How to clear cloudy pool water fast? [step-by-step]

How to clear cloudy pool water fastIt’s very soothing to swim into the crystal clear water on a hot, summer day, isn’t it? But what if you see the water as dark as the cloud?

In this case, you have to know some maintenance and carry them into effect. Okay, it’s not very difficult to learn how to clear cloudy pool water fast. We will help you to troubleshoot.

Without further ado, let’s see what is stored for you!

Why does your pool water turn cloudy?

Before stepping forward to clear the cloudy water, you should understand the potential reasons for having this. It will help you to fix it as well as prevent this in the future.

So, let’s know some of the common causes of having a dark, cloudy pool.

How to clear cloudy pool water fast? [step-by-step] 1

1. Chemical imbalance

The chemical issue is one of the key reasons you need to know. Chlorine level, high pH, total alkalinity, etc are needed to be at a perfect level. Let me break down these for simplifying it.

pH level

Firstly, the pool’s water should be a bit alkaline. The best pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Problems start arising when the pH level is out of the range.

You need to know to measure the chemical level regularly. What you are going to use is a simple test kit for measuring the pH level.
Chlorine level

As a pool owner, you definitely are acquainted with this term. This chemical is dedicated to killing the pathogenic bacteria and harmful microorganisms. So, you need to look after the level of chlorine in the water.

The chlorine level should be between 1-3 ppm, it’s considered the SWEET SPOT. This will help to prevent the water from getting cloudy.

Sunlight can burn your chlorine and that’s how it loses the track. So, doing the chlorine’s job perfectly, make sure it’s level is on point. For this, ‘pool shock’ has to be regular.

Alkalinity level

Total alkalinity is a buffer that helps to keep the pH level of your pool’s water. It generally absorbs the changes in pH level.

The alkalinity level should be between 100 and 140 ppm or 80 and 120 ppm. Use a test kit to measure the level of alkalinity.

If the level is too high, use dry acid (sodium bisulfate) or hydrochloric acid to lower it.

Calcium level

Too much calcium leads to the water being murky and cloudy, which termed s hard water. A low level of calcium also causes damaging the pool fittings.

The calcium level is between 200 and 400ppm. Use a liquid test kit to measure it. Because most of the test strips don’t show the calcium hardness.

2. Circulation and filtration problems

Pool’s circulation system always brings things back into balance. If the water is not circulated properly, there’s a huge chance of having cloudy water.

There are some additional parts you need to go through. Let’s go then!

What about your pool pump?

The pool pump is considered the heart of your swimming pool. It circulates the water through the filter and removes debris. It also helps to keep the fluency of your water.

So, take extra care of the heart! Make sure it can circulate the water properly and can be active for 6-8 hours a day.

How is the filter?

Your pool pump has to be suited up with the filter, mind it! If the pump is too powerful and pushes more water, the filter won’t balance with it. It also has a risk of physical damage to your filter.

If the filtration system goes wrong, you will be deprived of having crystal clear, bluish pool water.

Pool pumps and filters share the same rating system (gallons per minute) per square feet. So, the pool pump and the filter should be at the same rate.

Are the pieces of equipment okay?

Many of us don’t look after this matter. But these basic things have a great effect on your pool water. So, it should be your concern about how effectively the equipment is doing its job. Try to remove the blockages, timely parts replace and clean regularly.

3. Environmental causes

If all the above-mentioned factors are okay and yet you’re facing cloudy pool water, that’s for nature. See some of the mostly faced environmental effects.

Big storms

Big storms are always unwelcoming for your pool water. After a windy storm, your pool collects a lot of leaves, twigs, debris, and unwanted dirt.

Rainwater also affects the chlorine level of the pool water. When the chemical imbalance arises, many other troubles will easily come.

So, don’t forget to shock the pool after a big storm. Shocking will keep the water clean and clear and prevent it from being cloudy.

Visible algae

Algae will attack your pool if you don’t clean it regularly but, it’s intimidating when the algae are visible enough. That means, there is a big amount of algae in the water.

Clean your pool at least once a week to avoid this problem.

Small animals

Small animals and insects contaminate your pool’s water. They somehow manage their way into your pool and block up the filter system. Filter system is important to have clean water. We discussed it earlier. Bird droppings are another annoying problem.

There’s no solution except keeping the pool clean and clear routinely.

How to clear cloudy pool water fast?

As you know the causes of having cloudy pool water. Now, we can get into the main course.

We will show you three ways to fix it, join us!

Method-1: Use a pool clarifier

A pool clarifier is a good fit to fix this problem. It works through the ‘coagulation’ process. Make sense?

Okay, it’s not that complicated how it sounds. Cloudy pool water is nothing but a build-up of small, tiny particles. Coagulation helps to clump those particles together and makes them easy to remove.

So, this is how a pool clarifier works.

How to clear cloudy pool water fast? [step-by-step] 2

Method-2: Use a flocculant

This one is the fastest method of clearing pool water. If you are in a hurry, as you have a pool party tonight, this one should be your option.

Floc’s chemistry is almost the same as a pool clarifier. It also clumps the tiny particles together to remove them easily.

But the difference is, it gathers the particles and sends them to the bottom of your pool. Hence, this chemical will not let your filter pick the particles because all of them are now at the bottom.

You have to manually vacuum up the cloudy water by using your pool pump. Remember, an automatic vacuum cleaner is not going to work in this case.

Method-3: Use your filter

Filter aids well to get rid of cloudy water. It is generally located at the top of the pool.

So, it’s an amazing way to remove the cloudy particles from the surface of your water. But it’s not that helpful for the debris trapped on the bottom of your pool.

Hence, we are talking about 3 ways you can use the filter to clear the water.

Use a vacuum cleaner

For an above-ground pool, Place the vacuum at the bottom, in the center, turn it upside-down. It will stir up the particles towards the filter.

Drain the water

It’s for an in-ground pool. There is at least one bottom line in an in-ground pool. What you will do is open the bottom drain.

Pool water will start circulating and rise to the top. Meanwhile, the filter will start its job and will clear out the dirt.

Stir the pool water

It means you have to stir the pool water anyhow. You do not have a giant spoon so that you can imagine your pool as a cup of tea, right?

But there are ways. You can brush the water with a pool brush. Moreover, constantly swim with your friends and family to create motion. Now, the debris will rise from the bottom to the top.

We’re done with the three ways of clearing out the cloudy pool water. You choose one of them as you wish.

Some additional tips

These tips will help you to get rid of pesky, cloudy water. Just try to work regularly, otherwise, you have to toil in the long run.

  1. Clear out young algae
  2. Shock your pool at least once a week
  3. Measure the chemical levels regularly
  4. Remove leaves, foreign particles from the surface of the water
  5. Vacuum up the pool regularly
  6. Replace the parts when needed

Don’t neglect these today, it will cost more time tomorrow.


We are at the farthest reach, I hope you enjoyed the journey!

We tried to break each of the points down of how to clear cloudy pool water and wish that all of these were not greek to you!

Actually, it’s not hard to meet a crystal clear, glass-watered swimming pool. You just need to clean it regularly. It will seal the chances of getting a cloudy, dark-watered pool again. Be careful about chemical workshops, keep enough distance while working with them.

Good luck and happy swimming!

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