How to Fix Air in a Pool Pump?

How to Fix Air in a Pool Pump?Want to fix air in your pool pump? Then, you have landed on the right page. We know you spend your leisure time chilling with your family and friends in your swimming pool, and it has witnessed some precious moments of your life. However, problems in the pool pump may ruin your pool party! But, fixing the pump errors is not that much hard.

Here we will provide a guide, which you can follow to fix pump errors. Before you know the process, let’s see the identification process and the reasons behind it.


How to Identify Air Leaks in a Pool Pump?

If you notice the rising of small bubbles from your return lines or noisy churning of the pool pump, then leakage of air in the suction side of your pool can be the reason.


What Happens if Air Gets in the Pool Pump?

Pools often enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. But if air gets into the pump, it can create small bubbles and noisy sounds. You should fix the error as soon as possible; otherwise, it may push to the long term effect, which may cause more effort and money in the long run.


Ways to Enter the Air in Your Pool Pump

The air can enter your pool pump for many reasons, we have found out the top five reasons, and the following are those.

Low water level

If you do not fill enough water in your pool, air can enter through the skimmer in your pool. It leads to the rising of small bubbles in your pool.

Clogged skimmers

Sometimes, debris can clog the weir of the skimmer. It is in the skimmer flap or door. It also controls the water flow into the system. If the flow stops, then there is a possibility to get air in the pool pump.

Loosed O-ring

The O-ring can be damaged or loose, which helps the air to get into the pool pump.

Damaged pump lid

If the pump lid got cracked or damaged for some reason, it can help the air to get into the pump.

Loosed drain plugs.

Drain plugs are in the pump housing. Check if they are not loose or leaking. If they do not fit tightly, probably your pump is getting air from this part.


How to Get the Air Out of the Pool Pump?

Air leaks in your pool! It can sound serious to you. The air in the pool pump basket can hamper it in the long term. But, there is nothing to worry about. Just follow the given steps to take away all your tensions.

Fixed the Water Level if it is Low

The standard water level of any pool is between ½ and ¾ up to the skimmer. If your pool’s water level is low, then raise the water level. It will fix the pump air error.

Clean the Debris

Debris can get stuck in your skimmer weirs. To clean the weir, first, remove it, and try to shave off or sand off 1/16 inch on each side. After cleaning the skimmer, gather all the items back, and organize them like before.

Tightened the O-ring

The pool’s water level is perfect, but the O-ring can loosen. To check the O-ring, firstly, turn off the pump, then remove the lid, and check if the O-ring is loose and cracked or not. Fix the errors to remove air from the pool pump.

Fixed the Pump Lid 

The pump lid of your pool should be closed tightly. If you notice small bubbles in your swimming pool, you should check the pump lid. To check the pump lid, turn the pump off, and then take the lid off. If the lid is loose, you can tighten it. Before sealing the lid, you should check the inside of the pump. Check if the O-ring is in position or not. If there is any debris that creates a problem to close the lid, clean it well before closing the lid tightly.

Fixed Drain Plugs

If the pump drain plugs are loose, then air can insert from this point too. You have to make sure that your pump drain plugs are still intact. To keep the drain plugs intact, you can use the O-ring. The O-ring lasts up to 3-5 years before dry-rotting. If your pump does not have an O-ring, then use Teflon tape on the threads, and tighten it with pliers. If you have attached any Teflon tape previously, then remove it, and wrap the Teflon tape in a clockwise direction.

Undoubtedly, the air is not a bad thing. It helps us for breathing, great for balloons, in scuba tanks, and inside airplanes. But your pool pump does not need air, and if air gets into the pump, a quick fix is a must.

Keep an eye on your pool, maintain it regularly. And if you notice air in your pool pump basket, do not panic; just follow the steps mentioned above.  

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