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Harris H1572730 ProForce Review

Harris H1572730 ProForceA consistent and clean flow of water into the pool- that’s what the first and foremost thing a pool owner wants all the time. But when it’s above ground pool, it’s become quite hard to meet both ends in case of finding the right pool pump.

In the search of the best pool pumps for above ground pools, we got to end up with one of the people’s choices of the year- the Harris H1572730 ProForce pump. It’s a mid-range above ground pool pump with ample motor power, rigid construction and a promise of durability.


So, is it worth your money and time? We’d taken ourselves deep down into its features and benefits to portray the answer in this Harris H1572730 ProForce review. Let’s check out-

Product Specification

  • Model/Brand: Harris H1572730
  • Motor Power: 1.5 HP
  • Dimension: 22 x 8 x10.8 inches
  • Motor Shaft Material: Stainless Steel(Reinforced).
  • Suction Port Size: 1.5 inches
  • Discharge Port Size: 1.5 inches.
  • Internal Threading: 1.5 inches
  • External Threading: 2.5 inches.
  • Cord Length: 3 feet.
  • Running Voltage: 115V.
  • Certification: CSA and ETL.

Features and Benefits

Tough Built Quality, Both Inside and Outside

The first selling point that caught our attention is it’s tough built quality from both inside and outside.

The heart of the pump is the 1.5HP motor. The motor shaft design quite resembles how strong it is in terms of built quality.

A high-quality stainless steel is used to make the motor shaft body that is encompassed in a casing. The impressive fact about the casing is- it is also reinforced to protect the motor inside from any kind of damage or hazard.

With all that, years-long durability is just on the way.

The Efficient 1.5HP Motor

About the 1.5HP motor that we’ve talked about earlier, it has got a number of USPs. Firstly, it’s the efficiency that is going to save you from breaking the bank. Saving up the energy to a decent extent, it will never be a burden on you in terms of energy consumption.

On top of that, the motor design meets all sorts of engineering standards that many of the competitors might not be able to meet. For now, we can quote the CSA and ETL standards that this motor meets all the way.

Convenient Water Flow, All The Way

We know that the sole reason to purchase an above ground pool pump is to have a seamless water flow for your pool. With the dual threading on this Harris H1572730, it’s something that is 100% certain.

The external thread is sized as 2.5 inches, and the internal one is sized as 1.5 inches. Both of them will ensure an optimal and convenient water flow whenever you put the pump in service.

Low Noise Level

As it’s quite a powerful motor, it’s usually expected that it will make a whirring noise around and blow everyone away who’s around the pool.

The interesting fact is, it does not do that at all. The noise level is so low that you can only hear it if you pay attention to it. Otherwise, it will not bother the people partying around it while it’s running on full force.

3 Foot Cord Length

Although many potential users underlook this fact and regret later, it didn’t miss out this time with Harris H1572730. It’s about the length of the power cord that comes up with the pump. It’s 3 feet, and we thank the producer for that.

Because it’s not a rare incident that you get in a short of cable length if the power outlet is located far from where you are supposed to house the pool pump.

A Convenient Strainer

The strainer happens to be an imperative part of a pool pump. The one that we’ve got with Harris H1572730 is a transparent, twist and lock type one. Because of being transparent, you can have a quick view of it and check for any change or refill.

Also, the strainer basket that comes with it is quite large. You can clean it very easily once needed and that won’t require any professional’s help anyway.


  • 5HP horsepower motor.
  • Stainless steel made reinforced shaft design.
  • Longer lasting and durable for years.
  • Minimal self-noise level while running.
  • CSA and ETL certified.
  • Runs on standard 115V at the household environment.
  • 5” external and 1.5” inches threading.
  • Constant and convenient water flow.
  • 3 feet long power cable with standard 3-prong plug.
  • A budget-friendly pump for above ground pools.


  • No on and off switch for quick powering.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: Does this pump work with both above ground and ground pool?

Answer: This pump works only with the above ground pool, not with the ground pool.

Question: What is the distance from the floor to the discharge port?

Answer: As per the spec chart, the distance from the ground to the discharge port is 7.75 inches.

Question: How about the plug connection type?

Answer: The plug connection that comes with it is a standard three-prong type at the end of the 3 feet cable.

Question: Can i clean the filter basket?

Answer: The filter basket that is located on the strianer is easy to clean, and doesn’t need any professional concern.

Question: Is there any on and off switch to control on at instance?

Answer: Unfortunately, the absence of the on and off switch had been the only drawback we’ve found about this pool pump. You’ve to do it manually with the power switch.

Bottom Line

Congrats! You’ve made it till the dead bottom of this Harris H1572730 ProForce review. So far, we’ve tried our level best to break down what’s in there in this pump, and what benefits this pump will provide you with. In case you want to consider that as your next best above pool pump, we’d say that it will be a good choice.

But we have found a few users to complain about the warranty policy of the company. Depending on which seller/store you’ve got, this might also vary from user to user.

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