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Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool (Above ground) Review

Do you recall those weekends or summer vacations while you loved it so much to roam around the beach? Well, that’s not practically possible if you’re living at home right now.

But what we can do is create a 22 feet long pool, and cherish the moments in there with your family and friends. But the question is, are there any such pools of this kind of size that offer durability and a good value for money?

Well, my friend, that’s where the Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool pops in. We’ve got lucky to find one such pool and was very interested to check out what the insider features.

For you, we’ve got them all crafted in this Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool (Above ground) review-

Product Specification

  • Brand and model: Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool
  • Liner material: Tritech enhanced 3-ply material
  • Ladder height: 52 inches
  • Size variation(s): 1
  • Cartridge filter: Yes
  • Cartridge Type: Type IV
  • Water capacity: 10,668 gallons (40,377 L)
  • Dimension: 22 ft. x 52 in. (6.71 m x 1.32 m)
  • Product weight: 95.4 pounds

Features and Benefits

Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool (Above ground) Review 1

A Massive water capacity of 10,668 gallons

At the very first glance, anyone would notice that this Coleman pool is one of the largest looking one in the market. To be specific with the amount of water it can hold, it’s 10,668 gallons or over 40,370 liters.

With such containing capacity, you can definitely get the feeling of an actual, large in-ground pool experience. And because it’s so big in size and capacity, it can hold up to 15 people for a pool party.

Reinforced portholes to create the sidewall

As a consequence of its massive load capacity, it’s an obvious thing that the sidewalls of this pool have to be strong, rigid and solid. And the portholes that used to make up the sidewall checks all those boxes indeed.

Apart from the structural strength, the number and frequency of the portholes are two other important facts to consider. Therefore, the water pressure is divided uniformly among them all.

A Durable and puncture resistant liner

The liner of this pool is made of 3-ply material, which happens to be an industry standard manner. This makes it durable and resistive against the puncture.

Also, there are things to talk about both inner and outside liners. The outsider liner is a natural looking rattan wicker print, where the inner liner comes with a unique tile print on it. These will definitely enhance the beauty of your lawn or backyard and make the pool itself pretty as well.

A durable frame with seal and lock system

Let’s shift our focus on the frame once again. The frame is made to be durable and the steel(the base material) is coated with a corrosion resistant coat in this regard.

Thus, the frame is meant to provide a significant strength and connection. To make things even better, there is a well-familiar seal and lock system to make sure the frame doesn’t bend or crack even under serious load pressure.

A pool set by itself

The pool is not alone when you order it. Along with the Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool, you will also get a filter pump that’s compatible with type IV cartridge, a pool cave, a maintenance kit and a safety ladder for quick access rating.

A source of fun for the entire family

The reason why we would call it a family-friendly above ground pool is not just it’s massive size and water capacity. There is also some safety concerns that have made it up to this extent.

Firsty, it’s a peep window through which the parents can check immediately where the kids are within the water. And secondly, it’s the damage-free, safe design of both the sidewall and the ladder. They are very easy to access and get over or down. Kids starting from 5-6 years of age will be comfortable to use it along with the rest of the family.


  • A massive diameter of 22 feet.
  • Can hold up to 10,668 gallons of water.
  • Comes as a 3-ply material liner surrounded pool.
  • The steel frame is made to be corrosion proof.
  • Sports a seal and lock system among the connectors.
  • The outsider liner contains rattan wicker print.
  • The insider liner contains a unique looking tile print.
  • It contains a filter pump, maintenance kit, and a pool cave.
  • A safe, smooth ladder to climb through.
  • Safe for kids and any other kind of users.


  • It’s of course not a cup of tea for budget buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: How does the seal and lock system help?

Answer: Apart from being strong enough to hold the water pressure, seal and lock system also induces a quick, trustworthy connection while setting up.

Question: Can I set it in my backyard?

Answer: If you think your backyard contains enough space and drainage systems to house this pool, you can definitely do that.

Question: What kind of cartridge this filter pump is compatible with?

Answer: This filter pump is compatible with type IV cartridge.

Question: How can I set up this pool on my own?

Answer: To set this pool up, you need to get along with the seal and lock system of the frame. You can take help from an instructional manual.

Bottom Line

We agree that the price point of this above ground pool will not bring a smile on anyone’s face unless you’re a billionaire. But if you look closer to the massive size and the capability to still hold to a set of promising features, we think you won’t mind investing after.

But not by any means, if you’re looking for a pool to host just a few people. We have plenty of other above ground pools covered on his website which might help you out to find the right suit.

Good luck!

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