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30+ Awesome Above Ground Pool with Deck Ideas (With Pictures)

Above Ground Pool with Deck IdeasNothing can be more enjoyable on a hot, summer day than having fun in your pool. As a pool owner, it’s normal to be tensed about the decoration of your pool.

There are a lot of advantages to having an above-ground pool. Such as speedy installation, affordability, easy maintenance and so on. But it’s true that mind-blowing decorations for an above ground pool aren’t that easy like the inground ones.

But yet, Above ground pools can be more beautiful if you have some awesome deck designs. This is why we have come to share 30 swimming pool deck ideas with you.

30 Incredible Above Ground Pool with Deck Ideas

Idea 1: Above-ground Pool with Terraced Deck

Above-ground Pool with Terraced Deck

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How It Works

See the pattern, an above-ground pool is sunk in a wooden deck or partially submerged in the ground. These matters have changed the entire look and feel of an above-ground pool.

Adding grass and other natural elements is a great idea to make your pool pop! After eyeballing for some time, you’ll feel that this location has a septic field running across the backyard. So, making an in-ground pool is impossible for this place. But you can easily use this area for your above-ground pool!

This 15×30 pool actually used the ‘Lagoon’ steps as the entry of this pool and which also functions as a seating area. It’s even installed with jets, and provides spa-like hydrotherapy for sore DIY pool builders.

Idea 2: Oversized Step Section and Walk-around

Oversized Step Section and Walk-around

Image source:

How It Works


Look at this classy above-ground pool deck design. This was dug out halfway or about 24” as well as likely backfilled with drain pipe and gravel. Besides, this is a framed composite deck for a path around the pool and an entrance platform.

This is very good-looking and also easy to install. Kids will safely enter the pool and have a great time in the water. Let’s know more about this decking.

I love this idea- On the top of the half-hight pool deck is built an oversized step entrance system. In fact, it isn’t large enough but it gives a nice spot and dangles feet in the pool. So, are you going to choose this mind-blowing design? If it’s yes, you’ll really have an amazing deck!

Idea 3: Above Ground Pool with Ipa Wood look

Above Ground Pool with Ipa Wood look

Image source:


How It Works

Imagine your pool time in a view like this picture! Isn’t it eye-soothing? I’m seeing this pool is perched just perfectly and also wrapped it with fine hardwoods.

Here, Ipa wood has been used which has outstanding resistance to rot and weather. Let me tell you another safety feature, a railing is required for suspended decks to keep you, your guests and pets safe.

The greatness of this design is now clear to you. If you actually can make a scenario like this image, it will be a picture-perfect above ground pool! A complete deck like this one also will allow you to install a safety pool cover for off-season use. So, if you are going to install this type of deck, you will get the fruit!

Idea 4: Backyard Haven Deck

Backyard Haven Deck

Image source:


How It Works


This one is mouthwatering. I mean it. It’s really a great idea to make a backyard haven deck. Why? Well, the deck surrounding your pool will separate the pool from your house.

If you install this type, you will be allowed to make it more of a private pool and sunbathing retreat. You can decorate this as you wish, you can add anything you want to beautify the decking.

You can make a fence and gates like this picture, it will offer you to be secured. It also will make it difficult for your children to have easy access. You also can arrange a seating area as your wine corner. Ultimately, this decoration will be an all is well type one.

Idea 5: A Round Above-Ground Pool with Deck

A Round Above-Ground Pool with Deck

Image source:


How It Works

This one is no more complicated. This is very simple to install and so the decoration is. If you want something very easy to make, yes, this is the best option.

In the picture, a simple above ground pool is organized with a fence. In fact, it’s a great benefit to have an above-ground pool that you can assemble a fence very easily. You may feel that the safety barrier is higher than the average pool fence. Some trees beside the pool always give a natural vibe. Because it will give you a simple practical and attractive design that will surely beautify your pool. So, we are done with the so far simplest deck design!

