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The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads for Maximum Protection 2022

Any above-ground pool owner knows the pain of hitting a hard pool floor after a whole day of work and having to worry about underlying rocks and root grass puncturing your pool vinyl only adds to the stress.

You can avoid all these minute problems with one simple solution – a good pool pad.

But, even if you want to buy a great pool pad, it is hard to determine which one is the best above-ground pool pad for your unique pool. That’s why in this article we have compiled and broken down the features of the best above ground pool liner pads available in the market today. We have also put together a handy buying guide for you.

All you have to do is just keep on reading.

Best Above Ground Pool Pads 2022


1. Liner Life Pre-Cut Liner Pad

Best Above-Ground Pool Pad

The Liner Life Pre-Cut Liner pads are perfectly sized and cut to fit the 18” round above-ground pools. Since it is designed for above-ground pools it ensures that there will be maximum support, comfort, and cushioning for the swimmers and no foot imprints forming on the sand level whatsoever.

The liner life liner pad is made from durable polyester geotextile material that is impervious to any cuts and snags. It will provide protection and year-round safety.

Highlighted Features

  • Eliminates the risk of any vinyl liner leakage
  • Specifically designed to protect the pool floors
  • It is budget-friendly

2. GLI 24 Foot Round Armor Shield Pool Pad

GLI 24 Foot Round Armor Shield Pool Pad

The GLI Armor Shield Pool Pad is just as the name suggests – it indeed is the best armor shield for your above ground pool since it comes with the strength and security that protects against sharp objects, cuts, and even punches from rocks, roots, grass or glass.

It comes with technology that provides a thick, soft and comfortable cushioning for your pool bed so you can enjoy your pool for long scratches of time without having to worry about sore feet or any kind of discomfort.

Highlighted Features

  • The Liner is mold and mildew resistant
  •  It is very easily installable over sandbed under the pool
  • Made from resilient geotextile fabric that allows moisture to pass through the mater

 3. GLI Armor Shield Floor Pad

GLI Armor Shield Floor Pad

The GLI armor shield floor pad is strong, durable, comfortable, and also an additional step for maximum energy savings. The floor pad helps the pool water retain heat by eliminating the risk of heat loss.

It is comfortable for tired feet so it is the perfect solution for people who work long shifts and just want to relax in their outside above-ground pool at the end of a long day. It has thick cushioning that provides support and security while also preventing foot imprints.

Highlighted Features

  • Is equally effective against mold, mildew, alkali, salt, body oils, and acids.
  • The geotextile material prevents any cuts or leakage for optimum security
  • Zero-hassle installation with the perfectly pre-cut round shape.

4. Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor Pad

Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor Pad

The Splash Net Express Gorilla Floor Pad is amongst our top preferences because of its extremely durable and effective Gorilla protection. The floor padding is strong and long-lasting, so much so that these will make any old foam padding new and obsolete almost elongating its lifetime.

The material is not only durable and versatile, but it is also very strain-resistant. The fabric is almost impervious to any sharp objects and provides liner perfect protection from underlying grass, roots, broken glass, or even jagged rocks.

Highlighted Features

  • Pre-cut and perfectly measured for above-ground pools
  • Hassle-free installation without having to deal with foam pads
  • Can protect even the most vulnerable liners

5. Quality Pool Products Elephant Guard Armor Shield Pool Liner Pad

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads for Maximum Protection 2022 1

Another product with incredible durability and construction. With its elephant guard armor shield protection the quality pool product pool liners pads pretty much beat every single one of their competitors.

The elephant guard makes sure that the liner pad is strong enough to protect your pool liner from sharp objects, underlying rocks or roots, and grass and it is also very easy to install with it’s pre-cut and sized features.

The pool pad is efficient with its tear weave that will not give in to wear and tear through the season. It also has mold and mildew inhibitors. This is the one that provides complete security of your above-ground pool throughout your pool season.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides the best undergrowth protection
  • Easy one-step installation
  • Suitable for use with a sand base

6. Blue Wave Round Liner Pad

Blue Wave Round Liner Pad

If you have a much smaller pool and would like a more economical pool without having the hassle to go through cutting the pool pad – this is the best pad for above ground pool on concrete for you.

The blue wave pool liner pad is amazing in terms of strength and stability. It is tough and will provide complete protection against unruly undergrowth but it will also last a long time and provide comfort.

It adds a layer of cushioning to your pool floor so both your feet and the pool floor are protected and safe. The pool floor much more intact and it also helps immensely with preventing any vinyl leakage. If you’re on a budget, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.

Highlighted Features

  • It is very budget-friendly
  • Cut to size and a perfect fit for smaller above-ground pools
  • The pool pad is seamed to prevent any fraying over time

 7. Liner Life GP1833OV Pre-Cut Liner Pad

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads for Maximum Protection 2022 2

It is as the name suggests- pre-cut and ready to use. This pool pad is user friendly in every sense of the term. The liner comes pre-cut, fitted to the size, and ready to be installed in one go. There’s no advance preparation needed. You can just lay it under your vinyl pool liner and you’re good to go with your seasonal pool protection.

