How to Clean a Green Pool?

How to Clean a Green PoolUndoubtedly, the sight of green pool water is not delighting to the eyes, as you are expecting a crystal look for your swimming pool to have fun and swim. For any swimmer, it can turn into the worst nightmare. When the pool is green, but chlorine is high or low, it requires treatment. Most of the time, the main reason behind a green pool is algae. Not any magic, only time and effort can fix the not so delightful situation. It is essential to find out the causes behind the green water before starting the green pool treatment.

Here we will provide a guide, which you can follow to clean your green pool. Before you know the cleaning process, let’s see the reasons behind it.

When water turns its color to green in your pool?

The water may turn green for many reasons, we have found out the top five reasons, and the following are those.

Little/ no chlorine

One of the most common reasons behind the green pool is the lack of chlorine, as algae can grow in the water without a sufficient amount of chlorine level.

High pH value

The balanced ratio of the pH level of a healthy pool is between 7.2-7.8. A high pH level does not allow to kill bacteria in the pool, which often leads to developing calcium and other minerals.

Less filtration time

The pool water needs to be circulated from time to time to spread the added chemicals and keep the water filtered and clean. When we give the waterless time for filtering, it reacts oppositely.

Wild wind

Often wild wind causes to bring dirt into the pool, which eventually makes the pool water green.

Growth of algae

Due to the prolonged exhibition to the sun, rain, and temperature, algae often find a chance to build their home in a pool and sometimes dead algae may also cause the problem.

Health complications of swimming in a green pool

If you are planning to swim in a green pool, you must refrain from doing this as swimming in a green pool is not safe. Swimming in a green pool may incur the following problems.

Skin infections

As the green pool is full of bacteria, it is common to have a skin infection while swimming in a green pool.

Less visibility

Algae and green water can interrupt your vision while swimming.

Uncertain steps

Due to less visibility and slippery steps, you can hurt yourself physically while swimming.

What is the fastest way to clean a green pool?

When your pool water turns green, you should clean it as soon as possible; otherwise, it may push to the long term effect, which may cause more effort and money in the long run. However, there are some processes or steps to clean a green pool fast.

Drain the pool

When your pool turns into a dark green color along with a black cover, then your pool needs to drain. You may also need to acid wash your pool.

Fixing the pH level

As your pool is green and full of dirt, you should check the pH level without any delay. Check how much it requires to lower, and for testing water chemistry, many kits are available in the market in the range of $5-$50 as I have mentioned earlier that the pH level of a healthy pool is between 7.2-7.8. Now depending on the result of the kit, you may apply a sodium bisulfate product. It will reduce the pH level quickly.

Shock treatment for cleaning the green pool

To clean the pool, you need to remove algae from the pool. By shocking the pool with liquid chlorine, you can immediately clear away the algae most of the germs. For that, you need to confirm the level of shock treatment, which requires removing the dirt. The instructions for using the shock products for a variety of situations are in the packet.

Get rid of pool algae- Algaecide treatments

Quaternary ammonia and metallic, these two types of algaecide treatments are available. Quaternary ammonia is popular among both as it is cheaper and does not stain swimming pools. On the other hand, Metallic algaecide sometimes leaves a stain on some components.

Clearing junk and brushing the pool

For making the chemical treatment more efficient, leftover junk needs to clear. The amount can be dependent on the time of inactiveness of the water. You can put a flocculent, as it will bring the clutter together. Then you can clean the pool smoothly from the surface, and may get clear water.

How do you clean a green pool without chemicals?

Don’t want to use any pool chemicals? Don’t worry; you may follow the two ways we are going to mention below.

Use white vinegar to clean a green pool without chemicals

As vinegar often considers a natural plant killer, one cup of distilled white vinegar will be great for cleaning your pool without chemical treatments. You can mix the vinegar with your hands even. You can change the pool water in 2-3 days while adding the vinegar daily. The amount of vinegar entirely depends on the length of your pool. If your pool is large, then try to add one and a half cups.


Skimming is a good option to clear your pool naturally. If you skim your pool regularly, the bugs and grasses cannot get a chance to build their home on your swimming pool.

How long does it take a green pool to clear up after being treated?

You can clear your green pool within 24 hours to 5/6 days. It depends on the process you choose and the amount of effort you put into the work.

You know the saying, “Prevention is always better than cure.” Your swimming pool is not any different from this fact. Maintenance every week can remove the long hassle of clearing your green pool.

Still, if you can’t manage time for regular maintenance, you may follow any of the ways we have mentioned in this article.

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