How to Change a Pool Light Bulb?

How to Change a Pool Light BulbWant to change your pool light? Are the lights electrocuting you? Having troubles with them? We know how much you love swimming on a moonlit night with your colorful pool lightings. There is no chance to get a sunburn on a warm summer night. On the other hand, the spark of the water can enhance your enjoyment a thousand times more. But defective lights are reducing them day by day.

How to Change a Pool Light?

Here, we are sharing a guideline for changing your pool light.

Hiring a pro

Your safety is in your own hands. If you are uncomfortable and do not know how to change the bulb, then, of course, you can hire someone professional to change a pool light bulb. It will make your work easier with the least risk.

Doing DIY

Changing a pool bulb is not rocket science. So, if you are comfortable with both water and electricity, you can personally try to change your pool lights. First, you have to find out what kind of bulb is compatible with your swimming pool. After finding out, you can take the right product on hand for replacing your pool light. Then you need to replace the lens gasket. You will also need flathead screwdrivers, multimeter, and dry towels.

Step by Step Guide to Change a Pool Light Bulb

Turn off the power

As you are touching the wires, it will be better if you turn off the power switch. You are standing on the water, so before starting the process turning off lights is a must. You can drain some water out of the pool if needed.

Remove the pilot screw from the light

Check the top of the light to remove the pilot screw. You have to prepare with both a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver, as you can need anyone as the screw types vary.

Pry the light fixture out

When you remove the screw, then gently pry out the light from its fixture. A lot of extra wires are there in the fixture, try to remove them, and place it on the deck. Keep them on the dry towels so that it will be safe from scratch.

Test the wiring

It is always better to take precautions. So better to check the wires by using the multimeter to be absolutely sure there’s no electricity running through them before you touch the wires with your bare hands. Now you can find out if there is something that hasn’t been turned off.

Take the Fixture Apart

Now full the lens, the lens gasket, and face ring apart. After removing them, you can reach the pool light bulb. Be careful while doing the work. Make sure no debris will fall into them. And if you find any kind of dirt, just wipe it out with a dry towel.

Remove the Old Light Bulb

Now, slowly hold the bulb by using a towel, and then carefully unscrew it. When it is out, just clean and dry the inside of the light fixture by using a towel.

Screw-in the New Light Bulb

Now is the time to fix a new bulb. Replace the bulb carefully while making sure it is tight and well settled. Keep the focus on the pressure, as if it becomes too tight, then the bulb can break down. Now set up the lens gasket around the lens, and then reassemble the fixture.

Test the Light

Now, turn on the power to check the lights. If you find everything ok, then again turn off the power to complete the process.

Check for Leaks

Make sure that you have fixed everything perfectly. Check if there are any air bubbles or not. If they are present, then fix the gaps quickly.

Turn the Power Back On

Now, finally, if everything is ok, then turn on the power back. Your pool bulbs are ready to serve you.

After finishing the above-mentioned steps, you are set to enjoy your pool time. Color-changing pool lights on a moonlit night, it will give you heavenly pleasure for sure as you are ready to have a pool party call your friends and family. Share and show your DIY skills with them. After all, changing a pool bulb is not a joke.

So, hiring a pro or doing a DIY!! It’s completely up to you which process you will choose. If you choose to go for DIY, then our article is here to help you out.

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