How to Beautify an Above Ground Pool?- Here are Awesome Ideas!

How to Beautify an Above Ground PoolThe swimming pool is your best friend for a hot, summer day. All is okay but if it’s not looking good, you as well as your friends and family can’t be happy enough.

Maybe you are in this type of dilemma and searched on google by ‘how to beautify an above-ground pool.’ Okay, no need to worry more.

We have come with some awesome ideas you will love for sure! Let’s check them out!

What are the ideas we have kept for you?

We all love to beautify the stuff we own. It’s an art to add some beauty to a regular thing.

Now, look at the suggestions we are giving you for beautifying your above-ground Swimming pool.

1. Add a botanical decoration

Maybe sounds weird but it will bring a unique look for your pool. Set up potted plants around your above-ground pool. Just place them in a nice way, they’ll look good.

What else you can do is to grow some shrubs or trees around your pool, it will be a long-term alternative. Be careful of spraying for ants and termites regularly.

2. Make a lounge space

It is recommended for a rectangular above-ground pool. Imagine a picture of a built-in wood bench lined with outdoor cushions adjacent to your pool.

It will add style and extra seating to your plain, rectangular pool.

3. Give your pool a modern update

If you don’t like a concrete pool anymore, add style with black mosaic tile. For enhancing beauty, you can add some eye-catching uplighting here. It will be very eye-soothing.

4. Add a river rocks landscape

It doesn’t matter what type of above-ground pool you have. It can be rectangular, round, s-shaped or anything else, edge around your pool with inexpensive river rocks.

You can use pea gravel instead of river rocks here. But this idea will bring a gorgeous look to your pool as an alternative to traditional garden landscaping.

5. Light up the pool

On a peaceful evening, you may be arranged for a small pool party. You can decorate your pool with soft lighting.

For example, you may use tiki torches, candles, lanterns or string pool lights. It will be an inexpensive but lovely way to glam up your regular pool.

Just remember to extinguish all the flames when it’s the night for you.

6. Install a deck

Isn’t it cool if you can use other elements of your home to beautify an above-ground pool? You have the pool deck, then!

Decks allow you the perfect complement even if they don’t fully surround the pool. While using this design, plants can still be placed around your pool.

If you want to give the illusion of an in-ground pool, you can customize the deck from the sloped yard. How it can start is simply at the top of the hill and maintain its height with support beams.

But, it demands very careful planning.

7. Japanese inspired framework

It’s maybe the rarest idea. It can be a transformation from former trash to a gorgeous backyard focal point. Architect Stefan Bees took steps to do this transformation.

8. Be open with nature

This is the simplest way to decorate your pool. Place your above-ground pool in your rad backyard, close to nature.

But, keep the tree roots in your mind during choosing the spot for your pool. Carefully ground the level of your above-ground pool.

  1. Add solar landscape light

But, keep the tree roots in your mind during choosing the spot for your pool. Carefully ground the level of your above-ground pool.

10. Surround the pool with fences

Above-ground pools can be stylish! Use a little creativity for your bright, blue pool. Surround it with fencing, ornamental grasses.

Something else you can do is build a small, shady deck out of 2x4s and cinder blocks.

11. Use straw bales

You can use straw bales in cases you want a rustic siding. This can make a cheap, natural siding for your above-ground pool.

For keeping the straw out of the pool, stack the straw bales approximately halfway up the above-ground pool’s height. Don’t ever stack them to the full height of the pool.

12. Set up a cover as a shade

This will help you to keep the pool cooler as well as prevent sunburn. For this, put up a trellis or a pergola or an umbrella over the pool during summer months.

13. Install a table near the pool

The intention is to use the table as a POOLSIDE BAR. You can keep your towels, drinks or snacks here or use it as just a coffee table.

14. Set up a concrete siding

It will bring a more urban look to your above-ground pool. Just mix a batch of concrete and set up a wall from each side of the pool.

If you ever worked with concrete, it’s simply a DIY for you. If not, hire a landscaper instead.
Concrete may not have enough natural-looking material but it is sturdy and more weather-resistant than wood.

15. Set up glass panes

For having a finished look, set up glass panes around the edges of your pool. It will also bring a look like a below-ground pool if you set up glass pane here.

All you need to do is to buy and cut the glass panes as the width of your above-ground pool. You can hire a contractor who will fix them on top of the siding.

This type of setting works best with deck siding.

So, that’s it! You got the ideas. Pick whichever you want from them. But, always remember, your above-ground pool requires perfect maintenance.

So, you need to know the proper maintenance of your above-ground pool.


How was the journey by the way? You got 15 great ideas for beautifying your above-ground pool. Aren’t they cool enough?

Now, you are not in the darkness of how to beautify an above-ground pool, right? We are feeling great to help you out. Just go and start the stuff.

Happy beautifying!

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