How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in Your Pool?

How to Get Rid of Water Bugs in Your PoolWater bugs in your swimming pool!! It sounds like a nightmare for any pool owner. Your pool is a place to relax and have fun, but maintenance is the tricky part behind the luxury.

However, there are several kinds of bugs that can grow in your swimming pool. Some will bite, and some will not.

Here we will provide a guide, which you can follow to get rid of your swimming pool water bugs.

Before you know the cleaning process, let’s see the reasons behind it.

What causes water bugs in swimming pools?

A swimming pool with algae, mosquito larvae and debris are the most common reason behind water bugs. The water bugs eat this stuff, so they feel comfortable in that swimming pool, which has algae and mosquito larvae. Again, water bugs grow in your swimming pool because of the pool’s imbalanced chemistry or less amount of chlorine situated in the pool. You have to find out the exact cause behind the pool bugs.

Four types of common bugs found in your swimming pool

Bugs are common in your pool if you do not maintain it regularly. There are mostly four kinds of bugs you will find in your swimming pool.

Water Boatman

Water boatman, looks slim, shapes like oval bugs with oar-like back legs. They mostly eat algae and mosquito larvae and belong to the family Corixidae in the order Hemiptera. Water boatman are about 1/4 inch long with a thin, grayish-brown body. However, they do not bite people.


Like their name, they swim on their backs. Their legs also look oar-like, but they are longer than water boatmen. This swimming pool bug bites people when finding any inconvenience.


They are also known as toe biters and alligator ticks. They are one of the longest among all water bugs. They are almost 12 cm long.

Water scorpion

They are also known as nepidae. Water scorpions have four legs and a tail, which makes them more terrifying in look. As they are fond of eating fish, tadpoles, that’s why they are less seen in swimming pools rather than other water bugs.

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs in Your Swimming Pool

To get rid of the unwanted water bug of your pool, you can follow the suggested steps:

Skim your swimming pool with a net

As bugs live on the water surface, you can easily remove them by skimming the pool with a net. Take a pool skimmer to collect the bugs. Then remove all from your pool. Keep remembering that they can fly. So, you have to aware while

Brush and scrub your swimming pool

Find out where the bugs are coming. Then, you have to scrub all the surfaces to remove the algae. Scrub even if you do not find any algae. Microscopic organisms will be removed by scrubbing.

Vacuum your swimming pool manually

After scrubbing the surface, you have to vacuum the pool. You can use an automatic vacuum, but it will be better if you do it manually. It will deep clean your swimming pool.

Shock your swimming pool with chlorine

Chlorine is the savior of your pool from any bacterial attack. When chlorine level becomes low in your pool, then water bugs can grow in their home. So, shock your swimming pool with chlorine to remove water bugs.

Check the chemical levels

Improper chemical levels are the reason behind any kind of problem in your swimming pool. It can be the cause of growing algae, or it can be the cause behind water bugs. So, checking your swimming pool PH, chlorine level with a pool test kit is essential. If you find any chemical imbalance in your swimming pool, then solve the error.


Though the water bugs are not poisonous, they are still not attractive for your swimming pool also. As the water bugs come into your swimming pool for algae and microorganisms, that’s why it is better to clean your swimming pool regularly.

Regular maintenance will close the doors of water bugs to come into your swimming pool. After that, if you face any trouble like this, our article is here to help you out.

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