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Best Permanent Above Ground Pool 2022 – Tested and Tried

You might love to enjoy a hot summer’s bath in the blue ocean, but not every time you can make it into reality.

But with an above ground pool right on your backyard, you can get at least most of the beach-fun for instance. And today, we’ve taken over the mission to find the right models for you.

Best Permanent Above Ground Pool 2022

1. Intex 15ft X 48in Permanent Above Ground Pool

intex 15ft X 48in Above Ground PoolThe first product of this listing is a 14ft x 48 inches pool from Intex- the infamous brand. In terms of built quality and motor capacity, it’s the best of both worlds. There are a few more things to know about this product, and continue reading to do that-

Firstly, it’s the super tough sidewall of this pool that is made of tough and thick laminated PVC. When there is none other support exists, the sidewall itself has to be strong enough and indeed, it is.

 The cartridge filter pump that comes with the pump has got a decent capacity of 1000 gallons per hour. While the water capacity of the pool’s 90% space is 3726 gallons, it won’t take much time to fill up the empty pool asap for the pump. 

Pool maintenance had been made easier with the connectivity drain plug. Also, there is a dual suction pipe to empty up the water without moving the whole pool. And the cherry on the top is the ladder which comes as high as the sidewall of the pool.

Overall, the Intex 15ft x 48in Easy Set Above Ground Pool is a bang for the buck, if you want to stick to a small sized pool area.

  • Sidewall is made of tough PVC that can hold pressure.

  • 3726 gallons of water capacity.

  • Pump water flow capacity of 1000 gallons/hour.

  • Comes with a 48 inches ladder as well.

  • Dual suction pipe is there for the sake of maintenance.

  • Quick setup with no tools required.

  • The sidewall is not the strongest one in the market.

2. Bestway Steel Pro 12ft x 30in Permanent Above-Ground Pool

Bestway Steel Pro 12ft x 30in Above-Ground PoolLife is getting harder and space is getting smaller for any home or family. Considering that, we’ve got a 12 ft long above ground pool to discuss at the moment. It’s from Bestway- the brand you know to produce quality pools and accessories.

The sidewall of this pool is made of 3-ply PVC and polyester, which are kind of industry standards on various extents. The frame that it stands on is made of high quality steel, with a protective layer from corrosion and rust.

This pool had a filter pump, with a capacity of 330 gallons per hour. Where the entire capacity of the pool is decent enough for 2-3 people in the family.

 One of the biggest UPS of this pool is it’s setup time. Provided that it comes with a set of T-connectors and C-clips to connect the poles, it takes no tools at all to set it up right away, even if you’re an ameteur in this. 

Draining the used water out had been made with the drain valve. You can even connect to the garden hose and extract the water right in the drainage system without reaching any harm to the garden premises.

From three size options, you can select the right one. The bigger one is 15 feet long, and the biggest one is 18 feet. For a bigger group of people, that makes complete sense. This one is called best backyard above ground pools

  • Three size options to choose from.

  • T-connects and C-clips for easy and secure installation.

  • Pool is made of 3-ply PVC and polyester.

  • Frame is made of high quality steel.

  • Installing the pool is very easy.

  • The filter pump capacity is 330 gallons per hour.

  • Offers a durable lifespan.

  • A ladder with the pool would be appreciated.

3. Intex 8ft X 30in Easy Set – best Permanent Intex Above Ground Pool

Best Permanent Above Ground Pool 2022 - Tested and Tried 1The pool that we are going to talk about next is the smallest one in the list, maybe ideal for not more than 2 people. In fact, this is not a kind that you will find in the market often. But when it comes from the trusted inventory of Intex, we can definitely keep it in the shortlist.

Just like many Intex pools, this one is made of super tough PVC material, sporting a rigid construction. The pool wall height is 30 inches only, which makes sense as long as it’s a small pool we’re talking about.

 The water capacity of this pool is 639 gallons only. With the filter pump capacity of 330 gallons per hour, it becomes very easy to empty iit up or fill it up while needed. Therefore, it takes only 10 minutes to get the pool ready when you need it. 

This pool comes with another size, which is a bit bigger than this one, just in case you need. Both of them check the box of good price-quality ratio.

  • A small pool of only 8 feet of length.

  • Its a Permanent Pool

  • Right for up to 2-3 people.

  • The pump capacity is 300 gallon per hour.

  • Water capacity is 639 gallons.

  • The sidewall is made of tough PVC material.

  • Gets ready in just 10 minutes.

  • Not for you in case you have more than 3 people.

4. Intex Ultra XTR Permanent Above Ground Pool – Best under 1000

Intex Ultra XTR Above Ground PoolIntex Ultra XTR is another pool from the Intex family, which sports a big size and a decent filter pump capacity. This pool can hold up to 6981 gallons of water, and the motor that comes with it can pump water up to 2100 gallons per hour. We’ll talk about the features in depth below.

The liner of this pool is made of 3-ply material, and it’s made to be protective against all kinds of punctures that pool users might induce. With a ground cloth of 18.5 square feet, it will keep the ground harm-free as long as it’s required. Plus, there is a ladder with the packages for safe using of the pool.