Idea 6: Decking Connection

Decking Connection

Image source:


How It Works


Look at this complete package! So, why am I addressing it as a complete package? See, this decoration has all the accessories of an in-ground pool. Here is a patio area, a spa and all the decorations like the in-ground one. That’s why I mentioned earlier that you can make an above-ground pool like an in-ground pool.

No doubt, this type of pool takes extra planning but listen! If you execute it well, the final result will be a well-designed backyard. It will be completely picture-perfect and your guests will enjoy pool parties or games in this kind of place.

To make it more beautiful, add some trees around the pool and let the place have a natural vibe.

Idea 7: Above-Ground Pool with Automatic Cover

Above-Ground Pool with Automatic Cover

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How It Works

Getting confused by reading ‘above-ground pool with automatic cover’? You won’t be anymore. It’s possible to do this decoration with a wooden deck built around the pool.

Actually, a cover reel has to be housed in the box at the end of your pool. Moreover, pool ropes will run through the aluminum tracks that run down the side of the pool. The automatic cover will offer you unparalleled safety for any pool type and also will keep the pool clean plus save big bucks on the pool heating costs.

This raised pool deck surrounding your pool will keep too many leaves from blowing in the pool. Recessed lights will illuminate the raised transition during evening hours.

Idea 8: San Antonio Deck Surround

San Antonio Deck Surround

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How It Works

This is a beautiful and durable combination! You may feel it well that wood decking is much softer on your bare feet. Moreover, the levels also serve as low and wide leading to the pool deck or for casual seating.

Installation of these kinds of above-ground pools is also not a hard nut to crack. This is simple in design but looking more beautiful. You can arrange the place however you want. Arranging a wine bar around the pool will be a good idea.

Various landscaping can be possible here. Make your pool perfectly enjoyable for the whole summertime. This kind of decking system is quite a long-term stable type one. Your friends and family also will love this idea!

Idea 9: Half Submerged Pool with Composite Deck

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-824 aligncenter” src=”×240.png” alt=”Half Submerged Pool with


Image source:

How It Works

Check out this 15×30 oval above ground pool with a composite wood deck. This is a unique decking and I personally love this one. This pool deck is built on-ground, with the pool deck covering about half of the pool wall.

This kind of deck will give the above ground pool a unique, integrated look and also provide a small element of safety for small children and pets. It also will help to keep the pool clean by blocking autumn leaves that blow around the pool. The evergreen cypress trees will block the perimeter fence and also add some privacy to the pool. If you want more, you can add some additional potted plants in rectangular planter boxes.

Idea 10: Above-Ground Pool with Platform Deck

Above-Ground Pool with Platform Deck

Image source:

How It Works

This above-ground pool with a deck offers you a lot of benefits for those without space concerns. In fact, this is a great way to beautify your above ground pool.

The raised pool deck, with paneled walls, will act as a barrier for young children and animals. The filtration equipment will fit nearly underneath! This pool will not demand any installation issue but the owner actually will need a more affordable option.

Moreover, the opposite end of this 20×40 pool will give shade during the afternoon. You also can decor the whole area with trees and some potted flowers. Make your eating area more comfortable. Nicely do the installation, you will build this type of deck within only one week!

Idea 11: Corner Pool with Terraced Deck

Corner Pool with Terraced Deck

Image source:

How It Works

This one is also my favorite above ground pool design. The wood decks you are seeing in the picture will function as stairs, seating and an amazing way to wrap your pool.

The retaining wall around two sides of the pool will be wrapped with siding but it could also be done in stone, brick or nearly any surface. In fact, this pool is a great space saver, only 8×18 in size. So, it could be easily tucked anywhere you want. It’s especially useful for narrow, urban backyards or for whenever you want to preserve space in the backyard for other activities. So, you can happily install this decking!

Idea 12: Vintage Kidney Shaped Pool – Above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

Vintage Kidney Shaped Pool

Image source:

How It Works

This is also a simple, unique decking design. Can you feel this design shows a good life, a dream pool for a happy family? I’m sure you can.

