10 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

pool Maintenance MistakesHaving a pool in the backyard of your house must be exciting. You can enjoy your summer by the pool or call your friends and through a pool party anytime. But it is essential to clean the pool regularly. Although maintaining a pool is not that hard if you follow all the instructions. However, there are some particular moments when you might make mistakes during cleansing the pool. We all are human beings, and it is obvious to make mistakes.

To make your life easier, here we are mentioning 10 common pool maintenance mistakes that you may make. Knowing the mistakes will help to refrain from doing so.


Forget to brush the walls and tile

Cleaning the pool doesn’t require only chemicals and bleach. You have to brush those walls, sides, and the tiles of the pool to get rid of stubborn algae. Make sure that you have reached all those corners, stairs, water lines, and ladders. As a result, this will keep algae away from your pool.


Forget to clean the pet hair from the pool

Having pets in the pool is quite a normal thing for pet owners. As pets are always excited and happy when they jump into the pool but, make sure that you have cleaned your pool after your pet gets off from it. An average dog can shed hair up to three-time than a human being. Dogs’ hair can contaminate the water and clog the filter of the pool, which is why it is important to clean the pool after your pets get off.


Use shock directly to the pool

Shock is a kind of chemical which is used to clean pool water. It contains high chlorine, which can damage the substance. Also, when chlorine and calcium hypochlorite combine, they create toxic gases. Adding shock directly to the pool can mix with the chlorine and creates deadly gases.


Ignoring the PH level of your pool

Balancing the PH level of the water is essential. High PH is known for acidic on the other hand, low PH is known for alkaline.

A low PH pool is a friend to the algae. In this situation, algae can easily grow and spread out all over the pool as no substance can prevent them. On the other hand, high PH is harmful to your skin, equipment, and health.  

Forget to clean the filter

The pool filter is an important piece of equipment that helps you to filter the pool water properly. After every filtration happens, you must have to clean the filter; otherwise, it will help the algae to grow. It will also clog your water and causes serious damage to your pool.


Cleaning algae with automatic cleaner

Algae is a natural substance that can be cleaned only with natural or chemical things. An automatic cleanser can not clean all of your algae from your pool. Moreover, the automatic cleaner can hamper your pool.


Using shock as a cleanser during the day time

Pool cleaning should be done at night. At night time, the environment is cool, and it helps the chemical to work correctly. If you use shock during the daytime to clean your pool, it might not work properly due to the heat from the sun. The UV rays from the sun can prevent the shock from cleansing. 


Ignoring the water testing

By looking at your pool, you might be thinking it’s all good, there is no problem at all. Even your water looks and smells all nice. But, the PH level of your water might be high, or there might be some chemical imbalance. A weekly water test is essential to get rid of these problems.


Running the pool filtration system less than eight hours per day

If you are using your pool daily, you must have to filter your pool for at least eight hours. Sometimes we think that eight hours is more than enough for filtration. But it takes a pool to be cleaned at least eight hours.


Backwashing filter very frequently

Backwashing is a term for a cleansing process when you wash the media inside of the filter. Backwash cleans all the sand, dirt, and diatomaceous earth that you have inside your filter. However, you should not overdo it; otherwise, the media might get some damage.


Mistakes are quite common for the person who is new to the pool. If you keep these things in your mind, then it will be easy to prevent all these mistakes.

Have fun without having any stress.

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