. It also helps to prevent them from entering again. Enjoy swimming tension free.

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