Baquacil Pool Chemistry: The Definitive Guide

Baquacil Pool ChemistryThe most common pool chemical is undoubtedly chlorine. This chemical has been used in a pool for years. It is known as a pool sanitizer as well. But chlorine can cause danger to humans as it is – harmful for hair, skin, and eyes.

That is why people are discovering new pool chemicals to use in pools instead of chlorine to avoid the disadvantages that it has. Baquacil is such a pool chemical that can be used instead of chlorine.

What is Baquacil?


Biguanide is the main ingredient of the Baquacil pool. If you are having trouble with your pool water, especially when there is chlorine in it, you might want to switch to the Baquacil pool system. When you apply this new chemical system in your pool, there is no need to use chlorine. It is a CDX sanitizing system that can control the pool sanitizing system. It is a pool sanitizer.

People usually change their pool sanitization system into baquacil from chlorine because they want to try new things or have skin trouble using chlorine. And Baquacil is more sensitive to any type of skin than chlorine is.

Why is Baquacil necessary for pools?

If you face skin problems, eyes problems, or other health issues while using chlorine in your pool, then switching to baquacil from chlorine is necessary for you. Also, it can be found in less and affordable price. This chemical combines with pool water and other chemicals and makes the pool water-inexplicable cluster to keep the water clean and perfect for swimming.

Baquacil mixes with the waste and creates lumps. This makes the pool filter easily catch the waste and dirt.

How to use Baquacil in the pool?

There are certain rules to follow before using Baquacil in the pool. Suppose your pool contains 10,000 gallons of water; this would only require 1 gallon of baquacil. So, the ratio of Baquacial and water is 1:10,000 gallons. Next, leave the pool water to mix for 8-12 hours continuously. Finally, use a “DPD”-type testing kit with a DPD 1 tablet which will make sure that the pool water is completely chlorine-free after you are done applying baquacil.

Well, you would be surprised how quickly you can use your pool after transforming it into a chlorine-free pool. It would take only 15 minutes till your pool becomes usable gain after the transformation of the pool sanitization system.

As baquacil diminishes in a week, remember to apply baquacil into pool water every week.

Advantages and disadvantages of Baquacil

Like every other pool chemical, baquacil has its advantages and disadvantages. You must choose accordingly with your ability. You must analyze them and choose by matching your needs with financial capacity.



  • maintaining a baquacil oxidizer residual system can assure you of crystal-clear water
  • It is gentle and unruffled to eyes and skin and even swimsuits
  • Pool water can filter more dirt and waste due to baquacil and keep the pool clean.
  • It is gentle to pool liners
  • It can keep water clear, soft, and silky
  • It is very easy to use
  • Good for dry skin
  • It does not become harmful when it starts to diminish like chlorine
  • Best for outdoor pools as it does not get ruined in the sunlight
  • More long-lasting and effective than chlorine
  • Can save other pool chemicals from the ultraviolet ray of the sun


  • It is not mold resistant
  • It can not be used indoor where sunlight does not reach
  • Can cause green algae
  • A little bit of chemical imbalance can cause cloudy water.
  • Is not suitable for indoor pools.
  • Expensive than chlorine
  • Can not eliminate waste like oil, sweat, urine, etc.
  • The sanitizing efficiency of Baquacil can reduce overtime


Converting the pool sanitization system to Baquacil from chlorine is not hard when you have proper guidance. But still, as this is a matter of risk chemicals, we suggest you get help from someone certified or professional to help you. And if you do not like the new pool sanitization, you can change back to your old system just with some extra hours of effort. Just make sure to choose any pool sanitization according to the your comfort and financial ability and your family.

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