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Best Shock for Above Ground Pools from Every Formula 2022

The perfect water chemistry is the most desirable thing in the above ground pool. And to maintain that perfect water chemistry and avoid any funky smells, you need the perfect pool shock.

But, with so many varieties and ingredients and formulas, it can be a chore to figure out which one is the best shock for above ground pools that also suits your needs.

But, don’t worry, today we are going to be discussing the details and pros and cons of the 10 best shocks for above ground pools and we also have a helpful buying guide at the end to help you with your decision.

So, just keep on reading.

Best Shock for Above Ground Pools 2022

1. Aqua-Chem 5-Pack Shock Xtra Blue

Best Shock for Above Ground PoolsThe aqua chem shock Xtra blue powder is one of the more convenient and safer ways of chlorinating your pool water treatment. It creates clear sparkling water by eliminating the algae and spores from the water surface and creates a smooth water blend for you to use and enjoy.

It is suitable for all pools so you can use it in your above ground pool without having to think too much about it. It reduces the harmful effects of chlorine liquid. It does not irritate the eyes and the skin and is suitable for long term use.

It controls and chlorinates the water without disturbing the PH balance too much.


  • It is mild and safe for use
  • User-friendly and easy to control
  • Reduces unpleasant odor of chlorine liquid


  • The blue coloring can leak into the filters

2. In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock

In The Swim makes the chlorine pool shock in a way that is fast and efficient. It can clear out the algae and bacteria fast enough and also takes out any harmful content or chemical leftover from your pool. It is powerful enough to speed up your pool preparation but it isn’t harmful or harsh to the eyes and skin. Anyone using the pool would be completely safe and able to enjoy luxurious smooth water.

It also helps with quickening the sanitization before you open up your pool for the season with an effective wash of its main active ingredient 68% Calcium Hypochlorite.

It is also cost-effective since you only need 1 pound of chlorine pool shock for every 10,000 gallons of water. It is affordable too.


  • It is useful for whenever you need a quick cleanse
  • The pool shock needs no preparation, can be added directly to the pool water
  • Eliminates micro-containments to reduce the cloudiness from the water


  • The pool filter would need to be cleaned out frequently

3. Pool Essentials Shock Treatment

Pool Essentials Shock Treatment

Pool Essential Shock Treatment is the more economic route to go with everything that is available out there. It is quickly dissolvable, ready-to-use, and very cost-effective in the long run as well.

It reduces the visible algae and unseen bacteria equally and reduces the cloudiness of pool water making it sparkling clean. The product is ready to go so it doesn’t need to be mixed or pre-dissolved. You can directly pour or sprinkle it into the water when it needs a quick cleaning.

The preferred method is to try to pour it through the skimmer or at the deep-end of the pool. It can also be used anytime throughout the year regardless of the season.


  • It contains trichlor making the water of the pool perfectly balanced
  • It has a low PH rate so it wouldn’t disturb your pool’s PH balance
  • It is cost-effective in the long run


  • It can bleach vinyl pools

4. Nature2 DuoClear Mineral Cartridge For DuoClear Pool Sanitizers

Best Shock for Above Ground Pools from Every Formula 2022 1

The easy to use Nature2 Duoclear Mineral Cartridge is a natural and more effective pool shock for any kind of pool. It is capable of any pool structure precisely because it doesn’t cause any harm to any of your pool accessories or stain or bleach your pool either. It is perfectly safe to use.

It uses less chlorine or bromine to sanitize your pool’s water. So it maintains the natural minerals and is more forgiving to the environment surrounding us. It is also very mild on the eyes, hair, and skin. So your pool is ready for the season faster than any other method of sanitization when you use the Nature2 Pool Mineral Cartridge.

Despite being mild and environment friendly it does not compromise with its cleaning properties one bit. It takes off every bit of algae and bacteria leaving you with clean, smooth water, ready to be jumped in.


  • It is the fastest solution for bigger pools
  • You can control and measure the product for your need
  • It is very easy to apply and use


  • Depending on how big your pool is, low levels of chlorine can encourage algae growth.

5. In The Swim 3″ Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

The In The Swim tablets are the easiest, the most user-friendly option we have for you. These are each individually packed chlorine tablets that are safe and stabilized for use. It can be used in any pool. Especially with its slow and steady dissolving formula it can quite easily be mentioned as the best shock for salt water pool.

It has a 90% rate of chlorine availability in each tablet so you can customize according to the size and volume of your pool without having to compromise on precious time or risking chemical exposure.


  • The 3” tablets are perfectly sized for floaters or any other kind of chlorine feeder.
  • It uses 99% trichlor as its most active chlorine agent
  • You only need one or two tablets per 10,000 gallons


  • The slow dissolve can slow down the whole sanitization process

6. In The Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Start-Up Kit

Best Shock for Above Ground Pools from Every Formula 2022 2

This is the all-in-one solution for all your pool problems at the beginning of summer. If you want something that has all the steps of opening up your pool for the season, this is the one you wanna go with.

