How to get rid of pool foam?

Getting rid of your pool foam is not that hard to work. Yes, we know you love your pool so much, an unwanted foaminess can be a tension for you. When the thickness of the water increases, foams can appear in your swimming pool. But! Do not worry.

Here we will provide a guide, which you can follow to get rid of your pool foam. Before you know the cleaning process, let’s see the reasons behind it.

What causes foam in a pool?

Foam can appear on your pool for many reasons. Here, we have shortlisted the top five.

From skincare and hair care products

If any residue of skincare or hair care product remains on your body, it can cause organic contaminants in your pool. Foaminess in your swimming pool can introduce this.

Laundry products

Everything is excellent in my pool, but still, there is foam!! Like your daily products, the residue of your laundry detergent can also cause pool foaminess.

Chemical issues

The imbalanced chemical can cause foaminess in your pool. The second reason behind pool foam is low calcium levels. Low calcium levels will also cause metallic components in plaster pools.

Using too much algaecide

Algaecide is undoubtedly the best solution to algae. But if you use an algaecide in your pool when there are no algae, it will not find any place to go and can thicken the water. It will cause pool foam. Again, using too much algaecide can cause foaming in the pool also. That’s why you should always follow the instructions given in the packet before applying them to your swimming pool. And applying a non-foaming algaecide is the best option.

Airflow problems

Sometimes, your pool pump contains air, which causes bubbles in your pool. If you do not fix the air defect, it will appear on a bigger scale as a pool foam.

How to get rid of foam in a pool?

How to get rid of pool foam

To get rid of pool foam, follow the suggested steps:

Check your pool chemistry

To fix the imbalanced chemistry of your pool, at first, check the water. You may use test strips or a liquid test kit. After checking, balance the alkalinity first between 100 ppm-150 ppm. The ideal range is 125 ppm. Then fix the pH level of the water between 7.4-7.6 if it is unbalanced.

After that, you can check the calcium hardness level. 175 ppm-225 ppm for vinyl and fiberglass pools and 200 ppm-275 ppm for concrete and plaster pools are ideal. Fix it if you find any errors.

After fixing the chemical imbalance, you have to wait for a few hours. After doing all these things, if the foam does not disappear, then shock the pool.

Shock your pool

Whenever you shock your swimming pool with 1 pound per chlorine or non-chlorine shock per 10,000 gallons of water. It will remove the contaminants. After removing the contaminant from pool water, it will be clear like before. You can use either chlorine or chlorine-free shock. But with chlorine-free shock, you may not get the best results.

Drain and refill with fresh water

If you had a pool party or swimmers visit your swimming pool, you should drain your pool. Refill the drained pool, and shock it with chlorine. The next morning, you have to check your swimming pool chemistry again.

Apply an anti-foam chemical

You may apply an anti-foam chemical in your pool. It will remove the foam and will not affect other chemicals.

Review your filtration system

Due to a poor filtration system, your pool can produce foam. Check the calcium buildup, and clean the skimmers. Look at your pump motor, and make sure it is running.

Get the air out of the pump

For fixing the airflow problem, firstly, check the skimmer. If it has any air problem, then fix it. You can tight the pump strainer lid if it is cracking. Lastly, check the O ring too.

Some precautions you should take for the future to avoid pool foam

To maintain your pool, always take a shower before you swim. After applying shampoo or conditioner, rinse off your hair well. Do not use an unnecessary algaecide. It will prevent causing foam in your pool.

Every problem has a solution. You just need to find out. Regular maintenance of your pool is required to avoid troubles like this. So, if you face any trouble we have mentioned earlier, you can apply any of the recommended solutions to get rid of pool foam.


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