Diving In A Pool: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Diving In A Pool: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners 1Swimming is the best exercise, is what they say. But to get good at swimming, you need to learn proper diving as well. And this is where most people get a bit confused.

Diving is as sophisticated as swimming. So, there are some proper steps that you should follow. But, you need the steps explained in the best way possible.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve included every step, you’ll need to properly learn diving in 5 steps, with explanations, in “Diving In A Pool: A Step By Step Guide.”

So, let’s ‘dive’ right in.

Step 1: Find a Pool

At first, we have to prepare for the dive so that we don’t get spooked later on. We can start off by finding a deep dive pool.

Inspecting the pool is very important. Because, if the pool isn’t deep enough, you might risk getting spine or head injuries.

The depth recommended by the Red Cross is 9 feet, but 8 feet of depth is also acceptable. But, don’t even think of diving in a depth less than 8 feet.

Step 2: Get Used to Diving Headfirst

It’s very common for beginners, especially kids, to be scared of diving headfirst. It’s understandable, since charging headfirst anywhere else would injure you.

But, to dive properly to need to learn to go headfirst without. Here are 2 techniques you can try.

  • Jump into the water feet first to get used to entering the water.
  • Practice falling into the water to convince yourself that the water won’t hurt you.

Step 3: Do a Dry Run on Land

You need to get the movement right in diving to make a successful dive. So, it’s better for a beginner to practice the movement on land first.

Try standing somewhere with space. Now raise your hands straight upwards, while hugging your ears and tuck your chin in. That’s the initial position.

Now, try practicing the motion of diving on a grassy area or a soft carpet. Get down on your knees and angle your hands and fingertips towards the ground. Now, roll forwards until you’re flat on your stomach.

Step 4: Crouch and Glide

It’s time to try out the action. Stand on your toes at the edge of the pool. Now, crouch your upper body and slide into the water headfirst.

Exhale when you enter the water and keep practicing this until you’re comfortable with the whole action.

Step 5: Try It from a Standing Position

Once you have learned to comfortably crouch and glide into water, try diving from a standing position.

Get into the position that we practiced in the dry run. Angle your upper body inwards, bend your knee, and launch yourself into the water.

Make sure you have a spotter with you at the beginning to make sure you are okay. Tell them to hold your belly so that you can properly bend your upper body before executing the dive.

Once you’re able to dive without a spotter, you are done with the basic diving technique. Now, you can move to learn advanced techniques.


That’s all we had to tell you in “Diving In A Pool: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners.” Now, it’s time for you to try it out at the Swimming pool.

Before you leave, we’d like to ask for a favor. Let us know if we could help you out. Some feedback in the comments would mean the world to us.

Till then, we hope you have fun swimming.

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