It has the scale remover, the algae preventive solution, the chlorine shock, and every single thing that you’d need for the aftercare of your pool throughout the season.

It will save your hours and hours of browsing through google to figure out the best steps to clean, sanitize and maintain your pool, and because it is all from the same brand all of these products are highly compatible with each other. You just follow through the steps and you’re done with zero stress.


  • The package is very cost-effective
  • It has all the products in one place and a handy user guide
  • It comes with PH strips for easily measuring chlorine, ph, alkalinity, etc.


  • Not very beginner-friendly.

7. BioGuard Easy Shock and Swim

BioGuard Easy Shock and Swim

The Bioguard easy shock and swim is a multipurpose option that would be best for people with bigger above ground pools. It eases a lot of the work. Since it can be used for oxidizing, clarifying. Buffering you don’t need to buy and worry about the compatibility of three different products and eventually messing up the chemical balance of your pool, especially if you’re a beginner.

This one is very user friendly. It comes in an easy-to-use container and can be used once a week. It reduces the chances of hazy, murky water by reducing the cloudiness and eliminating micro contaminants from the waters. It retains and brings back the sparkle in the water making it clear.


  • Specially designed to work best with above-ground pool
  • Can be used for multiple steps for a long time
  • Is very user friendly and safe


  • Doesn’t come with a very detailed user guide

8. HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment

HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment

The HTH Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment comes in a six-count value pack that is both affordable and cost-effective in the long run.

It can clear, sanitize, and get your pool ready for a swim within the first 24 hours. IT also reduces the unpleasant chemical odor and is very mild on the skin and eyes. It reduces the risk of any chemical exposure to the people using the pool.

It contains a high count of active chlorine that is effective for bacteria and algae cleaning and making the pool water crystal clear.


  • Contains up to 52% active chlorine
  • It acts fast is a very fast-dissolving formula
  • It will not over-stabilize your pool


  • Rain can reduce the effects of the pool shock

9. Leisure Time Renew Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment

Leisure Time Renew Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment

If you want to go chlorine-free with your pool this is probably the best option. This pool shock uses Potassium Peroxymonosulfate as its main active ingredient.

It is very mild and harmless on the skin and the eyes. It is also very safe for use. And despite being safe it will give you the squeaky cleanse that you desire for your pool. It has a fast-dissolving formula that will easily dissolve and make your pool water crystal clear and ready to use in no time.


  • It performs as an oxidizer and clears up the cloudy water
  • It prevents chlorine fluctuation and reduces the build-up
  • Can easily remove body oils, microorganism and other containment from the water


  • Not very long-lasting

10. SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

And, last but definitely not the least, on our list of 10 best shocks for above ground pools we have the Spaguard Enhanced Shock. It is a multipurpose chlorinated shock that you can use for cleansing, sanitizing your pool.

It works incredibly fast. It has a 15-minute shock and soaks formula that gets your pool ready in just about 15 minutes. No more overnight pool shocks or waiting for hours for the chemicals to clear out.

The formula is compatible with both chlorine and bromine systems. It restores the sparkle of the water making the water crystal clear and smooth.


  • It is multi-purpose
  • It is easy to measure and use
  • It is very fast and efficient


  • Not suitable for larger pools

Best Shock for Above Ground Pools – Buying Guide

Out of all the pool maintenance essentials, buying a pool shock can be the most frustrating since there are so many varieties in terms of formula, consistency, and usage. Today we are going to break down the basics so you can choose your best above-ground pool shock without much hassle.


there are different types of formulas available for pool shocks. Powders, liquids, tablets, you name it. While powders are more controllable and easy to use liquids will dissolve and work faster. Tablets are the slowest dissolvers but are also the most commonly available.


It is important to note the strength or the concentration of chlorine in the shock since you are going to use it to instantly raise your chlorine levels. As a rule of thumb, 60% or higher is good.


Pool shocks more often than not come in value packs and for the most part those are usually the best deals. But if you have a smaller pool or an indoor spa you might want a single pack pool shock.

If you keep this fundamental information checked in your mind, it should be a breeze choosing your the top rated shock for above ground pools.

Bottom Line

If you have read this far, we realize that you definitely need a pool shock. So, here’s a quick breakdown for you so you can find the best pool shock for salt water pools for you.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution you need to go for the package deal by In The Swim. If you are looking for a stable, but the affordable product, go for the chlorine tablets. If you want an economical solution without compromising on the performance, go for the Pool Essential Shock Treatment.

We hope you have made your buying decision and thank you very much for reading.

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