As we’ve said before, the motor pumping capacity is 2100 gallons per hour. But the actual pool water flow happens to be  1600 gallons per hour for obvious reasons. With the pump activated, it would take about 60 minutes to get the pool ready. And that’s quite fast considering many other 7000 gallon pools in the market.

There are four sizes of this pool to choose from, each one running on the same 110-120V household power. So, if you’re a home dweller and looking for some backyard fun, you can choose the right size and get on it!

  • 6981 gallon water containing capacity.

  • The liner is made of strong 3-ply material.

  • 2100 gallons per hour pumping capacity.

  • 5 square ground cloth comes in with the pack.

  • Four sizes to choose from.

  • Contains a ladder in the pack that can bear up to 300 pounds.

  • Not a budget-friendly pick from some viewpoints.

5. Intex 15ft X 48in Easy Set Above Ground Pool

Best Permanent Above Ground Pool 2022 - Tested and Tried 2The next above ground pool that we’ve got to discuss is the third pick from the Intex family in a row, and it’s called the Intex 15ft X 48in Easy Set. Apart from the dimension, there are a number of other things that you’d like to know. Let’s hover into that part of this segment.

This 15 feet pool comes with a water containing capacity of 3736 gallons, which is ideal for small family or group of friends. It comes with a pump, which has a capacity of 1000 gallon per hour. Together, it will take 15 minutes to fill up the whole pool, which is fast enough.

The sidewall is made of super tough PVC material, which is kind of a signature feature of Intex above ground pools of most of their models. There is a dual suction outlet to keep your water clean and running. Also, there is a ladder of 48 inches of height, which is exactly the same to the height of the pool itself.

The only serious drawback we’ve found is, it has no other sizes to offer. We hope Intex will take this matter into consideration and come up with the immediate solution.

  • 3736 gallons of water capacity.

  • The sidewall is made of super tough PVC material.

  • Comes with a ladder of equal height to the pool.

  • The pump can pump 1000 gallons of water in an hour.

  • Runs on household 120V power.

  • Comes with a dual suction outlet for keeping the water clean.

  • No size variation offered.

  • The sidewall is not that much strong to hold heavy weight.

6. Bestway Steel Pro 102x67x24 Rectangular Permanent Above-Ground Pool

Bestway Steel Pro 102x67x24 Rectangular Above-Ground PoolLet’s take a break from a series of large, space-taking Permanent above ground pools and discuss something that’s a better suit for 2-4 people in your family. It’s called the Bestway Steel Pro and it’s 12 feet by 30 inches in size.

This small above ground pool comes with a filter pump, sporting a pumping capacity of 330 gallons per hour. The capacity might seem below par, but remember, it’s just a 12 feet pool that won’t hold that much water.

The structural strength that this pool offers is surprising. The frames are made of high quality steel, where the sidewalls are made of 3-ply PVC and polyester. In case you need any help on how to put the liner and the frame, there is an instructional DVD that comes in this regard.

Draining the used water is made easy with the drain valve, which can be connected to the garden hose.

Lastly, if you are satisfied by every other feature apart from the small size of it, don’t worry. There are two other size options which are 15 feet and 18 feet long respectively.

  • 3 size options from 12 feet to 18 feet.

  • Drain valve can be connected to the garden hose.

  • Protective layer on the frame for rust and corrosion prevention.

  • Pool body is made of 3-ply PVC and polyester.

  • The filter pump can pump 330 gallons of water in an hour.

  • No ladder support provided.

7. Summer Waves Above Ground Pool

Summer Waves Above Ground PoolYou might not have heard a lot about Summer Waves the brand, but the product that we’ve listed here from the brand is really magnificent. It’s called Summer Waves Above Ground pool, and it’s a 15 feet round pool that would make proper justice to the price that you pay for it.

The sidewalls are made of heavy gauge PVC, and there is a cartridge filter pump. The pump has got a decent pumping capacity, with which it can fill up the pool quite quickly.

Talking about water in the pool it can hold up to 4400 gallons of water in it, and there is a built in chlorinator in it to keep the water clean, blue and tidy. There are two sizes that you can choose from, and each one of them will come as an all-in-one pack for you pool lovers.

  • 4400 gallons of water capacity.

  • Built in chlorinator to keep the water clean and tidy.

  • Comes with a ladder of 48 inches.

  • Sidewall is made of heavy gauge PVC.

  • Offers a cartridge filter with it.

  • There is a surface skimmer in the pack as well.

  • 2 size variations to choose from.

  • It’s hard to assemble all the parts that it comes with.

8. Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool – best above ground pool for adults

Bestway 56631E Power Steel PoolSo far, most of the pools that we have covered, happened to be round shaped. To diverse this list up, we think including a rectangular one would be niche. And this pool, which is named as Bestway 56631E Power Steel Pool, is not only good for its size & shape. There are other features in it that we think you should check out.

Firstly, it’s a 9.3 feet by 6.5 feet pool, which is a right suit for 2-3 people at best. The water capacity is surprisingly 4000 gallons, which is more than enough.

