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Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool Review

There are both round shaped and rectangular shaped above ground pools in the market. But for some of the users, rectangular shaped ones are better preferred if they come with the strong built quality and other essential features.

In case you are one of them, and looking for one of the best rectangular pools to put above ground, the Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool review is for you.

It comes from one of the best inventories in the market, and it has a handful or sizes to choose from. To learn what else is there for you, let’s continue reading.

Product Specification

  • Brand and model: Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool
  • Sidewall material: 3-ply reinforced material
  • Size variation(s): 4
  • Sand filter: Yes
  • Built in Chemical dispenser: Yes
  • Surface Skimmer: No
  • Pool cover: Yes
  • Ground cloth: Yes
  • Water capacity: 4000+ gallons
  • Dimension: 9.3 feet x 6.5 feet x 48 inches
  • Product weight: 90 pounds

Features and Benefits

The outstanding tri-tech construction technology

If you would ask for only one reason why you should go for this Best Way 5661E, we would recall the tri-tech technology in front of you. It’s a technology that enhances the durability and strength of the pool sidewall.

To be exact about what it is, Tri-tech technology is a 3-ply material along with a polyester mesh-core encased within a couple of laminated PVC layers. It turns the material to be puncture-proof and long lasting to a certain extent.

Withstanding against stress, UV and Chlorine

Before launching this above ground pool, Bestway had tested the material on a number of viewpoints. The list includes- test against UV(Ultra violet), test against chlorine exposure and finally, test against a large volume of water(more than its standard capacity).

So, while your pool will be exposed under the sky, it won’t be decaying it’s lifespan even when it’s full of water.

Doesn’t bend or leak

The pool frame is needed to be settled down through the seal and lock system, which is explained well in the instructions. But there is another benefit of this lock system, which is it can prevent any sort of bending or leaking through it.

To stabilize the joint connection, there is a pin clip design that stays within the frame and will be protecting it from collapsing even under high water pressure.

Chemconnect Chemical Dispenser

The next selling point of this pool is the Chemconnect chemical dispenser. Now, many of you who haven’t used it before might wonder about what it is and what it does.

Well, such a chemical dispenser like Chemconnect can replace the essence of a traditional floating chemical cleaner. This will serve in two ways. One- it will keep the pool water clean. And two- it will provide you with more room to swim and thus, more fun to have.


A happy size diversity for all budgets and users

This is perhaps a source of peace for some users who are very choosy about finding the right size of their above ground pool ground. If you are one of them, this might be good news for you.

This rectangular pool comes within four different sizes. The one that we’re talking about is 9 feet 3 inches long, 6 feet 5 inches wide and 33 inches in depth. This happens to be the smallest size of the list. Other three sizes are respectively- 18’ x 9’ x 48”, 22’ x 12’ x 52” and 24’ x 12’ x 52”.

Based on your budget and size of the area where you’re going to install the pool, you can easily find the right fit.

A Complete set of above ground pool

There are a lot of above ground pools that come with just the pool itself and the filter pump. In some of the cases, you will get a ground cloth as well.

But Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool is a rather complete set of the above ground pools. It contains the pool itself, a pool cover that suits the size and protects it from dust and debris, a ground cloth to keep your ground dry and of course the sand filter as an essential part of it.


  • Tri-tech technology empowered 3-ply material.
  • It comes with a polyester mesh within the PVC layers.
  • Tested for UV, Chlorine and water load exposure.
  • Oval-shaped, strong tubes to form the frame.
  • It offers an assembly within a small chunk of time.
  • Support bands are made of strong PVC.
  • It comes with a Chemical dispenser named ChemConnect.
  • It contains a flow control drain valve.
  • It also contains a filter cartridge.
  • Four size options, starting from 9 feet 3 inches x 6 feet 5 inches.


  • For higher depths(48”), a ladder is expected.
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Question: How much water can this pool contain?

Answer: The smallest one, which we’ve picked, for now, can contain 4000+ gallons of water.

Question: Does this pool get dirty while not being used?

Answer: It will be hard so if you don’t forget to put the pool cover on.

Question: Does this pool contain a drain valve?

Answer: Yes, it does come with a drain valve to keep water circulating.

Question: How does the oval shaped tube help in terms of strength?

Answer: FGeometrically, oval shaped metal tubes are very hard to bend, especially when you get a strong built quality along with it.

Question: How much does the empty pool weigh?

Answer: The empty pool weighs about 90 pounds.

Bottom Line

So, that is all about today’s Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool review. It’s neither the most expensive one in the market nor one of those cheap ones which break within a couple of months. In terms of price-quality ratio, we would definitely suggest you keep it within your shortlist.

Now, it’s up to you to find the right size and check if it meets your budget or not. Good luck and happy swimming!

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