How to Get Rid of White-Water Mold and Pink Slime in in Above ground pool?

How to Get Rid of White-Water MoldYou wake up on a summer morning and want to bathe in the pool in your house. But as soon as you get there, you find something odd is floating in the pool water.

They look very nasty and weird. Do you still want to dive into water accompanied by these things? It should be NO! But first, you need to find out what these things are. And you get to know that these are white water mold and pink slime!

Sometimes you find tissue stuff floating over the water. These are white and spread all over the water. These white-water molds can be visible at any time of the year. Also, you can see a pink hue in blue water and don’t feel excited about it.

The pink slime is known as bacteria. We acknowledge this water stuff is not harmful to human health, but who wants to have a nasty pool in the house? They can stick to your skin while swimming, also nobody loves that for sure. To get rid of the white-water mold and pink slime from your pool water, follow the article till the end.

What causes the white-water mold and pink slime in pool water?

You may find the white water mold a pink slime for various reasons such as-.

  • When the biguanide level in water is lower than usual, white-water mold and pink start to show up. The low level of the element makes the perfect environment for white-water mold and pink slime growth. The minimal level of hydrogen peroxide can also trigger the bacteria to grow in pool water,
  • If the water in your pool doesn’t have a steady flow, then the bacteria start to come and spread. Pool circulation and flow can easily allow pink slime and white-water mold to adhere to the pool walls and multiply in quantity.
  • Also, when you don’t take proper care of your pool, different types of algae get a chance to live in pool water. Lack of proper swimming pool maintenance is one of the most common reasons. Measures such as neglecting the water filter and failure to provide adequate cleaning can create the pool water contamination problem.
  • Not using the proper equipment for cleaning pool water can also add a convenient state for white-water mold and pink slime propagation.

How to get rid of white-water mold and pink slime?

Get rid of the white-water mold, and pink slime is easy if you know the ways.

Cleaning the filter can be the first task

If you have detected white-water mold and pink slime in pool water, you should understand that the algae must have been in the pool filter too. So, first, cleaning the filter should be your first task. However, you can just backwash the filter and pass speedy water through the filter, which would clean the molds.

Balance the pH

pH level is an essential issue for removing bacteria from the water. For that, you should balance the pH level of the pool water and try to keep the level between 7.4 to 7.6.

Shock your pool

Then you will need to shock your pool with more power than usual. Add three or four pounds of calcium hypochlorite shock per ten thousand gallons of water.

Brush your pool

You have to brush the pool floor and walls to pull out the white-water mold as much as possible. In this case, you should use a stiff pool brush to clean the walls.

Run the pump for water extraction

After that, you should run the pump for water extraction. As a result, the molds and slimes agglomerated in the filter will wash away.

Brush again

You cannot get rid of them at first brushing. So, the second time brushing is necessary to clean them out totally.

Use a manual vacuum cleaner

Besides the automatic pool cleaner, a manual vacuum cleaner is also necessary to wipe all the waste.

Clean the filter for second time

Repetition of the cleaning filter is necessary for this stage. This time you should use the filter cleaner for a sand filter.

Check the water and balance it

And in the final step, you must balance all the physical elements of the pool water. Make sure the alkalinity, pH, and chlorine are at a perfectly safe level.

By following the process, anyone can get rid of the white-water mold and pink slime without any professional help.


Having nasty water in the pool is not something to be happy about. You can not leave the water like this because different bacteria and germs are roaming in the air. So, make sure you clean the pool water once a week at least. And you can get rid of the while-water mold and pink slime by going through the process written in the article.

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