To install this kind of pool deck, you don’t need something rare. The design is rare, itself! Very easy installation with easy maintenance and also you won’t need a large area for this.

This kidney-shaped above ground pool with a simple-decorated deck will complete your sunburn dream properly. So, select an area and install this one. You obviously can decorate the deck with flowers or small plants but it will be better if you can keep the deck empty. Because this decking will look beautiful with the simplicity it has.

Idea 13: ‘Is it really an in-ground pool?’ Type Deck

Is it really an in-ground pool?’ Type Deck

Image Source:

How It Works

At first sight, I really couldn’t believe that it’s not an in-ground pool! See, the pool has all of the conveniences and accessibility with an in-ground model. So is it less than an in-ground pool? Trees, umbrellas, outdoor dining sets, everything is here!

You will love this deck design after installing it properly. But yes, this will require extra planning like a bit more budget, a bit larger area. If you can deal with these, you will have an amazing decking. You also will get more space to decorate the deck as you wish.

This is another proof of ‘above ground pools can be as beautiful as the in-ground ones’. So, choose this decking if you are perfectly okay with all the conditions.

Idea 14: Building Halfway Down the Wall

Building Halfway Down the Wall

Image source:

How It Works

Here is another good idea. You don’t have to be worried about how the top comes apart as it will not be affected at well. The uniqueness of this design is a multi-level look.

Yes, with this beautiful decking, you can achieve a multi-level look to your above-ground pool deck. In fact, by having different levels you’ll have various areas that serve your nerves. For example, a sitting area or a grilling area separate from swimming.

After all, you can easily install this kind of deck, no complexity! For this, you should select the area wisely. Here, in the picture, this above-ground pool is close to nature. You can choose anywhere you want but better to be close to nature.

Idea 15: Semi Buried Pool with Composite Deck

Semi Buried Pool with Composite Deck

Image source:

How It Works

This one is a bit similar to the earlier idea but not the same. Eyeball slowly over the picture, the pool deck is placed at ground level and the pool walls and top rails are wrapped in wood with extra wide planks.

Look, this pool sits on the ground. Want to know which is one of the great advantages of above ground pools? The answer is- No excavation! So, I think you are loving this idea, so do I.

You will be happy to know, as you don’t have to dig into the ground, you are going to save money! Besides, you can save nearby trees as well. In addition, you can avoid the problem of what to do with all the excess fill dirt.

Idea 16: Stone Style Decks

Stone Style Decks

Image source:
How It Works

Here you can see a modern-looking above ground pool. If you create a stone patio in combination with your deck which will be a great idea! You can try to create a cement patio around parts of the pool.

A point to be remembered, be sure to create the proper retaining walls so the pool doesn’t collapse. If it collapses, you will not like it for sure.

This stone-styled pool deck is undoubtedly a mind-blowing idea and also very easy to install. But you have to be careful while working with stone.

This decking idea will help your pool to have a custom-built look. So, by choosing this one you are going to have a modern, nice-looking deck.


Idea 17: Pool Wrapped in Stone and Wood

Pool Wrapped in Stone and Wood

Image source:

How It Works

See this sparkling, modern decking! This pool is actually a great example of how an above ground pool can be wrapped in stone and wood for creating a pool that blends into the surroundings. Moreover, it really adds value to the property.

This is also an example of how to fit the above ground pool into a sloping backyard by using the 4 ft height of the pool wall as a great advantage.

This 15×30 Grecian pool has also a look of an in-ground pool. Besides, the raised wall on one side is adding an element of safety to the pool by providing an effective barrier to half of the pool perimeter. It will be a bit costlier and more beautiful one.

Idea 18: Above Ground Pool with Wooden slates

Above Ground Pool with Wooden slates

Image source:

How It Works

Well, this one is carrying a royal vibe! An extraordinary design of the above ground pool with wooden slats on the floor. You may imagine, the wooden slates feel soothing to bare feet as well as removes the danger of slip.

