A Beginners Guide To Saltwater Pools

 Guide To Saltwater PoolsIf you are thinking to renovate your old chlorinate pool into something new, try a saltwater pool.

Saltwater pool is getting popular day by day as it is safe and easy to maintain. On the other hand, it is healthy and good for your skin.

Here is a detailed guide about the saltwater pool you will get, where you will find its benefits along with some disadvantages, necessary ways of cleaning it, and how to make it safe for your kid and pets.

What is a saltwater pool?

First of all, let’s clear this confusion that the saltwater pool doesn’t taste like seawater. Remember the first time when you go to the ea for swimming and drink a cup full of seawater! What was your reaction? “Yummmm! That’s good water”- this was not your reaction, I bet! Lucky you, that salt water pool doesn’t taste like that.

In a saltwater pool, you will add salt instead of chlorine, and the salt chlorine generator will convert salt into chlorine. The generator will break the molecules of the salt into chlorine, and this will keep your pool clean.

The salt should be at a higher level which will help the machine to function.

The salt level is around 5000 ppm which is about 1/10 the salinity level of the sea. It tastes more like your teardrop or contact lens solution. If you have a dream to know how it would feel like to swim in your teardrops swimming pool, you can make a saltwater pool instead.

The main fact about salt chlorine generator

In the saltwater pool, you have to add 99% or above pure salt, and the chlorine generator will generate chlorine from it. Typically a generator costs around $1,700- $ 2,500 according to its functions and lasts up to 7 years. These generators are easy to maintain, easy to clean and cost less than typical generators.

How does the salt chlorine generator work?

There are two primary components of the generator. One is the cell, and another one is the control board. Pool water will flow through the cell, and a low voltage current with metallic grids will react with it. This will create little bubbles, which are known as chlorine. This chlorine will react with the pool water and form hypochlorous acid. And this is how the salt chlorine generator works.

Saltwater pool is better than any other pool

Yes! It’s true that a saltwater pool is better than any other regular pool. Here are the reasons:

Safe for skin and eyes

In a saltwater pool, the level of the chlorine is really low, which is good for your skin and eyes. You will feel less stingy in this kind of pool.

User-friendly chemicals

Salt is the only chemical element that is used in the saltwater pool. And that makes it safer than any other pool.

Less maintenance

The process of creating chlorine is much easier and stress-free than other chlorine generators. The salt chlorine generator will generate the exact amount of chlorine according to your pool’s need. All you need to do is to keep your eye on the saline level.

Clearwater always

A salt chlorinator will keep your water clean and clear always. The saltwater feels smooth and desirable, which is good for your skin.

Some undeniable disadvantages

Everything on this earth has both sides. However, the cons of a saltwater pool are less than other pools as you just need to be more careful about these matters. Let’s have a look at these:

Need a large amount of investment

Installation of a saltwater pool is a little bit more expensive than other pools. Also, you need to invest a large amount of cash so that the pool and equipment will last longer than others.

Need experience

It requires an experienced owner to maintain the saltwater pool.

Forget about water tests

weekly, monthly, and yearly you need to test your water pH and salinity level. As the water is really comfortable on your skin, you may forget to run a test!


When you are thinking about having a pool in your backyard, a saltwater pool is the best option. There are plenty of advantages which you can take from a saltwater pool. Though there are some disadvantages which can be eliminated with proper guidance, a saltwater pool is really handy for you if you have children and pets in your house.

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