The polyester geotextile material is almost impenetrable and will not tear or snag in contact with almost any sharp object. It also has excellent undergrowth protection from rocks and roots.

If you don’t take the traditional route and don’t own a traditional round shaped pool, and instead have an oval one, this one might just be your best above-ground pool pad.

Highlighted Features

  • Works best with a sand bed and vinyl pool liners
  • Prevents deep indents from forming on the sand base underneath
  • Eliminated the risk of vinyl leakage

8. GLI Pool Products Rhino Guard Pool Liner Shield Protector Pad

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads for Maximum Protection 2022 3

The GLI pool liners are an industry favorite as you can probably tell from our listing. They make some of the most durable, toughest, and most efficient pool liner pads. The Rhino Guard Pool liner shield is no different. It beats a lot of its competitors in terms of durability and protection. The high-grade geotextile fabric is unmatched.

It is also very versatile so it gives you the added benefit of using it with either soil or sand base underneath your pool vinyl according to your availability. It also allows the moisture to easily pass through for optimum results.

Highlighted Features

  • The pool liner pad is mold and mildew resistant
  • The thick fabric provides a comfortable soft cushioning for your feet to enjoy
  • Best used with vinyl pool liners

9.  GLI Pool Products 70-1833OV-BLK-160 Oval Armor Shield Floor Pad

The 10 Best Above Ground Pool Pads for Maximum Protection 2022 4

We have yet another option for our oval-shaped pool owners and this one is by the trusty GLI pool products.

The pool liner is unlike traditional foam-based pool liners that need to be cut and adjusted to size before you can install them and also become very vulnerable to unavoidable friction with rocks and roots and even sprouting grass. This geotextile enabled pool pad is perfect for hasty outdoor installation since it needs no preparation and is compatible with even a soil base or a sand base.

It can be easily installed used in one go and used without worries since the material is almost impenetrable with any sharp objects and has amazing undergrowth support through long periods of use.

Highlighted Features

  • The pool pad is  mold and mildew resistant
  • The shield prevents heat loss thus saves energy on your pool heater
  • Has a thick padded cushioning for comfort

 10. Rhino Pad Pool Liner Pad

Rhino Pad Pool Liner Pad

This one is for those of you that want a more environment-friendly option of enjoying your pool season.

The liner pad fabric is made from strong earthy woven that is 45% post-consumer and 45% industrial material, a blend fine enough that lets the moisture pass through that makes this pool pad incredibly resistant to mold and mildew.

It is also a better option for your pool because it stretches the lifespan of your pool liner by giving it complete all-around obsolete protection and reduces your maintenance costs in the long run.

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents the water from leaking out onto the metal structure of the pool
  • Has a longer life-span
  • Is a perfect fit for your pool; no need for extra tools for installation

Best Above Ground Pool Pads – Buying Guide

There a million different brands that come out with a million different varieties of pool liner pads. And even though they come with a bazillion different features, the end goal is to provide added protection to your pool.

So, today, we are going to break down what features you should be looking at to pick out the Top rated above ground pool pad that does it all.

So just keep on reading.


The sizing of your pool is important when buying a pool pad. A lot of pool pads come pre-cut. Those are much more hassle-free. If you want to get one of those, you’ll very much have to know the exact sizing of your pool. However, if you have a pool that is more unconventional in shape, a pre-cut pool pad might not be for you. In that case, you’d need to get a pool pad with enough fabric to cut it and still be able to cover your whole pool floor.


There’s the traditional foam-based material which is much more affordable and a more suitable choice if you don’t mind replacing the pool pad and liner once in a while. But if you don’t want to deal with the hassle go with the geotextile material that is more adaptable to friction and allows more protection against sharp objects and undergrowth.


It is important to note that the primary function of an additional pool pad, over a liner, is to add a layer of extra protection. Look for something that has durability and is impervious to sharp jagged rocks, roots, grass, etc. It is helpful if the liner pad can prevent leakage and footprints forming on the sand base.

The base:

The liner pad goes underneath the liner and on top of a flat base. Now, some liner pads only work with a sand base. It is something you should be aware of before making the purchase.


Depending on what brand you go for, your pool liner pad will have different substances it is resistant to. Such as- acid, alkali, moss, mildew, oils, etc. You do not need all of those but a pool pad with a mold and mildew resistance is a good place to start.

Keep these fundamental things in mind and weigh-in your options. You should be able to come to s decision in no time.

Bottom Line

Every year right before summer pool owners go into an internet buying spree looking up, reading, and stressing over every little pool accessory imaginable. From pool filters to even pool shocks. Sadly, the one thing a lot of them do not focus on is a quality pool pad which in turn affects the lifespan of their pool.

So this summer, follow our review and get yourself the best pad for above ground pool that will keep your pool comfortable for use and help with its durability in the long run. We hope this review and buying guide was helpful to you. And, as always, thank you for reading.

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