So, your kids can happily wander on the deck and you don’t need to be tensed about their safety. It’s also an ideal pool for sunbathing. You just have to use a large portion of your backyard and deal with a bit bigger budget.

Look at the Adirondack chairs around the pool! Isn’t it very charming? Now, if you want to hear something like this from your friends and family, you can install this type.

Idea 19: Outdoor Lighting For The Pool Deck with Rustic Wood

Outdoor Lighting For The Pool Deck with Rustic Wood

Image source:
How It Works

A very beautiful dreamy look in the artificial lights will make your above ground pool an extraordinary one. The beauty is also eye-soothing. You don’t need much larger space to make this deck but will get a larger impact!

The wooden fence around the deck makes it safer. Check out the stars which lead to it look very enticing. You already know that the wooden basement also is good for the feet and there is no danger of slipping.

So, this decking is also pretty good-looking plus safe. Your kids will enjoy having fun here without a doubt! Worth mentioned, the color of the wood matches exclusively with the lights and gives it a gloomy look!

Idea 20: Above Ground Pool with Composite Deck – Inexpensive pool deck ideas

Above Ground Pool with Composite Deck

Image source:

How It Works

For an in-ground pool to work at this type of location, at least 9 trucks of fill dirt would have been required to level the sloping backyard. No, only this is not to worry about.

All of these costs will add up to nearly $10k! This is not good news for the majority of the homeowners. So, if I were in your shoes, I would decide to use a 21’ round above ground pool and use some of the savings to install a beautiful composite deck around HALF of the pool.

An extraordinary feature of this above ground pool is the walk-in steps which will add elegance and a real in-ground pool feel!

Another bonus to installing an above ground pool on this job site is that you will be able to save substantially on pool fencing costs and landscaping costs!

Idea 21: The Pool Adjusted with The Floor Level of The House

The Pool Adjusted with The Floor Level of The House

Image source:

How It Works

Isn’t this one seems a unique decking to you? To me, it’s yes. This is a great idea that an above ground pool is adjusted with the floor level of the house. The wooden floor and stairs have beautified the pool successfully!

Here also, standing on the floor you will get a feel of an in-ground pool. This is a very good backyard place to enjoy swimming for a family of 4 or 5 persons.

Feel free to add some natural ingredients around the pool by planting small trees. You also can make it safer by putting a fence around the deck if you want to. This pool is near your door, so you don’t need to go far!

Idea 22: A Pool with Small Garden and Foldable Cover

A Pool with Small Garden and Foldable Cover

Image source:

How It Works

Now, this one seems to be an ideal above-ground pool! Yes, this is a very beautiful idea to decorate your above-ground pool. The decking is done here in a perfect way.

The decking is done for half of this above-ground pool and also there are foldable covers to keep the pool clean. Beautiful, small gardening is done on the deck which will keep the poolside shadowy. Moreover, this greenery around the pool is making it look natural.

You can make the entry ‘restricted’ with a wooden gate to ensure your security. The umbrella over the Adirondack will look charming. The thick greenery will give it a wild look or a beachy feel in your backyard!

Idea 23: Above Ground Pool with Resin Pool Deck

Above Ground Pool with Resin Pool Deck

Image source:

How It Works

A prefabricated DIY pool deck package this is! It’s easy to complete installing and ready to assemble. This one and only DIY decking I saved for this last part!

This is a very small space-taking deck you can easily make yourself. Vinyl Works 5’x10’ pool deck kit will adjust for above ground pools with 48”-50” walls and adapt to any ladder or step system. This seems to be a perfect pool deck that will never warp, rot or rust and also easy to keep clean.

In case, you are not interested in making things complicated and costlier, this is the best option for you. You can beautify the deck with flowers and add multi-colored lights at night.