Bestway had really been careful about the water quality in this pool. That’s why they have included a sand filter and a built in chemical dispenser in this model.

Apart from the water quality tools, the sidewall strength is also a point to be noted. They have used 3-ply reinforced material in this pool, which is one of the industry standards. On top of that, the well familiar tri-tech construction technique had been the cherry on the top.

Together, this pool can withstand any load because of the structural strength, and offer you a happy time in the pool.

  • Powered by tritech technology in terms of built quality.

  • Can withstand UV, stress and chlorine.

  • 4000+ gallons of water capacity.

  • Comes with a pool cover and a ground cloth.

  • There is a sand filter and chemical dispenser to keep the water fresh.

  • The sidewall is made of 3-ply reinforced material.

  • 4 size variations are available to choose from.

  • No ladder is provided, which is unexpected.

9. Coleman 22-x52 Power Steel Frame Pool (Above ground)

Best Permanent Above Ground Pool 2022 - Tested and Tried 3The next pick of the list is a large one indeed. In fact, sporting the size of 22 feet in diameter, it’s one of the biggest one in the market as well.

The inner of this pool is made of Tritech powered 3-ply material, where the frame is made of high quality steel. In terms of durability, it’s one of the happily reviewed pools in the market.

It can hold up to 10,668 gallons of water, which makes it a right pool for up to 8-10 people. Along with that, it comes with a cartridge filter that contains cartridge type IV in it.

Overall, we would really back this pool in case you’re not one who is limited with budget or space to house your above ground pool. It is therefore, not the cup of tea if you’re a budget buyer, no matter how much space you have.

  • 22 feet diameter, large above ground pool.

  • Can hold up to 10,668 gallons of water.

  • Made of 3-ply material liner.

  • Comes with a filter pump, maintenance kit and a pool cover.

  • The price is overrated as per some user’s feedback are concerned.

10. Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Permanent Above-Ground Set

Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Above-Ground SetIt’s time to end our list with the last pool of our list- the Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Above-Ground Set. It’s another large pool with 30 feet length and a width of 15 feet. In case you have quite some space in the backyard, you can get this one.

The frame is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, and they are covered by molded resin covers. So, they will stay damage free. Also, y0oiu’ll get a ladder to climb through.

The pump motor is of 1HP power, which is not a great one for a pool of this size, we must say. Otherwise, the other features are good to go.

  • 12,000+ gallons of water capacity.

  • MAssive size of 22 feet by 15 feet.

  • Super tough sidewall with solid frame.

  • Comes with a 1HP motor.

  • Four size variations offered.

  • A massive size might not be the cup of tea for everyone.

Best above ground pool for unlevel ground- Buyer’s Guide

This segment of the article will take you through 4 necessary buying advises that you should consider in order to end up with the best above ground pool for the money

Consider the Size

The first thing is of course, the size of the pool that you’re going to occupy in your backyard. Here, two things are important to consider- the size of the ground slot you have, and the number of people who’ll be using the pool.

COnsidering that, you can select from pools as small as 8 feet diameter to as big as 20 feet. Also, there are rectangular ones who offer different length and breadth in order to suit better to your necessities.

The Filter Pump Capacity

Most of the above ground pools come with their own sand filter or filter motor. Based on how much water the pool can hold, you’ll see the motor capacity to go up and down.

For example, if you get a 6000 gallons pool and a motor that can pump 2000 gallons of water per hour, it will approximately take 3 hours to get the pool ready. Consider this calculation to decide the right motor for your pool.

The Poles and Frame

The reason behind the pool standing strong upright on the ground is the poles or the frames. Keep an eye on both of them while buying an above ground pool.

Frames that are made of strong steel, with a coat on it to protect from rust and corrosion are the best. Also, there are other options available.

The Liner Material

Apart from the pool frame, the liner is of no less importance. Usually, liners are made of 3-ply PVC material. If you go a bit high in price, you will get the liners made of TriTech PVC material, which happens to be stress and puncture resistant.

According to budget, you should get the best liner in order to stay safe and sound while you’re enjoying a good time in the pool.


Question: Frame or frameless- which one to go with when buying a pool?

Answer: For small pools, specially which are circular shaped, don’t necessarily need a frame setup. But larger ones, going to a framed pool is a wiser choice though.

Question: Do I need a pool cover with the pool?

Answer: For any above ground pool, getting both pool cover and the ground cloth is imperative. Pool cover will keep the pool dry and clean while not being used.

Question: How can I understand the water capacity of my pool?

Answer: You can estimate it from the size. And it’s provided with the catalogue as well.

Question: What is done to keep the frames of the pools rust-free?

Answer: Usually, there is a coating of protection of the metal frame in case of most of the pools. Also, they often contain straps that keep them away from water contact.

Question: What’s the best above ground pool under $1000?

Answer: Intex Ultra XTR Above Ground Pool is the best at this budget.

Bottom Line

This has been quite a journey till the very end of this discussion Hopefully, we’ve noted the features that matter for you among all of these 10 best above ground pool for unlevel ground. Now, it’s time to make up your mind to make the final buying decision.

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