Can dogs go in a pool?

Can dogs go in a poolIf you are a dog owner and have a pool in the backyard, your first concern is, “Is the pool safe for my dog?” Well, this question is ubiquitous for dog owners as pool water can be dangerous for your four legs fur friends. Most of the dogs love to play in the pool during a burning summer day. This will give them a chill pleasure and give them a chance to spend some quality time with their owner.

However, taking and letting a dog inside the dog swimming pool will be risky if you are not concerned about its safety and take precautions. In this article, you will get all the details that you need to know before giving your dog a chance to hop into the pool.


Can my dog swim?

The answer to this question might be yes because dogs have four legs, which let them swim. However, not all dogs can swim. Some dogs are natural swimmers. Their breed and environment make them adapt to the situation.

Which breeds can swim?

Certain breeds can swim because of their task. These dogs are natural swimmers as they have to do their work on the water. Such breeds are Labrador retriever, Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, Portuguese water dogs, English setters. These dogs are mainly for hunting and fisherman’s helpers.


Should you let your dog enter the pool area?

Letting your dogs inside the pool is your choice. However, you have to take some necessary steps before letting them in. These are the must be needed steps.

  1. Groom your dog before taking him/her into the pool
  2. Check the water level of the pool. Small breed dogs can not swim if the water level is much higher than their height.
  3. Check the chemical, chlorine, and PH level of your water.
  4. Teach your dogs how to swim. Not all dogs are natural swimmers. You should not throw them into the pool directly.
  5. Do not make them anxious. And try to read their behavior regarding the pool. If they do not like the water, do not pressure them to get in.
  6. Buy an Dog ramp

Is the water safe for the dogs?

A well-maintained pool is safe for your dog. Usually, pool water, saltwater, or chlorine is not meant to be harmful to your dogs; however, there are some things you need to be concerned about. Animals and kids can ingest more chlorine water than an adult human being. An excessive amount of water can upset the stomach and causes vomiting, nausea, and other health damages. Dogs do not know how much water they are consuming or how to avoid them. For this reason, you have to be there all the time, supervise and guide them so that they do not consume excessive water inside their system.

On the other hand, you have to rinse your dog properly once they get off of the pool. The chemicals of the pool can make their skin dry.

How can dogs affect my pool water?

Dogs are like your fur, four legs, best friends. However, their furs can affect the pool mostly. They shed about 3 times more hair than human beings. If you are not cleaning your pool after your dogs have left, the filtration process will be damaged, and drains will be clogged due to having excessive dog hair in pool.

However, dogs carry more germs, debris, and dirt than human beings. As they have a fur coat on their body, it helps them to carry it out everywhere. These germs and debris can affect your pool chemicals and also help algae to grow faster.

Dog’s sharp nails can be harmful to your pool equipment and toys. Also, it can damage the vinyl or plastic liner of your pool.


What are the protections I should take for my dogs?

You must have to take some extra time before planning to take your dogs inside the pool. Thee are the protection that you must have to take

  1. Secure and store your chemicals in a proper place so that they can not reach them easily
  2. Use recommended chemicals and chlorine in your water, which will not irritate your dogs.
  3. Always rinse your dogs when they get up from the pool.


Dogs can get in the pool if you are taking proper care and maintenance. Always make sure that your pool is clean and safe for your fur babies.

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