Idea 24: Simple Decking with Rose Arrangements – Pool ideas for small yards

Simple Decking with Rose Arrangements

Image source:
How It Works

I saw this kind of above-ground pool arrangement at one of my friend’s places and praised this a lot! It’s a very impressive backyard pool where you will be able to keep your privacy with a fence of thick bushes.

The flowering all around the pool and deck will make it more beautiful. It’s also a perfect-sized design for a medium-sized family. The entry will be through a few stairs and the surrounding will deal for a barefoot walk with fear for slipping.

Overall, it will take to be a well-maintained pool with beautiful furrows of flowers. So, it will be very soothing to be in your poolside area for you, your friends and family. You can add any kind of flowers as you wish.

Idea 25: Rectangle Above-Ground Pool with Deck

Rectangle Above-Ground Pool with Deck

Image source:

How It Works

This is an uncommon shaped above-ground pool with a deck. This decking design is also very beautiful with a fence all around it to keep it safe from the access of children.

You can restrict the entry of this deck with the help of a small wooden gate at the base of stairs. In fact, if you can install one like this, you will have an ideal place for sunbathing with a little wooden stage and some chairs.

To make the surrounding shadowy and green, plant some small trees around the pool deck. You will feel an in-ground pool by using this decking idea. But yes, it’s not very easy to install and space-saving. If you can deal with it, it will be an ideal above-ground pool.

Idea 26: Large Pool with Deck and Spray Fountains

Large Pool with Deck and Spray Fountains

Image source:
How It Works


This is a large above ground pool with a fence and wooden made stage at one side. The fountains that throw the water into the pool will look very cool and attractive.

This wooden platform is ideal for enjoying the brightness of the sun. The woody floor will save you from slipping. This is an open ground pool with a lot of trees and small parks and plots.

Since this pool and deck design is quite large, you will need a large place to install this one. Look at the picture, the design of the stairs is also unique. You can use any kind of design for the fountains you want. It would be amazing if you can add colourful lights for the fountain’s water.

Idea 27: Stunning Pools with Deck and White Gravel

Stunning Pools with Deck and White Gravel

Image source:

How It Works

If you can do this installation, your children will have a paradise! I mean it. This decoration is so beautiful and the fence all around it will keep your children safe.

The picture is showing an oval-shaped above ground pool with half of the deck. You can choose any shape for the pool and deck. White gravel is carrying a beachy feel here. It will be ideal to build it in the backyard of your house.

Installation is not complicated, you just have to make a good plan and turn it into effect. This pool will add charm to the beauty of your home.

Idea 28: Outdoor Pool and Deck Landscaping

Outdoor Pool and Deck Landscaping

Image source:

How It Works

Check out this extremely heart touching design made with beautiful wooden slates (looks like a painting on the wall). This is wide open and also enough for several people.

The beautiful flowers will look more gorgeous with golden wood in the background. If you install something this type, there will be enough space to play or walk and play any indoor game.

Idea 29: Oval Above-Ground Pool Deck

Oval Above-Ground Pool Deck

Image source:

How It Works

Standing on the wooden floor of this pool, you may make a mistake thinking it an in-ground pool. This one will be built in between the wooden platforms.

The dark color of the wood will look great in contrast with the blue-colored water. To keep the children safe, you should put a fence around the deck. If you install this type, there will be a lot of space to sit and enjoy sunbathing.

Idea 30: Above-Ground Pool in the Hills Deck

Above-Ground Pool in the Hills Deck

Image source:
How It Works

So, I saved this beautiful idea for last. Look at the design, it has won an award for innovative above-ground pool designs. By this kind of deck, you will have a comfortable feeling and also an anti-slip surface.

The view from this above-ground pool is a must-enjoyed! In fact, I’m personally loving this idea more than any other ones. It’s true that you’ll need extra planning but once you execute perfectly, you’ll make a paradise!

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We are done! We hope that you enjoyed the journey and the 30 above ground pools with deck ideas will help you to have an amazing pool in your backyard.

Choose the one you loved the most and go for the installation. Practice ‘safety first’ stuff during the whole operation.

Good luck!

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