How to Build Dog Ramp for Above Ground Pool

How to Build Dog Ramp for Above Ground PoolIf you have a dog as a pet and own an above ground swimming pool, this article is for you. As you know, dogs love to swim. However, if they fall into the swimming pool, they often have difficulty getting out of it.

Most of the time, dogs can not get out of the pool by themselves without humans’ help. But it is not possible to look out for pets all the time. That is why it is necessary to build a dog ramp for above ground pools. In this way, the dogs can also have a refreshing bath without your constant assistance.

What is a Dog Ramp?

The dog ramp is a kind of platform used for dogs’ safety, which can be used indoors and outdoors, like in stairs or the pool. The dog ramp ensures the safety of your beloved pets.

Why Should You Build a Dog Ramp?

There can be a lot of different dog ramps found in pet shops, but they are super expensive. What is the need to waste money buying those expensive dog ramps when you can make dog ramps by yourself with expenses reduced by more than half than the ready-made ones? Yes, that’s right. There is no logical reason. You should definitely build a dog ramp instead of buying them. Unless you just don’t have enough time.

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How to Build Dog Ramp for Above Ground Pool 1

How to Build a Dog Ramp for the above ground pool?

Among several types of dog ramps, there is one specially used in pools for dogs. It is placed in the corner of the above-ground pool for ensuring a safe landing and safer way to get out of the pool for your dogs. It is adjusted in a specific position in the pools. This helps the dogs to get in the pool and get out of the pool without any assistance from humans.

Here are some steps to help you build a dog ramp for your above ground pool:

Dog ramp made out of industrial mat and pool noodles

  • You can use an industrial mat, some nylon ropes, zip ties, and a large pool noodle to make a DIY dog ramp. You may find the industrial mat that has your required size then you would not have to go through the hassle of cutting it again. But if you can’t, then you can always make it in your own way.
  • You can cut off the extra part of the industrial mat if you think you do not need it. If you have a square shaped industrial mat, then you can cut it and zip tie the extra part with the large part to make the ramp rectangular in shape. Using the zip ties will ensure the strength needed to tie the parts up.
  • Then you can tie 3-4 pool noodles under the mat, which will help to float the ramp.
  • Then you can tie the nylon ropes with something strong that will be able to hold the dog ramp.

Dog Ramp Made Out of Tire and Gym Mat

  • You can make another type of dog ramp for above ground pools with a tire, some PVC pipes, a rubber gym mat, and strong nylon ropes. Firstly, you have cut the mat into your desired size. Then you have to tie the pipes with the border of the mat. There should be four bend pipes to place them in the four corners of the mat.
  • You can place the tire under the mat by tying up with strong nylon ropes. And another end of the mat should be tied with something strong outside the pool to hold the ramp.

Dog Ramp Made of Plastic Ladder and Net

  • You can make dog ramps for an above ground pool with a plastic ladder too. For that, you would need a small plastic ladder, some zip ties, some net and nylon ropes.
  • First, tie the net with the ladder with zip ties.
  • Then you can tie an end of the ramp with something strong outside the above ground pool with the nylon ropes.

So, here were three very easy ways of building dog ramps for above ground pools. You can easily make them on your own.


We know how much you love your pet and how you always feed them their favorite food with a pamper. So, why compromise their safety? Stop wasting time and get to build your pet dog a nice dog ramp for the above ground pool with the help of the given instructions.

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